New Product Tasting Event" featuring Hokuryu Town's Specialty Products Held! Organized by Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

On Tuesday, April 25, from 2:30 p.m., "Hokuryu-cho New Product Tasting Event" was held at Restaurant Windmill in Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen, hosted (planned and managed) by Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami and Ms. Yui Sasaki, members of the Hokuryu-cho Regional Development Cooperation Team.

New product tasting (Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen)

Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
Restaurant Windmill

Many Hokuryu Town residents participated.

There were about 22 participants. The participants included Akarui Noho, the Hokuryu Town Sunflower Tourist Association, the Hokuryu Town Volunteer Group Ryu Topia, Hokuryu Town Council members, the Kurozengoku Business Cooperative Association, JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch Office, and four members of the General Incorporated Association "Tsunagaru Chiiki Zukuri Kenkyujo" (Representative: Akiko Ichii, Okayama Prefecture), who visited Hokuryu Town yesterday. The four members also participated in the event.

Participating Organizations
(一社)つながる地域づくり研究所・一井暁子 代表他の皆さん & 北竜町・高橋利昌 副町長
(Ms. Akiko Ichii, President of the Institute for Connecting Communities, and others & Mr. Toshimasa Takahashi, Vice Mayor of Hokuryu Town

Tasting Questionnaire

Each participant is given a questionnaire to fill out with his or her impressions of the tasting as he or she sees fit.

questionnaire (form)

Tasting products using Hokuryu Town specialties

  1. Sunflower Zangi (Nakasatsunai Jidori chicken and sunflower seeds)
  2. Kuro Sengoku hamburger steak (ground beef, 40% Kuro Sengoku meat)
  3. Kuro Sengoku Kinako Ramen (warm noodles, soy sauce flavor)
  4. Kuro Sengoku Kinako Udon Noodles (cold dipping noodles, 7% Kuro Sengoku soybean flour)
  5. 2 kinds of rice ice cream (with Oborozuki)
  6. Several bakery products (white bean bread, pumpkin bread)


パン & お米アイスの試食
Bread & Rice Ice Cream Tasting

pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread

white bean bread

white bean bread

Rice ice cream (made with Oborozuki rice)

Rice ice cream (made with Oborozuki rice)
Taste it well.

Kuro Sengoku Hamburger Steak

Kuro Sengoku Hamburger Steak

Sunflower Zangi

Sunflower Zangi
Tasted Zangi and hamburger steak.

Kuro Sengoku Ramen

Kuro Sengoku Ramen

Kurosekishi Udon

Kurosekishi Udon
Kuro Sengoku Udon noodles with dipping sauce.
Each person served udon noodles in a bowl with dipping sauce.
How does it taste?
Take your time to taste it and let me know what you think.

Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami, a member of the Hokuryu Town Community Development Cooperation Volunteers

地域おこし協力隊員 村上信行さんのお話
Nobuyuki Murakami, a member of the Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers

We attempted to commercialize this new product using the town's specialties for tax returns.

It was developed through a connection I have made in my previous activities. Rice ice cream was previously developed and sold to "Roadside Station Akaigawa" in Akaigawa Village.

We prepared two types of rice ice cream this time. We used Oborozuki rice and mixed in whey powder when cooking the ice cream to give it a savory flavor. The milk ice cream was sweetened with a slightly higher percentage of sugar. It is manufactured at Satsuraku Agricultural Cooperative in Sapporo.

And sunflower zangi is Nakasatsunai-mura jidori chicken mixed with sunflower seeds in a batter and deep-fried to a crisp.

Kuro Sengoku hamburger is made from ground beef with 40% Kuro Sengoku soybean meat.

Kuro Sengoku Kinako Ramen is warm soy sauce flavored noodles.

Kuro Sengoku Kinako Udon is a cold dipping noodle made with 7% kuro sengoku soybean flour. Since it is a dry udon noodle, it was made this thick to shorten the time required for boiling. The appearance of the tsukemen udon noodles is both buckwheat noodle-like and udon-like.

Since a high percentage of kuro-sengoku soybean flour makes the noodles break easily, we finally settled on 7% after much trial and error and improvement. It was a very difficult product to develop.

Further development is planned for the Himawari Festival in the future. Sales are scheduled to take place at the Akarui Shop (NPO Akarui Noho) in the Himawari Sightseeing Center, the store in the Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen, and the Hokuryu Town Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Store Minoricchi Hokuryu, among others. The sales will be handled by the Hokuryu Promotion Public Corporation, and Akarui Noho will purchase the products before selling them.

We will continue to develop a variety of products to increase the name recognition of Hokuryu-cho and further promote it," said Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami emphatically.

Greetings from Mr. Murakami

Everyone who participated took the time to taste each product and write down their thoughts and impressions.

In the future, they are planning to sell new products at this year's 37th Hokuryu-cho Himawari Festival 2023 (July 22-August 20). We are very much looking forward to it.

Dreaming up new products in Hokuryu Town.

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