The 1st Sky Lantern® & Projection Mapping Planetarium 2023 in Hokuryu Town

Monday, March 6, 2023

On Saturday, March 4, from 4:00 p.m., a collaborative event between "Sky Lantern®," "Projection Mapping in Planetarium" and "Hokuryu Taiko Drum Performance" was held at the gymnasium of the Hokuryu Town Rural Improvement and Environmental Center.

The 1st Sky Lantern® & Projection Mapping Planetarium

The event was attended by about 150 people, including students from nursery schools, elementary schools, and junior high schools, their families, and others involved in the event, who shared the excitement of the moment when they were comforted by the fantastic lights.

  • Sponsored by:Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
  • Project:Hokuryu Town Community Development Cooperation Team (Nobuyuki Murakami and Yui Sasaki)
  • Cooperation:Hokkaido University of Information Sciences, Hokuryu Taiko
  • Contents:
    15:30- Pre-registration
    16:30- Hokuryu Taiko Live
    17:30- Sky Lantern® Launch
    18:00 End

Planning: Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami and Ms. Yui Sasaki, Hokuryu-cho Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers

Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami and Ms. Yui Sasaki, Hokuryu-cho Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers

Projection Mapping: Hokkaido University of Information Sciences

It was planned and produced mainly by Associate Professor Keitaro Oshima, Lecturer Dai Kawahara, and third-year students of Hokkaido University of Information Sciences.

The students are Nanaka Ochiai, Yuki Kawamura, Masahiro Shibukawa (leader), Seiji Torii, Teruhiro Tsutsui, Yuki Naito, Tsubasa Araida, and Yusei Yamazaki.

Hokkaido University of Information Sciences Team

Planetarium Projection

In addition to the images projected on the exterior walls of Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen last October, a newly produced planetarium image of the night sky of Hokuryu Town was projected at this event. The night and starry sky images were produced by students of the University of Information Science and Technology, who stayed at the Hokuryu Hot Springs overnight and spent many hours filming the actual night sky of Hokuryu Town.

Sky Lantern®.

About 70 Sky Lanterns® were prepared for the event. Before the event began, about 130 participants (66 children from kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools in the town and 63 parents) gathered at the exchange space in the Kaizen Center and painted their wishes and pictures on the lanterns, expressing their feelings.

Paint your thoughts and pictures on the lantern balloons.
With fun and thoughtfulness.
I wish you good health!

Helium LED lantern without fire

The lantern balloon to be launched this time is an "LED Sky Lantern®" that does not use fire. The lantern, shaped like a square plastic balloon, is inflated with helium gas and has an LED light attached to the bottom with double-sided tape.

Each is equipped with a kite string and weight so that it can be retrieved after launch.

The launch was divided into seven booths.

At the time of the launch, the participants will be divided into seven booths, each launching their own lanterns from their respective positions.

Standby divided into 7 booths!

After the event, the lantern balloons were taken home by each participant as souvenirs.

Nobuyuki Murakami Story

Nobuyuki Murakami

We have prepared 100 lantern balloons with LED lights. They are safe because they do not use fire, and they come with strings so they are easy to collect. The lantern balloons can be taken home as souvenirs for the children after the event.

For this event, we decided to recruit participants from the town's schoolchildren's daycare centers, Manryu Elementary School, and Hokuryu Junior High School. With the cooperation of the schools, participation information was distributed and attendance was counted, making for a smooth event.

The members of Hokkaido University of Information Science and Technology, who did the projection mapping last October, cooperated very much with us this time as well. A planetarium with projection mapping of the actual starry sky of Hokuryu Town will be projected at the same time as the lantern launch.

In fact, the idea of holding the event in the gymnasium came from Vice Mayor Toshimasa Takahashi. Considering the wind, snow, and cold in winter, it was decided that the gymnasium would be warmer and safer.

We would be happy if the children of Hokuryu-cho could keep some memories of Hokuryu in some form. I am glad that we were able to receive the Mayor's words this time.

The children look forward to coming together and doing various things together. We feel that this atmosphere of fun with friends and family is a valuable experience.

Everyone enjoys participating, so I am really happy for them," said Murakami.

Moderator: Ms. Ikuko Sugimoto (25 years resident of Hokuryu Town)

The event was conducted smoothly, peacefully, and happily by an excellent emcee, who moved around the gymnasium and conducted live interviews with participants.

Moderated and facilitated by Ikuko Sugimoto

Hokuryu Taiko Welcome Performance

Two songs were played, and a soul-stirring, heroic pulse echoed throughout the gymnasium.

Hokuryu Taiko Welcome Performance
The sound of the brave Hokuryu Taiko drums!

Greeting from Mayor Yutaka Sano

Greetings from Mayor Sano

Today, two members of the Hokuryu-cho Community Development Cooperative, Mr. Nobuyuki Murakami and Ms. Yui Sasaki, organized a wonderful event. This is a big event in which Sky Lantern® & projection mapping and planetarium collaborate.

For this event, projection mapping was done by students of Hokkaido University of Information Science and Technology. Last October, we had another projection mapping event at Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen in collaboration with the Hokuryu Taiko drummers. We heard many comments that many townspeople were moved by the event, so we are very much looking forward to this year's event as well.

After this, there will be a heroic performance by Hokuryu Taiko drummers, and I am really looking forward to seeing how the Sky Lantern® will fly through the air and create a fantastic space while images are projected on the ceiling. Please help us to make this event a success.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the nursery school children, elementary and junior high school students, and their parents who participated in the tournament. Please enjoy the event. Please enjoy yourselves," said Mayor Yutaka Sano.

Projection Mapping and Hokuryu Taiko Collaboration Performance

The video images projected on the stage as the Hokuryu Taiko drummers played were of the Sunflower Girls' spectacular taiko performance scenes.

The wonderful projection mapping images matched perfectly with the beat of the taiko drums.

Projection Mapping and Hokuryu Taiko Collaboration Performance
Sunflower Girl's spectacular taiko performance scene

Projection mapping projection on the ceiling

The images projected on the ceiling consisted of a combination of several scenes, including countless stars shining in the winter sky of Hokuryu Town, "Himawari Saki Chan" (an image character of Hokuryu Town) on a rocket taking off into space, and a rabbit jumping.

The night sky of Hokuryu Town projected on the ceiling

Wishes & Pictures on Lantern Balloons

Draw a pretty picture...
With nice pictures....

May the Corona be gone."
May this world be at peace."
I wish you well in ballet."
I hope you don't catch a cold."
May you recover from your injuries."

When the MC, Ms. Sugimoto, introduced the comment, "May you and your friend Ino not fight," the audience responded, "That's wonderful! and crack up with applause!

Lots of great comments & pictures!

With sincere wishes!

Sky Lantern Launch

As soon as the lights in the gymnasium were turned off, the orange light of the lantern balloon floated up, and all of them shouted, "Wow, it's beautiful! and cheers of "Wow, it's beautiful!

Lantern balloons softly soar simultaneously in the night sky of Hokuryu Town projected on the ceiling!

These unique lantern balloons float slowly and softly, and some float to the ceiling at high speeds, like spaceships.

The fantastic lantern balloons that held everyone's hopes and dreams, and floated through the air with their warm, warm light, were enchanting....

It was a touching moment that made my heart feel light and warm.

Lantern balloons soaring softly and fluffy in the air
Lantern balloon lights soaring in the starry sky of Hokuryu Town projected on the ceiling
Lantern lights projected on the floor

Sweets for the children

Happy sweets were given to the children who participated in the event!

Smiling as she receives her gift of candy!

The children headed home together with their families with big smiles on their faces, clutching their wishing lantern balloons and present candies tightly.

We give thanks for the "Thirteen Nights" in the blue night sky.

The "Sky Lantern® & Projection Mapping Planetarium" will be held at the "Sky Lantern® & Projection Mapping Planetarium", where you can enjoy the fantastic space with your whole family by putting your passionate feelings in your heart and your countless gratitude into the soft light of the lantern balloons with endless love, gratitude, and prayers.

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