Sale of freshly baked bread by RICH Kobo (NPO Akarui Nouhou), Mar.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Here are the delicious breads for March from RICH Kobo, a freshly baked bakery run by the NPO Akarui Nouhou (Representative Director Yumiko Takebayashi).

RICH Kobo - March Sale Dates

There will be 8 sales in March: Tuesdays (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th) and Saturdays (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th). You can pick up in-store or pick up at home by appointment.

March Bread Sales Calendar

New menu bread in March

In addition to the three new menu breads from February, "strawberry chocolate melon bread," "puff croissant," and "mini chocolate bread (2 pieces)," the "asparagus bacon and egg roll" will return in March!

Asparagus Bacon and Egg Roll

  • Asparagus, bacon, and eggs are tightly rolled in, and the cheese topping is a good match!
  • This side dish bread is delicious and very satisfying!
Asparagus Bacon and Egg Roll

Regular delicious bread

  • Tarako cheese bread, curry bread, cheese tart, etc. to be served together are also classic delicious breads!
cod roe cheese bread, curry bread, cheese tart

Accompanying Salad

  • The accompanying salads are "Carrot Shiriri" with cream cheese & walnuts, "Sesame Cucumber Salad" with sesame dressing, and "Pumpkin Salad" with cream cheese & raisins!
Accompanying salads are carrot shirasu, sesame cucumber salad, and pumpkin salad!

Blissful breadtime!

  • Blissful bread time with a fluffy, foamy Soy Latte!

With thanks to the delicious breads of "RICH Kobo" which can be tasted in various ways!

We wish you a happy holiday season and hope that you will enjoy the delicious breads of "RICH KOUBOU" with infinite love, gratitude, and prayers.

Photo of RICH Kobo freshly baked bread

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Introducing delicious bread from RICH Kobo, a freshly baked bakery run by the NPO Akarui Nouhou (President: Yumiko Takebayashi).
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