Fresh vegetable salad & Rich Kobo bread from Hokuryu Town Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Store Minorikchi Hokuryu

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Enjoy fresh vegetable salad and Rich Kobo bread from Hokuryu Town Farmers' Market "Minoricchi Hokuryu" at home!

Fresh vegetables purchased at Minorikchi Hokuryu

We had a spring salad with fresh vegetables (asparagus & lettuce, etc.) purchased at the grand opening of "Minoricchi Hokuryu".

Vegetables in Minorichi Hokuryu

To commemorate the grand opening, a Sasa-dango (bamboo grass dumpling) will be presented to all purchasers!

Breads from Rich Studio

Excellent asparagus

Plenty of lettuce, crispyㇳ asparagus that is full of nutrients and relieves fatigue! Served with colored bell peppers and Camembert cheese.

And the dressing is "scallop & sunflower oil dressing"!
The flavor of scallops and sunflower oil are wonderfully collaborated to create a superb taste!

The exquisite asparagus is an inspiring taste!

Asparagus with the finest flavor

Dressing with sunflower oil from Hokuryu Town and dried scallops from Hamatombetsu Town

Dressing with sunflower oil from Hokuryu Town and dried scallops from Hamatombetsu Town

Breads from Rich Studio

Among the breads on display were "Strawberry Cream Danish," "Maple Cheese and Apple Danish," "Cheese Danish Stick," "Cheese Tart," and more.

Breads from Rich Studio

With endless love, gratitude and prayers for a blissful and delicious brunch time served with fresh vegetable salad from Minorikichi Hokuryu & Richi Kobo bread.

With thanks for a delicious and blissful brunch time.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)