Grand opening of Minorichi-Hokuryu, a direct sales shop of agricultural and livestock products in Hokuryu Town, 2024!

Monday, May 13, 2024

We are entering the season when the rice paddies are flooded and a cool breeze is blowing.

On Saturday, May 11, at 8:45 a.m., Minoricchi Hokuryu (manager: Mikio Hara), the Hokuryu agricultural and livestock products direct sales shop, held its grand opening this year!

Grand Opening Ceremony

Grand opening of Minorichi Hokuryu!

Performance by Hokuryu Taiko

To commemorate the opening, Hokuryu Taiko (Representative: Yuyo Nakamura) performed two pieces, "Shokanrenzan Taiko Yumi-uchi" and "Senrai-no-En" (written by Kimihiko Matsumura, representative of the Matsumura-gumi Japanese drum group).

A powerful, soul-stirring heartbeat befitting the opening rang out.

Shokanrenzan Taiko Yumi-uchi

The majestic beat of the Hokuryu drums echoes in the air!

The River Lost in the Rivers (Senrai no En)

A performance by Hokuryu Taiko drummers was appropriate for the opening of the event!

Encore piece "Shunpu" (Spring Breeze)

After the performance, the audience cheered for an encore! After the performance, another piece, "Shunpu" (provided by Kodo), was performed in response to the cheers of "Encore!

Kodo-provided music is original music provided by Kodo based on the concept of "more freedom, anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Harukaze" provided by Kodo

Playing the transverse flute!
Yellow dragon painted on a drum!
Blue dragon painted on a taiko drum!

The dragon is also on the back of the happi coat!

Greetings from Chairman Hiroyo Nakamura of the Minorikchi Hokuryu Shippers' Council

中村裕世 会長ご挨拶
Greeting from Chairman Hiroyo Nakamura

Thank you for visiting us today. Today is our official grand opening. We will strive to be your kitchen, and we hope you will all enjoy our services.

Shutters open!

Thank you for your visit and purchase!

Inside the store

In front of the cashier counter is a "sunflower nut-do"!

Sunflower nuts (sunflower seeds from Hokuryu Town)

Scallop Dressing & Kuro Sengoku Soy Sunflower Oil Dressing

Scallop Dried Scallop Dressing & Kuro Sengoku Soy Sunflower Oil Dressing

Dressing with sunflower oil from Hokuryu Town and dried scallops from Hamatombetsu Town

Dressing with sunflower oil from Hokuryu Town and dried scallops from Hamatombetsu Town
Various sunflower rice
I had a great time talking with the store staff!

Vegetables from Hokuryu Town

The store features vegetable seedlings and other fresh vegetables picked in the morning by Hokuryu-cho growers.

Asparagus, small green onions, honeywort, horseradish, ginger, lettuce, etc.

Asparagus, green onions, lettuce, ginger, etc.

The producer (Ms. Mitsuko Fujii), who exhibited leeks, honey leaves, asparagus, etc., introduced her vegetables with pride, saying, "It takes time to remove the mud from the leeks and peel the skin off!

The leeks take time to remove the mud and peel off the skin!

Ingredients from Okinawa

Pocot Pineapple (hand-torn Okinawa pineapple: Bogor pineapple), brown sugar walnuts, ginger brown sugar, and other sweets shipped directly from Okinawa will also be available.

Okinawa pineapple

Enjoy the taste of pineapple from the southern island of Ishigaki!

A taste of Ishigaki Island!

Jimami brown sugar, cubed brown sugar, ginger brown sugar

Okinawan snack

Okinawan juice (seekwasa, tangerine, kabuchi)

Okinawa Juice

Kuro Sengoku Processed Foods, Hokuryu Soba Corner

Kuro Sengoku Processed Foods, Hokuryu Soba Corner

Rich Kobo Bread

The bread section of the delicious Rich Studio.

Rich Kobo Bread Corner

vegetable seedling

A wide variety of vegetable seedlings!

Yasuhiro Sasaki, Mayor of the town also shopped

Mayor Sasaki selects seedlings with advice from growers!

Mayor Sasaki himself selected the seedlings!

Mayor Sasaki himself selected the vegetable seedlings for purchase!

We bought a lot of vegetable seedlings!

Handmade handicrafts

Cute handmade handicrafts (hair accessories, pouches, bags, etc.) made by the residents of the town.

Handmade handicrafts
Pouches, wallets, phone shoulders, etc.

Fresh vegetables grown with love and care by Hokuryu-cho growers!

We hope everyone in the family enjoys and smiles around the table and cherishes the delicious vegetables from Hokuryu-cho Minorichi-Hokuryu with endless love, gratitude, and smiles.

With heartfelt thanks to the colorful flowers that soothe our hearts.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi) 

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