Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival [Permanent program and event program] (Japanese only)

The 38th Himawari Festival (Hokuryu Town, Hokkaido) was held!
Saturday, July 20, 2024 - Sunday, August 18, 2024
❂ Days: 30 days ❂ Area: approx. 23 ha ❂ Number of trees: 2 million ❂ Best time to visit: early August

Overall Map of Sunflower Village (23ha) waiting for Hokuryu
Google Map ひまわりの里
Google Map Sunflower Village

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The 38th Himawari Festival 2024 Riddle Solving] A story told by a sunflower [Hokuryu Town Board Game Club


Sunflower Festival, Permanent Program

❂ Programs to be held during the Sunflower Festival. Please note that during the Sunflower Festival, Sunflower Village is closed to vehicular traffic.

Two sunflower mazes (2019)
Well-maintained maze

Sunflower Tourist Guide (Himawari no Sato Tourist Information Center)

ひまわりの里 観光案内所
Sunflower Village Tourist Information Center
  • Managed by the Hokuryu Town Senior Citizens Club and Voluntary Association.
  • Handmade "Sunflower Health Tea" tasting service is available.
  • Full of energy with sunflower extract!

Office Hours


Fundraising campaign for cooperation to make good sunflowers bloom

Fundraising campaign for cooperation to make good sunflowers bloom
  • Sunflower Tourist Information Center & Sunflower Tourism Center
  • Sunflower seeds" will be given to those who cooperate for 100 yen or more.

Jumbo Maze (near the observatory)

Sunflower maze (near the observatory, 2019)
  • Entrance is near the observatory
  • The letters in the maze change every year.
    (laid out by the volunteer group "Ryu Topia" in Hokuryu Town)
  • Time required: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Stamp rally included, sunflower maze quiz available
     There is a "Sunflower Maze Quiz (Total length of the maze is 1,Fat Fat Fat Fat)" in the maze. The clue is in the maze.

Business Hours



Individuals: 300 yen/person, groups of 4 or more: 250 yen/person, groups of 10 or more: 200 yen/person

Ostrich Sunflower Maze (near the duck pond)


  • Entrance is near the duck pond
  • The maze reads "Hokuryu Sunflower."
    (laid out by the Ostrich Club, a volunteer group for town revitalization in Hokuryu Town)

Business Hours



Individuals: 300 yen/person, groups of 10 or more: 200 yen/person

Duck farm (duck pond feeding)

“合鴨の池の餌やり” Feeding the duck pond

Bait Sales and Hours of Operation


Bait fee: 100 yen

Feeding the duck pond
Vigorous ducks

Ferris wheel "Himawari-go" (sightseeing car)


  • Tractor towing covered cabin
  • Departs as needed when customers are gathered.
  • Sunflower Village 1 round (about 12 minutes) (No stops will be made along the way.)
  • While the car is in motion, an explanatory guide about Hokuryu Town and sunflowers is played in the car.
  • Even those with small children, the elderly, or those who are not confident with their legs can enjoy a round-the-world tour of the Sunflower Village.

Business Hours



Adults: 500 yen/person, children: 300 yen/person, groups of 7 or more: 400 yen/person for adults and 200 yen for children

Mr. and Mrs. Shuji and Hisayo Ito
Very popular!

At a speed of 6 km/h, it takes about 12 minutes to make a lap around the Sunflower Village in Hokuryu Town.

Mr. Shuji Ito, a resident of Hokuryu Town, will be driving. His wife, Hisayo, is the attendant.
Mr. Ito's father had used horse-drawn wagons since the first Sunflower Festival (1987), but switched to tractors in Mr. Ito's generation.

A yellow T-shirt with a straw hat and sunflower print is the uniform.
The very popular Himawari-go is ready to go even for one person. Doggies are also welcome!

Sunflowers of the World Corner


  • Cultivated by students at Hokuryu Junior High School
  • Unusual sunflowers from around the world (24 types in 2023)
  • For two days during the Sunflower Festival, students from Hokuryu Junior High School act as "Sunflower Guides" to introduce tourists to sunflowers from around the world.

interpoint (interword separation)Sunflowers around the world (50 photos, 2018)

Tortoma, France
Claret, The Netherlands
Hokuryu Junior High School
The Sunflower Committee of Hokuryu Junior High School and Student Council of Hokuryu Town is growing sunflowers around the world.

For more information about Hokuryu Junior High School >>


Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourism Center

Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Center and Parking Lot
Hokuryu Town Portal

July 26, 2023 (Wed) [Updated: July 28, 2023 (Fri)] Introducing the Sunflower Tourist Center's store at the "Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival 2023"...


  • Soft ice cream, ramen noodles, and stores with special characteristics
  • A space with an earthen floor where a cool breeze blows through. Take a rest in the cool air.
  • Chairs and tables stand by for your free use.

opening a hall for that day's business (museum, library, such like buildings)


The Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Center and the inside of the building

Wheelchairs and strollers

Wheelchairs: 3. Located at the office in the Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Center.
Strollers: 2
Temporary baggage storage
Large carry-on bags, etc. can be checked in at the office in the Hokuryu-cho Himawari Sightseeing Center.free)
There are no coin lockers, so please bring your own valuables.

Wheelchairs and strollers in front of the office
Observation deck with slope

Application for Drone Photography Permit(2019)

Aerial photography using a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) is allowed during the Sunflower Festival in Himawari-no-sato as follows. Please take care to ensure the safety of visitors to Himawari-no-sato and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

jurisdiction: Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Association

Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Association
Two million sunflowers bloom in a field the size of about 5 Tokyo Domes.

Click here for the website of the Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Association >>


(1) When taking photographs

Please send the application form to the Sunflower Tourist Association at least two days prior to the shooting so that the "Hokuryu-cho Himawari no Sato Drone Shooting Permit Application Form" will be received by the Association. The Sunflower Tourist Association will be responsible for returning the permit by mail.
Filming must be completed between sunrise and 8:00 a.m. on weekdays.
The applicant must have property and bodily injury insurance in case of an accident.
Follow the Civil Aeronautics Law and the rules set forth by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

(2) Contact for application for filming permission

Yoshida and Shimoura, Industry Division, Hokuryu Town Hall
11-1 Aza Wa, Hokuryu-cho, Amaryu-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0164-34-2111 (switchboard) Fax: 0164-34-2117

Only postal mail will be accepted (no faxes or e-mails) as a seal is required.
Attach a copy of the certificate of insurance.

Hokuryu Town Sunflower Village and Drone Photography Permit Application Form 2019

Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival / Event Program

2024 38th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival

2024年 第38回北竜町ひまわりまつり・表
2024年 第38回北竜町ひまわりまつり・裏

2023 The 37th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival

2023年 第37回北竜町ひまわりまつり・表
2023年 第37回北竜町ひまわりまつり・裏

2022 The 36th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival

2022年 第36回北竜町ひまわりまつり・表
2022年 第36回北竜町ひまわりまつり。裏

2021 35th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

The 35th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival in 2021 has been cancelled due to the new coronavirus infection control measures. Sunflowers have been planted.

2020 34th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival

The 34th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival 2020 has been cancelled due to the new coronavirus infection control measures. Sowing of sunflowers was cancelled and soil improvement was carried out

2019 - 33rd Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2019 - The 33rd Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival - Poster

2018 - 32nd Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2017 - 31st Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2016, 30th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2015, 29th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2014 - 28th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

2013 - The 27th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

The 26th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival 2012

2011 - 25th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

The design of this year's sunflower maze is "Ganbarou! Japan."

Delivery! To the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Reference)special feature article)
向日葵(ヒマワリ)が 埋め尽くす 北海道の夏
Hokkaido summer, filled with sunflowers

The Four Seasons of the Archipelago You Must Visit at Least Once: "The Best Viewed Japanese Heritage" Serial No. 152, Weekly Gendai, August 6, 2011 issue (2011)
(in Japanese history)(Reference and feature article)

2010 - 24th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival

第24回北竜町ひまわりまつり 2010年

The 24th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Festival 2010

◇ Photography, Reporting, Editing: Noboru Terauchi & Ikuko