Sunflower Village in Hokuryu Town, in full bloom

The 38th Himawari Festival (Hokuryu Town, Hokkaido) will be held!
Saturday, July 20, 2024 - Sunday, August 18, 2024
❂ Days: 30 days ❂ Area: approx. 23 ha ❂ Number of trees: 2 million ❂ Best time to visit: early August

Outline map of Sunflower Village in Hokuryu Town

Time of best viewing and full bloom by year

Sunflowers are at their best in early AugustBut it depends on the weather and the plot.
Admission to Sunflower Village is free and open 24 hours a day. Parking lot (500 cars) is free of charge and open 24 hours a day.

2024 (2024)

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Hokuryu-cho is a happy town full of smiles and energy, where people "share the joy of...



Hokuryu Town Sunflower Village 2024 Click here for images >>

2023 (2023)

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Hokuryu-cho is a happy town full of smiles and energy, where people "share the joy of...


Hokuryu Town Sunflower Village 2023 Click here for images >>
Sunflowers of the World 2023 Click here for images >>
March - May Soil preparation5月22日 肥沃な土壌づくりJune 15: Sunflower fields around the world6月15日 世界のひまわり畑June 20: Budding6月20日 芽吹くJune 23 Mowing and thinning6月23日 草刈り・間引き
July 8: A few flowers started to bloom.7月8日 ぽつりと咲き始めJuly 17: The maze in the backAlmost in full bloom7月17日 奥の迷路ほぼ満開July 22: Matsuri starts!7月22日 まつりスタート!July 22 Maze "World Peace"7月22日 迷路「世界平和」
July 22: The maze in the backfull bloom7月22日 奥の迷路は満開July 28, The hills arefull bloom7月28日 丘は満開August 2: The maze isfull bloom8月2日 迷路は満開August 9: Beginning to hang its head.8月9日 頭を垂れ始め
August 21 Cleanup8月21日 後片付けAug. 23, Thanks!8月23日 ありがとう!October 14: Autumn sunflowers10月14日 秋のひまわり

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July 17 (Monday)
The maze in the backAlmost in full bloom
Saturday, July 22
July 22: The maze in the backfull bloom
Friday, July 28
The hill isfull bloom
Wednesday, August 2
The maze isfull bloom
Wednesday, August 9
beginning to hang one's head
Saturday, October 14
Autumn Sunflowers


2022 (2022)

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Hokuryu-cho is a happy town full of smiles and energy, where people "share the joy of...

Hokuryu Town Sunflower Village 2022 Click here for images >>
Sunflowers of the World 2022 Click here for images >>
May 8: Plowing5月8日 耕起May 23: Preparation for sowing5月23日 播種準備June 21: Weeding & Thinning6月21日 草取り&間引きJuly 4 Healthy Growth7月4日 健やかなる成長
July 8 Maze and maintenance7月8日 迷路・整備July 13 Maze "Sunny"7月13日 迷路「晴」July 21: Sixth bloom at the back7月21日 奥が6分咲きJuly 21: 7 minutes in bloom worldwide7月21日 世界7分咲き
July 25, the north side area isfull bloom7月25日 北側区域は満開July 28th Soonfull bloom7月28日 もうすぐ満開August 1 Full bloom!8月1日 満開!August 4 Full bloom! best time to see8月4日 満開!見頃
August 8 Full bloom!partially withered8月8日 満開!一部枯れAugust 12 Full bloom!partially withered8月12日 満開!一部枯れAugust 17, Thanks for the inspiration.8月17日感動ありがとうAugust 24: Plowing begins.月24日すき込み開始
August 30, logging completed.8月30日伐採完了October 2, tinted in green.10月2日緑に染まるNovember 18: Waiting for Winter11月18日冬を待つ


2021 (2021)

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June 9 Germination6月9日 発芽June 22, 2012 Growing6月22日 成長中July 7: Partial bloomingxxxJuly 12, North Side District,...full bloom7月12日 北側地区・満開
July 20: Blooming on the hill7月20日 丘上開花July 22, on the hillfull bloom7月22日 丘上満開July 30, Main 8 min.7月30日 メイン8分August 3 Maine Full Bloom8月3日 メイン満開
August 5 Maine Full Bloom8月5日 メイン満開August 9: On the hillfull bloom8月9日 丘上満開August 15: Beginning to wither on the hill8月15日 丘上枯れ始めAugust 24, Thanks for the inspiration.8月24日 感動に感謝


2020 (2020)

Sowing and Sunflower Festival canceled due to new coronavirus infection control measures.
Drainage pipes are buried in the drainage channel. New sunflowers can be planted in the area of the conventional drainage channel. In addition, the soil is improved by seeding green manure twice
June 4: Drainage canals and oats6月4日 排水路と燕麦September 8 Drainage channel construction and plowingxxxSeptember 16: Drainage pipe buried9月16日 排水管埋設October 2 Buried complete 2 times oatsxxx


2019 (the first year of the 20th year of the 20th century)

May 16: Tilling of the village 6月12日June 12: Healthy Growth 6月12日June 25: Weeding 6月12日July 12: Rain on the Earth6月12日
July 16: Maze in the back in bloom 7月16日July 22: The maze in the backfull bloom 7月22日July 26 Observation deckfull bloom 7月26日July 29, Observation deckfull bloom 7月26日
August 3:Full bloom!best time to see 8月3日August 7:Maze in full bloom!8月7日August 12:Hilltop Viewing!8月12日August 18:Hilltop in full bloom!8月18日


2018 (2018)

June 12: Greenery shining in the rain 6月12日June 27: Growing up fast6月27日July 8: Blooming here and there 6月12日July 11: Maze aerial photography 7月11日
July 14 Open 7月14日July 18: Endure and dignify 7月18日July 23: Early morning7月23日July 30:full bloom7月30日
August 3:full bloom8月3日August 9 Full bloom & partially dead8月9日August 12 Deepest part, in full bloom8月12日August 17:best time to see the end of (a storey, a shop, etc.)8月17日


2017 (2017)

July 21: The back compartment is in full bloom.
July 25 buds near the observatory
July 28: Full bloom in the west
August 1, the entirefull bloom
August 5.In full bloom and at its best!
August 7 Sunflowers of the World
August 9.full bloombud
August 15, at the far endfull bloom


2016 (2016)

July 20, beginning to bloom at the back
July 23, gradual blooming
July 26, 5-part bloom
Monday, August 1full bloom
August 5: Test light-up
August 6, the entirefull bloom
August 13, the west isfull bloom
August 16, withers throughout


2015 (2015)

July 19
July 28.
August 2.full bloom
August 6.full bloom
August 10.full bloom
August 14
August 19
August 27.


2014 (2014)

July 19, Festival begins


July 23.Full bloom in some areas


July 26, 3 lotsfull bloom


July 30, 5 lotsfull bloom7月30日


August 4 and 6, in 6 lots.full bloom


August 9, in 7 lots.full bloom


August 13, in two lots.withering


August 21, in 5 lots.withering



2013 (Heisei 25)

June 30, Maze Making

July 21, Partially 2 minutes bloom

July 26 Sunflowers of the World

July 28th.Partially in full bloom

August 3.Almost in full bloom

August 10.full bloom

August 14.almostfull bloom

August 23, withers


2012 (Heisei 24)

July 10, Maze

July 21, some buds

July 30, half-blooms

August 4.Half full bloom

August 8.Almost in full bloom

August 15.full bloom

August 22.partially withered

August 31, plowing


◇ Photography, Reporting, Editing: Noboru Terauchi & Ikuko