Sunflowers blooming with all their might, Monday, August 8, 2022

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In the village of sunflowers in Hokuryu Town, the magnificent sunflowers are in full bloom, and the sunflowers are putting all their energy into blooming in a glossy and gorgeous manner.

In the village of sunflowers, dyed in such happy colors, the "Summer Touring Radio Gymnastics and Everybody's Gymnastics Meet (sponsored by NPO National Radio Gymnastics Federation, NHK, and Japan Post Insurance Company, Limited)" was held at 6:00 a.m. yesterday, August 8 (Monday), to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Hokuryu Town.

Over 200 residents from inside and outside of the town participated in the energetic event.

The sunflower maze near the park golf course has begun to wither, and the sunflowers continue to burn the flame of life as best they can, as if celebrating life.

With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for the sunflower's smile drawn on the seed.

Brilliant sunflowers blooming with all their might.
Summer Tour of Radio Calisthenics and Everybody's Gymnastics at Himawari no Sato in Hokuryu Town
From a live image by the Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourist Association
Sunflowers full of life energy
Enjoy life with rich individuality!
Get along well with each other and support each other!
Toward the faint light shining through the clouds.
Sunflowers decorating a maze and standing dignified.
A single birch tree watches over Sunflower's life.
As if celebrating life.
Sunflower has a lovely smile! Thank you!


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