Maybe you missed it? The beautiful Hokkaido! The Kitaryu Town Sunflower Village was featured in "The Charms of Sorachi" (1).

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

(OVO, a topical information site operated by Kyodo News, Inc. The article "Sorachi" will gently tell you the charms of Sorachi only for you! The article is titled "The Charms of Sorachi, a place where you can learn about the charms of Sorachi" (1).

This is truly "a spectacular view that I want to see at least once in my life.

もしかして見逃してませんか? こんなすてきな北海道!【あなただけにそっと教える「空知」の魅力】①に北竜町が掲載【OVO [オーヴォ]】

もしかして見逃してませんか? こんなすてきな北海道!【あなただけにそっと教える「空知」の魅力】①に北竜町が掲載【OVO [オーヴォ]】 Maybe you missed it? This is such a beautiful Hokkaido!
Hokuryu Town is featured in "The Charms of Sorachi" (1).
OVO [Ovo].

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