Mr. Ryoji Kikura's first cultivation, the sacred spirit plant "Mako-dake", which is divine and purifies evil spirits, grows beautifully!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Ryoji Kikura, 83, former president of JA Kitasorachi, was asked by Noboru Shimizu, a resident of Chiba Prefecture, to grow "makomodake" (straw mushroom) for the first time in early May of this year.

Noboru Shimizu, 84, is the son of a farmer in Ebeotomachi (now Ebeotomachi, Takikawa City). He has known Mr. Kikura for many years through youth group activities.

Mr. Noboru Shimizu

At the general meeting of the Kita-Kuochi Seinendan OB Association and the celebration to commemorate the publication of Junkichi Kono's "Fukagawa ni Ikite" (Living in Fukagawa)
Mr. Noboru Shimizu (June 25, 2019)

Mr. Shimizu moved to Tokyo,Japan Seinenkan Foundation(a hall of the Japan Council of Young Men's Organizations). After that,Taro Okamoto Foundation for Contemporary ArtHe served as Executive Director.

Mr. Shimizu is currently in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture,Non-profit Organization Higashi ICHIHARA Eco Museumand is involved in civic activities.

Mako bamboo grown by Ryoji Kikura's natural farming method.

In May of this year, seedlings of Bamboo shoots were delivered to Mr. Ryoji Kikura. Mr. Kikura has opened new rice paddies and grows Mako-dake using natural farming methods with no pesticides or fertilizers.

The bamboo shoots have grown beautifully using natural farming methods: seedlings are planted at 1.0 to 1.5 meter intervals, weeding and difficult water management are carefully and painstakingly carried out.

The surface skin of the root part of the Mako bamboo is peeled off and the white, soft part Mako Bamboo is collected. It is fresh, soft with a hint of sweetness, and can be eaten raw.

Mako Mushrooms grown by Ryoji Kikura's pesticide- and fertilizer-free natural farming method.

Cultivation difficult to manage water

Cultivation difficult to manage water

Newly opened rice paddies and well-grown Mako bamboo

Newly opened rice paddies and well-grown Mako bamboo

Reap the stems at the base with a sickle.

Reap the stems at the base with a sickle.

Peel off the green skin.

Peel off the green skin.

Cut and eat the white stem part at the root.

Cut and eat the white stem part at the root.

The magnificent Mako Moss grows robustly in the midst of nature!

The magnificent Mako Moss grows robustly in the midst of nature!

What is straw mushroom?

  • Cold-tolerant perennial herb of the family Poaceae, genus Bamboo grass Origin: East and Southeast Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc., where it has long been used for food and medicinal purposes)
  • Healthy vegetable that has no peculiarities and has a wide variety of culinary uses
  • It contains a lot of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals, and is effective in lowering blood pressure, purifying blood, diuresis, and relieving constipation. It is low in calories and is attracting attention as a diet food.

Sacred spirit plant, Mako Mako Bamboo Bamboo, which dwells in God and exorcises evil spirits.

  • Since ancient times, "Makomo" has been regarded as a "sacred herb" with excellent purifying power and exorcises evil spirits.
  • Makomo (straw mats) are used for shimenawa (sacred ropes) at shrines dedicated to Susanoo throughout Japan, including Izumo-taisha Shrine.
  • Every year in June, Izumo-taisha Shrine holds the Suzumidono-matsuri, a straw matsuri ritual. During the Suzumidono Matsuri, standing sand is piled up from the Izumo Forest east of Izumo-taisha Shrine to the Mitarashi well east of the Copper Torii, and the chief priest prays on the straw mats placed on top of the mats with a large gohei (sacred staff).

We pray for good health and a bountiful harvest, and express our great love, gratitude, and prayers to Mako Moss, a sacred spiritual herb that is used as a dwelling place for the gods and to purify evil spirits.

With gratitude to the sacred sacred spirit plant Mako Moss, which purifies and purifies evil spirits!

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