The 36th Sunflower Festival in Hokuryu Town, Hokkaido starts tomorrow (7/23)! Recharge your energy from sunflowers in full bloom!

Friday, July 22, 2022

The 36th Sunflower Festival in Hokuryu-cho will start tomorrow, July 23 (Sat.)! A temporary observatory has been set up and the sightseeing car "Himawari-go" is ready to go!

As if in anticipation of the Sunflower Festival, the sunflowers on the west side of the park golf course have begun to bloom!

The wonderful sunflowers of Hokuryu Town are beginning to shine with bright and energetic power-filled light.

What dramas will unfold for the lovely sunflowers over the 30 days?

Sunflowers welcoming everyone with their beautiful smiles!
I am thrilled and excited! I am very much looking forward to it!

Lovely sunflowers greet you with a smile!
Cute sunflowers sparkle brightly and cheerfully!
Sunflowers radiate the glow of happy power.
Temporary observation deck installed
The sightseeing car "Himawari-go" is also ready to stand by!
lapis lazuli sky and sunflower field

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