Sunflower Sowing in the World 2021 (Hokuryu Junior High School) Carefully and wholeheartedly for beautiful sunflowers to bloom!

Monday, May 17, 2021

On Friday, May 14, 32 students from grades 1 to 3 at Hokuryu Junior High School (principal: Tsuyoshi Kodama) in the town of Hokuryu sowed sunflowers around the world.

Sunflower seeding around the world

Sowing Sunflowers Around the World

This seeding work is carried out every year as part of the integrated learning class for all students, led by the student council and the Himawari Committee. The chairperson of the Sunflower Committee is Kanata Kitajima, a third-year student.

Sunflower Committee, Kanade Kitajima, Chairperson

ひまわり委員会委員長・北島 奏(きたじま かなた)さん
Kanata Kitajima, Chairperson of the Himawari Committee

Explanation of seeding operations

Mr. Kanade Kitajima, Chairperson of the Sunflower Committee, explained about the seeding process.

Explanation of seeding operations

Stretch the cloth tape taut from end to end of the ridges, and erect wire "bokko" (sticks) at 35 cm intervals. On the side of the stick, make a hole 5 cm deep with a thick stick. Scatter 5 seeds per hole and cover with soil.

Everyone will be divided into 7 groups, each responsible for 3 sunflower seeds each, for a total of 21 different sunflowers from around the world.

Sunflower varieties: Earthwalker, Jade, Van Gogh's Sunflower, Claret, White Knight, Solna Lemon, Tortoma, Monet's Sunflower, Solar Power, Pro-Cut Red, Lemon Eclair, Russian Sunflower, Floristan, Pro-Cut White Moon, Moonwalker, Ruby, Italian, Northeast Double, Ruby Express, Procut Plum, Matisse Sunflower

Principal Tsuyoshi Kodama and vice principal Atsushi Sasaki also participated in the work, and parents also came to help.

Parents also participated by helping out.

Words from your teacher

Story of the teacher in charge

Please do your best to grow good sunflower seeds. The wind is strong, so please plant the seeds well so they don't get blown away.

Instead of worrying about whether or not it will grow, plant it properly with all your heart and with the environment around it in mind. Remove what you can and care for it with all your heart so that it will bloom in a tight, straight line, rather than thinking that you were unlucky in the end. Use careful techniques to make sure they bloom well.

Let's work around the group leader and take care of the future weather conditions while carefully nurturing the plants," said the teacher.

seeding work

Stretch tape and set up a boquette.

Stretch tape and set up a boquette.

Bokko stand every 35 cm

Bokko stand every 35 cm

Plant 5 seeds at a time.

Plant 5 seeds at a time.

Parents also help

Parents also help

Sowing in a field of about 18 are (1,800 square meters)

Field of about 18 are (1,800 square meters)

Dandelion watches over us.

Dandelion watching over us...

Toward a Guide to Sunflowers Around the World

Under the guidance of the group leader, they will work carefully and earnestly to fulfill their assigned roles. From now on, the beautiful sunflowers of the world will be carefully and lovingly nurtured while being cared for through a series of watering and weeding operations (about once every two weeks for each group).

During the blooming season of sunflowers around the world, all the students will serve as guides and tell tourists about the charm of sunflowers around the world.

We are looking forward to meeting the sunflowers of the world who are bathed in the light of the summer sun and sparkle brightly.

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers to the students of Hokuryu Junior High School who lovingly, sincerely, and carefully nurture the beautiful sunflowers of the world.

Hokuryu Junior High School Yard

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