Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki's visit to Hokuryu Town [June 2024].

Thursday, June 6, 2024

On Tuesday, June 4, Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki conducted the June inspection of Hokuryu Town.

The Namba family with wonderful lawn cherry blossoms

Our first stop was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Namba. They are growing magnificent lawn cherry trees all over their garden. A photo of their garden was featured in the June issue of "Hokkaido Jalan" as one of the "35 Most Beautiful Views in Hokkaido". To commemorate the occasion, we presented them with a copy of Hokkaido Jalan magazine and a photo of the lovely couple.

It's a wonderful garden."
Thank you."

Mr. and Mrs. Namba were surprised and nervous about the Mayor Sasaki's unexpected visit, and they were happy to talk with him.

Mayor Sasaki and Mr. and Mrs. Namba
Stunning lawn cherry blossoms spreading all over the garden
Hokuryu Town Portal

Friday, May 24, 2024 The stunning lawn cherry blossoms spread out in a farmer's garden. The breathtaking beauty of the different space instantly captivated me, and I was transported to a dream world...

Genki! Morimori Exercise Class (Hekisui Community Support Center)

The next place visited was Hekisui Community Support Center.

Hekisui Community Support Center

The "Genki, Mori-mori Exercise Class," which is held every Tuesday in the morning and afternoon, was visited and participated in by the participants! exercise class" held every Tuesday in the morning and afternoon.


The lecturer was Hiromi Morita, President of N-link.

Ms. Morita has obtained many certifications, such as a health and exercise practice instructor, a school sports club activity instructor, a Japan Sports Association certified assistant manager, and a Japan Sports Association certified volleyball coach.

Genki! MORIMORI Exercise Class Poster

Genki! MORIMORI Exercise Class

Blood pressure measurement

Participants' blood pressure will be measured as a pre-exercise health check.

Health Check!


This exercise is performed while sitting on a chair, moving both arms and legs.
Brain training exercises that rhythmically move the body by making separate left and right movements with both hands.

The brain is confused by the movement of the limbs, which usually do not move at the same time!
It seems easy, but it is difficult!
I can't move my body as I want to, even though I understand it in my head.
Easy once you get used to it! This is a healthy exercise adapted for dementia prevention!

Rhythmically and slowly!

Serious fun!

Serious fun!

It is a "vigorous health exercise" that is rhythmically enjoyed with laughter and singing while struggling with awkward hand and leg movements.

Mayor Sasaki enjoyed exercising with everyone for about 15 minutes before moving on to the next location.

Agricultural cooperative corporation HONOKA (Biyagyu)

Then we visited "Agricultural Cooperative Association Honoka".

Honoka Agricultural Cooperative Inc.

He mingled congenially with veteran cooperative members and newcomer Hideyuki Suzuki, who is in his first year of farming!

How are you doing?"
I rode and operated various tractors and rice transplanters! It's hard work, but I'm enjoying the new challenges!"

Conversation bubbling with congeniality!

The smiles of the reliable and kind senior women shine brightly!
I would like to express my gratitude to the cheerful and energetic "Honoka" staff!

I would like to express my gratitude to the cheerful and energetic "Honoka" staff!

The crops of Hokuryu-cho are nurtured in the magnificent nature with clean water, fertile soil, and refreshing winds!

Hokuryu Town with its magnificent natural environment

First tasting of this year's "Sunflower Watermelon," a specialty of Hokuryu Town

Returning to the town hall, the participants tasted "Himawari Watermelon," a specialty of Hokuryu Town, before the first shipment. (The freshly harvested "Himawari Watermelon" by Mr. Takada Co.

The head teacher of Manryu Elementary School, Goji Kitagawa, who happened to be visiting the town hall, also joined us for a quick snack!

Sunflower watermelon in Hokuryu Town! Sweet! Yum!"

The whole town is connected like a family, cooperating with each other with one heart and sharing both hardships and joys together.

We wish to express our infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for the delicious and healthy farm products that grow up in the rich nature of Hokuryu Town with the love of the farmers.

Town inspection/Youtube video

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)