We are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Namba for their lawn cherry blossoms that invite us to the world of dreams! Also featured in the June issue of Hokkaido Jaran!

Friday, May 24, 2024

The magnificent lawn cherry blossoms spread out in the farmer's garden.
It is a breathtakingly beautiful and different space that instantly captivates you, a mysterious landscape of lawn cherry blossoms that seems to have lured you into a dream world.

Coincidentally, Mr. and Mrs. Namba, who regularly care for the lawn cherry trees, were home on the day of our visit, so we snapped a commemorative photo!  Thank you very much!

With endless love, gratitude and prayers for the precious encounter with the wonderful Mossy Moss Garden of the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Namba.

The landscape of lawn cherry blossoms invites you to a world of dreams
Grass cherry blossoms spreading by the side of a house
The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Namba

Hokkaido Jaran June Issue "Soukai Sakukei (Exhilarating and Spectacular View)! Drive" in the June issue of "Hokkaido Jalan
Shiba Cherry Blossom Decorating a Farmer's Yard, Hokuryu Town (p. 50)

We were asked to use images from the Hokuryu Town Portal.

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The magnificent lawn cherry blossoms that fill the garden are blooming beautifully this year as well. The magnificent pink carpet is an exciting sight.

◇ ikuko (photo by noboru)