Hanami Bento of Temari Sushi with Kuro Sengoku Rice

Monday, April 15, 2024

It is springtime bliss to savor the "Temari Sushi Hanami Bento" made with the Kuro Sengoku Bean and Rice Set!

Kuro Sengoku soybeans, a phantom soybean, bean and rice set

Kuro Sengoku soybeans (Kuro Sengoku Don), white rice (Nanatsuboshi), germinated brown rice (Nanatsuboshi), black rice, salt, with chopped kelp

幻の大豆黒千石 豆ごはんセット
Kuro Sengoku soybeans, a phantom soybean, bean and rice set

Kuro-sengoku takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with kuro-sengoku) is made with pickled plums and vinegar for a sushi rice style!
  Accented with the savory flavor of soft Kuro Sengoku dong!

Temari Sushi with Kuro Sengoku Rice

For the Temari Sushi, we arranged "smoked salmon & salmon roe", "shiitake mushroom & colored sweet bell pepper in ponzu sauce", "kyuri & salmon roe", "carrot & edamame", "shiso leaf & pickled cherry blossom", and so on!

Colorful Temari Sushi

Shine no matter how much!

Shine no matter how much!

● Hanami bento box lunch box to enjoy at home with pickled radish & radish leaves in salted malted rice with pickles!

Serve with pickled daikon radish with salted malted rice.
Hanami Bento for Cherry Blossom Viewing at Home

The Kuro Sengoku Temari Sushi is served in spring with infinite love, gratitude, and prayer, while imagining the scenery of cherry blossoms dancing in the air.

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Kuro Sengoku soybeans have a sweet and rich flavor, and even though the outer skin is black, the flesh is green. A small, nutritionally balanced super food!
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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)

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