Group home Hekisui

▶ Hekisui Group Home for the Elderly with Dementia (Hekisui) ❂ Communal living care business for the elderly with dementia ❂ Preventive care business for the elderly with dementia (nursing care insurance coverage business designation No. 0197400047)

▶ Management entity: Nonprofit organization "Respect

 The corporate name "respect" is taken from the language of flowers. In the language of flowers, sunflowers mean respect and looking at you. In English, it means Love & Respect.
Masahito Fujii, President ❂ Masahito Fujii, President

▶ Location and contact information: Group home Hekisui

 15-2, Hekisui, Hokuryu-cho, Uryu-gun, Hokkaido
 Phone number : 0164-34-3788 FAX number : same as above
 mail: respect★
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We will bring you the "now" of this vibrant and shining town with a population of 2,100 and an aging population rate of 40%. The town of Hokuryu, where families are as bright and harmonious as sunflowers...