Sunflower Rice" from Hokuryu Craft Beer (HOKURYU CRAFT) is completed!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Finished craft beer "HOKURYU CRAFT" "Sunflower Rice"!

This is the fourth craft beer "Sunflower Rice" following the lineup of craft beers "Sunflower Seeds", "Black Sengoku Soybeans", and "Yellow Little Watermelon"!

Craft beer "Sunflower Rice" is a craft beer made from reused broken rice produced in Hokuryu Town!

The label design depicts a bright and happy farmer's dream scene along with the lovely sunflowers of Hokuryu Town.

A craft beer with a refreshing taste that goes down your throat and is refreshing and non-habit-forming!

Sales started at the Sunflower Park Hokuryu Hot Springs Shop!
Please take this opportunity to taste it!

The craft beer "HOKURYU CRAFT" was developed by Akihiro Adachi (President of Ryu-Nishi Farm Co., Ltd.) and Minoru Nagai (Director of Kitamizuho Production Association, JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Area), who both live in Hokuryu Town.

Craft beer "HOKURYU CRAFT Sunflower Rice

Label] A cup filled with the bountiful bounty of Hokuryu Town's land and the dreams of its farmers will give you the energy for tomorrow. Let's make a toast!

クラフトビール「HOKURYU CRAFT ひまわりライス」
Craft beer "HOKURYU CRAFT Sunflower Rice

Sumikawa Beer Co.

Sumikawa Beer (Sapporo)

Cute label with a farmer's dream scene.

Farmer's Dream Landscape

A bright and happy farm family scene

A bright and happy farm family scene
Farmer's Dream Landscape

Bright and refreshing craft beer "HOKURYU CRAFT Sunflower Rice" with endless love, gratitude and prayers.

明るく爽やかなクラフトビール「HOKURYU CRAFT ひまわりライス」に感謝をこめて!
We give thanks for HOKURYU CRAFT Sunflower Rice, a bright and refreshing craft beer!


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23-18 Wa, Hokuryu-cho, Amaryu-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0164-34-2837 Fax: 0164-34-5872
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