Completed the prototype craft beer (happoshu) "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit" using sunflower seed press waste from Hokuryu Town!

January 31, 2022 (Monday)

A project to brew craft beer (happoshu) using "sunflower seed oil cake for sunflower oil," an agricultural product of Hokuryu Town, has been launched. The prototype craft beer (happoshu) "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit" has now been completed and was unveiled to some of the parties concerned for tasting.

Akihiro Adachi (president of Ryu-Nishi Farm Co., Ltd.), a Hokuryu Town resident, and Minoru Nagai (head of the Kitamizuho Production Association and director of JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu District) are working together on this project.

Prototype craft beer (happoshu) "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit

The label, which is inspired by the image of a sunflower field with the sun shining brightly and a beer in one hand, was designed by Mr. Adachi using a PC. The label, which is based on the image of a "sunflower field with sparkling sun", was designed by Mr. Adachi using a PC to create a watercolor style from a photograph.

Prototype craft beer (happoshu) "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit

Happoshu "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit

Development of "Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit" Wheat Wine

Development of new products utilizing agricultural products from Hokuryu Town

Akihiro Adachi, president of Ryuunishi Farm, and Minoru Nagai, head of the Kitamizuho Production Association, have planned and marketed "rice (Kitamizuho) ice cream" and "Niseko," a pure sake made from sake rice grown at Ryuunishi Farm, as products developed to meet the demand for souvenirs using the best agricultural products of Hokuryu Town.

As a further project, recycling of low use value items such as sunflower seed press waste for sunflower oil, sorting scraps, and repellent products is under consideration. Efforts to develop new products are underway to reduce food loss and achieve sustainable manufacturing.

Utilizing sunflower seed press waste for sunflower oil

This time, the challenge was to develop a product using sunflower oil scum!

At first, they considered making sweets using sunflower seed oil waste, but decided against it because the skin of the seeds is quite hard, and the rough texture it leaves in the mouth makes it difficult to use for food.

In the course of various discussions with related parties, we came up with the idea of using it for craft beer. Around December of last year, we immediately approached the Sumikawa Beer Brewery in Sapporo, and the decision was made on the spot to positively consider the idea!

Sumikawa Brewery is a brewery that produces a variety of innovative beers, such as melon beer and watermelon beer. When we brought them some sunflower seed oil scum (already roasted), they said it would be a good idea, so we accepted on the spot and started brewing a prototype.

This craft beer has a strong bitterness and full-bodied flavor with a hint of sunflower nuts," he said.

I hope to be able to reuse food residues such as those with even less use value to meet the demands of the times. I have a liquor retailer's license, so I am now planning to make a second and third craft beer using scraps of Kuro Sengoku soybeans after sorting, repellent products from Sunflower watermelons, and scraps (broken rice) from Sunflower Rice.

In any challenge, fun is the driving force. And if I don't have fun, people won't get it, so I enjoy what I do. I hope that by taking on various new challenges in the future, the entire town of Hokuryu will continue to thrive," said Mr. Adachi enthusiastically.

Mr. Akihiro Adachi and Mr. Minoru Nagai, the head of the cooperative, are working together to launch a project and try to develop new products!

左:永井稔さん(北瑞穂生産組合 組合長) 右:安達明広さん(株式会社竜西農場 代表取締役)
Left: Mr. Minoru Nagai (Head of Kitamizuho Production Cooperative) Right: Mr. Akihiro Adachi (Representative Director of Ryuunishi Farm Co., Ltd.)

Cheers with a beer in one hand, in a village of sparkling sunflowers, bathed in brilliant sunshine!
May the bright and shining day come to you as soon as possible!

With heartfelt love, gratitude and prayers for Hokuryu Sunflower Biscuit, a sparkling wine full of the aroma and richness of sunflower nuts.


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