Three types of craft beer (happoshu) "HOKURYU CRAFT" using "sunflower seeds," "Kuro Sengoku soybeans," and "yellow kodama watermelon" are now on sale!

Friday, August 5, 2022

Three types of craft beer (happoshu) "HOKURYU CRAFT" lineup using agricultural products from Hokuryu Town such as "sunflower seeds," "black Sengoku soybeans," and "yellow kodama watermelon" have been completed.

Sales began today, August 5 (Fri.), at the Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen Shop and Minoricchi Hokuryu No. 2 Shop (in the Himawari Tourism Center).

This craft beer, HOKURYU CRAFT, was developed by Akihiro Adachi (President of Ryuunishi Farm Co., Ltd.), a Hokuryu Town resident, and Minoru Nagai (Director of the Kitamizuho Production Association, JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu District).

The lineup includes the reuse of Hokuryu Town's specialty products: sunflower seed pressings for sunflower oil, scraps of Kuro Sengoku soybeans after sorting, and yellow small sunflower watermelon repellent.

Each label has two different designs. When you visit Hokuryu Town, please enjoy the craft beer while admiring the sunflowers!


 Label" - A drink filled with the rich bounty of the Hokuryu-cho land and the dreams of the farmers, for tomorrow's energy. Let's have a toast!

sunflower cookie

sunflower cookie

The beer is named "Biscuit" because it is made with a malt called cookie malt as part of the ingredients, and is described as "natty" and "bittersweet biscuit" like beer.


ひまわりビスケット Sunflower Biscuit, a craft beer using sunflower seeds

Kurokeshi Soybeans


ひまわりビスケット Sunflower Biscuit, a craft beer using Kuro Sengoku soybean seeds

yellow-spotted watermelon


ひまわりビスケットSunflower Biscuit, a craft beer using yellow small watermelon
sunflower cookie


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