The 1st Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup was held! The community comes together for adults and children to learn and have fun together!

Monday, March 20, 2023

The 1st Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup was held on Saturday, March 18, from 14:00 at the main hall of the Hokuryu-cho Community Center.

The event was filled with cheers and smiles as 26 children, including club members and their families, and a total of more than 50 people participated, enjoying the art and game of kendama to the fullest.

The 1st Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup

This new event will be a collaboration of a kendama game and a special lecture on "Traffic Safety" by Sergeant Yuki Hoshino of the Fukagawa Police Station's Hekisui Residential Police Station!

The events are "Unicorn Run", "Handstand Championship" and "Can you do it? Can you do it? Which is it? and many more.

The 1st Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup
Collaboration event of Hokuryu Kendama Club & Hekisui Resident Office

Greeting from Naoki Kishi, President, Hokuryu Kendama Club

Greetings from Representative Naoki Kishi

Hello everyone! Thank you to the 26 participants and many of their families for coming today.

We have also had masters here, so I hope you will listen to their various techniques in between games.

Today's convention has three commitments.
The first is 'don't fight' and the second is 'don't cry. No matter how much you fail, please do not cry, because we all want to end the day with a smile on our faces. The third is, "Please cheer for others." I hope everyone will observe these three rules and have a fun day. Thank you very much for your cooperation," said Representative Kishi.

Three promises: "Don't fight," "Don't cry," and "Support others"!

Greeting from Mr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN (asahidama Kendama Team Representative, Asahikawa, Japan)

Greetings from Mr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN

Hello everyone! Did anyone see the NHK news the other day? (Hi and many raise their hands). The filming took place with your cooperation. Thank you very much.

The interview was filmed in Hokuryu for about 30 minutes and in Asahikawa for about an hour. Finally, we filmed for about two hours at the restaurant, but only "three minutes" were used for the news. I was really surprised, but I think the program helped raise awareness.

Thank you all for your cooperation, and thank you to NHK for the last interview, 'Why do you go to Hokuryu if you don't get paid for it?' He asked me, "It's not about the money. I answered, "It's not about the money, it's fun to see everyone grow and to see their smiles of joy when they succeed.

On Saturday, February 25, at a large event held in Asahikawa City, we conducted "street style" (showing a technique for one minute), "bingo games," and other activities.

Ryu of the Hokuryu Kendama Club won the beginner's division. Please give Ryu-kun a round of applause. Pachi Pachi !!!!

On the big stage, only Ryu-kun was able to complete nine moves. Even adults could not complete these tricks, but Ryu was able to complete them with flying colors.

I have been watching everyone at Beiryu for a long time now, and I think they have grown up.

Today we are about to start working on a new theme: Kendama✕ Road Safety. Enjoy the day and have fun playing," said Masateru Akamatsu JOHN.

I am happy to see the smiles on everyone's faces when they are pleased with their success!

Special lecture on "Traffic Safety" by Sergeant Yuki Hoshino, Hekisui Residential Police Station, Fukagawa Police Department

深川警察署碧水駐在所・星野有紀 巡査部長
Fukagawa Police Station, Hekisui Residential Area, Sergeant Yuki Hoshino

Today's event is a collaboration between Kendama and the police.
I heard that one-third of the elementary school students in Hokuryu-cho and even more than that participate in the Hokuryu Kendama Club. We held this event in the hope that the students would think about traffic safety even a little during such a gathering.

This event is designed to be a competition in which even kendama beginners can participate. We hope that those who are interested will try kendama in the future.


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Yuki Hoshino, Sergeant of Hekisui Residential Police Station, Fukagawa Police Station. I am from Shinoro, Kita-ku, Sapporo. I was born on January 31, 1992, and I am 31 years old. I am about 180 cm tall and weigh 105 kg, which is about the same weight as a 5-year-old giant panda at the Ueno Zoo (audience laughed!). (The audience burst into laughter!).

My specialty is judo. I have been doing it since junior high school and have never lost a police judo tournament as a competitor, so I would like to know what it is like to lose (laughs).

My hobby is playing musical instruments, and I play guitar, bass, ukulele, etc. I also use my computer to make DTM (desktop music) and play on my days off. I also use my computer to make music with DTM (desktop music) and play on my days off. I also love to sing while playing the guitar.

Recently, I have also been playing darts. I bought a dart board at home and play darts while drinking. I also think about design.

Since coming to Hokuryu, I have started making soba and am now certified as a 2-dan soba maker.

My newest hobby is Kendama. I am a basic kendama 3 kyu, but would like to try kendama 2 kyu next.

I became a police officer in 2010 (2010) and have been doing it for 13 years. Before the Hekisui Police Station, I was at the Susukino Police Station, a very busy place.

I patrol the entire town of Hokuryu, including Wa, etc., in addition to Hekisui, so if you see me, I'd be happy to wave to you.

Susukino Police Box

Safe Use of Bicycles

Now, let's talk about traffic safety. It is about the safe use of bicycles.

As a rule, bicycles should be driven on the left side of the road and on sidewalks.

On a road without sidewalks, which do you think is the correct way to ride a bicycle, on the left side of the road or on the right side?

The correct answer is on the left. Bicycles are companions of cars and should be ridden on the left side of the road. That is the law, but if you actually ride on the right side of the road, you are in the way and it is dangerous.

Next is the visible range of bicycles, which is very dangerous because some parts of the bicycle are in the blind spots of cars and cannot be seen. Where there is a sidewalk, ride on the sidewalk.

Sidewalks are not supposed to be run on, but there are exceptions for children under 13 years old, elderly people over 70 years old, and disabled people who are allowed to run on the sidewalks. Elementary school students are allowed to run on sidewalks. However, when running on sidewalks, please slow down at the edge of the street.

Elementary school students are allowed to ride bicycles on sidewalks!

Wear a helmet!

This is about bicycle helmets: starting April 1, all people must endeavor to wear helmets when riding bicycles. This includes all adults, children, and grandparents. However, since it is mandatory, there is no penalty. Some people may think, "If there is no penalty, why bother wearing a helmet at all?

The reason why these things are determined is that 70% of those who die in bicycle accidents have fatal head injuries. The fatality rate is more than twice as high for those without helmets as for those with helmets.

With the enactment of these laws, it is possible that the failure to wear a helmet in a bicycle accident may work to the disadvantage of the driver in terms of percentage of fault and amount of compensation. Therefore, we ask everyone to wear helmets if possible. Recently, fashionable helmets are being sold.

70% of bicycling fatalities have fatal head injuries.

Explanation of Kendama Competition

Next, a description of the competition.

Explanation of the competition

First event "Unicorn Run" at a safe speed

The first event is "unicorn running. Participants run with a kendama (a ball of bamboo) on their heads as if they were unicorns. Before the game starts, the representative of Kissei will decide the time and announce it later. Everyone is expected to predict the time and reach the goal.

This game is meant to say, "When riding a bicycle, don't just ride fast; try to reach your destination at a safe speed.

The second event, "Handstand Championship," is to cross the street when the light turns green.

The second event is the "Handstand Championship" in which participants place a sword on a ball. In this event, players must place a ken on top of a ball, and compete for the fastest time to clear all three balls placed on three rows of tables. When the kendama has been on the table for two seconds and the judge's hand goes up, the next round will be held.

The colors of the kendama are "red," "yellow," and "blue," which are inspired by signals. The goal is reached when the last blue kendama is placed on top. The goal is to cross the street when the traffic light turns green. This is the meaning of the game.

The third category "Can you do it? Can you or can't you? Which is it? Quiz" Let's cultivate the ability to perceive danger!

The third category "Can you do it? Can you or can't you? Which is it? Adults will try to do Kendama tricks. Please guess whether you can do it or not.

It is meant to "cultivate the ability to perceive danger by predicting what will happen.

Judging and Prizes

As for the judging process, points will be awarded according to the standings. There will be prizes for the top 3 in points (6 total for men and women). There will also be participation prizes, so good luck to everyone.

This year's prizes were sponsored by the Hokuryu Traffic Safety Association. Kendama and sweets were provided as participation prizes. The winning shields, one for men and one for women, were carved wooden shields made by Mr. Takao Yamada of Hokuryu Town.

The winning plaque carved out of wood, handmade by Takao Yamada
Kendama" prize sponsored by Hokuryu Town Traffic Safety Association

Now then, let's all get excited and full of energy, please!" and Sgt. Hoshino

Start of competition

Event 1: Unicorn Run

❂ Naoki Kishi The representative determines the time in advance, and points are awarded in the order in which the times at the finish line are closest to the determined time.


  • I'm good! Good! Good balance! Okay, okay, great!
  • You stop in the middle and adjust your time.
  • The unicorn's stability is unbelievable.
Slowly and calmly adjust the time!
Stability is good.

Category 2: Handstand Championship

❂ Three desks are set up, and the technique is to place a "sword" on the "balls" of the kendama on each desk. When one is cleared and 2 seconds have elapsed, the judge's hand goes up and moves on to the next kendama.

Kendama techniques in red, yellow and blue signal colors


  • Balance is important.
  • The girls are outstandingly consistent! Everyone is so good! Nice!"
  • 'Follow the rules, slowly and carefully! You all look fantastic!"

Everyone had difficulty clearing the first red ball right away! As if to say, "Stop firmly at the red light.

The red ball is extremely difficult.
Stop for 2 seconds, clear, and signal OK by the jury!

A child participating for the first time is with her mother! The mother is frantically taking phone pictures while..........................

Everyone applauded Ryu-kun, who recorded the fastest time of 16 seconds!

With everyone's support and cheering.

Type 3: Can you? Can you or can't you? Which is it? Quiz

❂ Adults try various kendama techniques. Children decide whether the adult can or cannot do it, and points are awarded to those who answer correctly. 5 points are awarded for each correct answer. 1 stamp is worth 5 points!

Left side: I can, right side: I can't, now - which is it?

Veteran adults will try their hand at a variety of tricks!
Chikyu-Mawashi," "Baseball," "Turntable," "Legend," "Fawn and Meken," "Around USA," "Kochikame," "Around Japan," "Tome-Ken," "Whirlwind," "Large Plate, Lifting and Platter," "Flying Trapeze," "Tsurushi-Meken," "Moshime 10 times," "Hikoki," "Small, Large and Medium Platter," "Hane-Ken Frying Pan", "Jug Ken", etc.

Kendama masters (from right) Daisaku Hotta (Tomakomai City resident), Takahiro Mikami (Otaru City resident), and Representative Kissey
If one person can clear it, it is OK!

While Kisuki was not doing well and kept failing, he said, "Kisuki, I believe in you! Do your best! The children cheered enthusiastically.
Kisuki responded well and cleared the technique for the first time!
Banzai! Kisii, yay, nice!" and happy children!

Those who answer correctly will receive a stamp and 5 additional points!

Line up to get your winning stamp.

Awards for men and women: Luxury prizes awarded to the top 3 in total points

Total Point Table
Men's championship plaque awarded

Since there was a tie for the girls' championship, we played rock-paper-scissors-scissors. The winner won, the loser lost, and the second-place girl, along with everyone else in the hall, applauded the winner!

Women's championship plaque awarded
Congratulations to the six male and six female winners!

Ryosuke Tajima, Deputy Director, Numata Police Department

沼田警察庁舎 田嶋亮介副所長のお話
Talk by Ryosuke Tajima, Deputy Director General, Numata Police Department

Thank you for having me today. I had a lot of fun. I was not good at kendama when I was a child, but there are various ways to enjoy kendama, such as running with unicorns, and I felt that the various charms of kendama are endless. Even though it is an individual sport, there is a sense of unity, and I thought it was a very good sport.

This time we are collaborating with Hekisui Residence, and I would like to thank all the sponsors, Mr. JHON of Asahidama, the parents of the Kendama Club, and all others who helped us today. It was a very good experience.

As a final critique, I would like to say a few words, you all shined so brightly and were so focused. Thank you so much for your seriousness and attention during the lecture at the stationing station before the event.

As the snow melts and the roads become visible, please be careful not to get into a traffic accident on your way to school. Please cross the crosswalk slowly and unhurriedly, just like playing with unicorns. Thank you for your cooperation.

Last but not least, I was very impressed. Everyone was concentrating on the competition, but even in the midst of it all, everyone was applauding and applauding the success of their friends and colleagues. I was very moved by this attitude and thought it was very nice.
I think it is very important to support our friends in this way. Please remember to do so in the future.

Thank you very much for today," said Director Tajima.

I was impressed by everyone's attitude of support for their friends!

Group photo

A commemorative photo of all participants!

Kendama and Hekisui Police Station collaborate in this event to enjoy kendama to the fullest while learning the importance of traffic safety and engaging in friendly competition!

With endless love, gratitude, and prayers for the wonderful Hokuryu Kendama Club, where all adults and children in the community connect, praise and encourage each other, and share the excitement of joy together.

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