370] Takao Yamada's Handmade Money Box

Friday, February 28, 2020

Mr. Takao Yamada presented us with a wonderful handmade money box as a commemorative gift for our 10th anniversary lecture at Himawari University, "In Appreciation of the 10th Anniversary," given by Mr. Noboru Terauchi. We were deeply moved by this heartfelt gift. Thank you very much.

The letters were raised with layers of paint. The elaborate and carefully crafted handiwork is impressive down to the smallest detail! The pattern includes a sunflower bloom, the Hokuryu-cho town emblem mark, and brightly colored letters.

This mini money box is a piggy bank. We would like to offer it at the Buddhist altar, and every morning when we visit the altar, we would like to put 10 yen in it to commemorate our 10th anniversary and thank you.

Mini money box handmade by Takao Yamada
Marked with the town emblem of the town of Hokuryu
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness!
The door to take out money and signed by Takao Yamada!

Ms. Yamada previously presented a mini money box to health food manufacturer Temahimado (headquartered in Kagoshima Prefecture), which was featured in a quarterly magazine.

Mini money box presented by Temahimado

Mr. and Mrs. Yamada all have beautiful smiles!

Mr. and Mrs. Yamada are all handsome with beautiful smiles.

A wooden plaque on the wall reads "Wedding Anniversary - a day for couples to reaffirm their gratitude and love.

Name of wedding anniversary

With endless love, gratitude and smiles for the sincere care and tender thoughts of Mr. and Mrs. Takao and Chieko Yamada.

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