Photo album "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" is now on display at Hokuryu Onsen!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Since April 2013, we have been posting the smiling faces of Hokuryu Town residents in the "Hokuryu Town Residents" category of the Hokuryu Town Portal; since September 2018, we have been posting the smiling faces of Hokuryu Town residents with their pets in the "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" series. To date, we have introduced 370 smiling faces.

フォトアルバム『ワンともニャンとも』(第42回北竜町民文化祭 2019にて)
Photo Album "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" (at the 42nd Hokuryu Town Cultural Festival 2019)
with one's dog

The articles in "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" were each made into two photo albums, one of which was donated to the person in question. The other was displayed in the Mayor's office as "Treasures of Hokuryu Town.

In response to requests for more people to see them, we have decided to display 24 photo albums, "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo," in the lobby of Hokuryu Hot Springs.

We hope that when you have time, you will find peace of mind by touching the smiling faces and dogs and kittens of Hokuryu Town residents.

Photo album "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" on display at Hokuryu-cho Onsen
Photo album "Wan Tomo Nyan Tomo" exhibit at Hokuryu Hot Springs

If you are a Hokuryu Town resident and would like to have your photo taken with your pet or as a couple, please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to take pictures at the date, time, and location of your choice.

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