The 4th Hokuryu Kendama Festival (Hokuryu Kendama Club) Many people from the neighboring towns of Amaryu and Numata participated! Sharing the excitement and joy of the game

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

More than 30 children and adults from Hokuryu Town and beyond participated in the 4th Hokuryu Kendama Festival, held on July 9 (Sun.) from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the main hall of the community center.

Number of participants: about 30 total

Participants:27 participants, 3 helpers, and guidance by Mr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN (international certification holder, asahidama kendama team representative, Asahikawa, Japan)

  • Hokuryu Town:16 persons (15 children and 1 adult)
  • Amaryu Town:10 persons (7 children and 3 adults)
  • Numata Town:1 child
  • Assistance Hokuryu Town:3 persons (2 adults and 1 junior high school student)

4 teams and 3 competitions

The four teams were decided by lottery: "Sunflower," "Watermelon," "Melon," and "Dragon." The teams were a mix of children and adults.

There were three competitions this year: "Kendama Building Blocks Time Attack," "Large Dish Kencenpa Relay," and "Which way is SHOW Quiz.

第4回 北竜けん玉祭り
The 4th Hokuryu Kendama Festival

Naoki Kishi Greetings from the President

Today is the fourth annual Hokuryu Kendama Festival, our first festival in about five months. It is very hot today, so please manage your own hydration while competing.

We have one adult on each team. We would like the adults to participate in the game and do their best as a team.

Today, JOHN Sensei from Asahikawa came to see us again.

Greetings from Representative Naoki Kishi

Greeting from Dr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN

Hello everyone! Hot people! How can it not be hot?
It will be quite hot, so please stay hydrated while playing.
One promise: please do not swing the kendama around. If you hit a small child and he/she gets hurt, everyone will be sad, so please think about safety and enjoy the competition.

A person who works hard! OK, let's do it then!

赤松JOHN昌輝 先生ご挨拶
Greeting from Dr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN

Game Description

  1. Introduction of the helpers: Mr. Kato, Mr. Sato and his son.
  2. Each group introduces itself and decides on a team captain (2 minutes)
  3. In-Game Notes:
    ❂ Be quiet when KISSHI or JOHN is talking.
    ❂ Don't fight (not about school grades, so don't fight if you fail).
    ❂ Don't cry (try your best not to cry if you fail)
Game Description
Game Description

Game Start

1. Kendama block time attack: Heated team competition

The teams were formed in pairs of three, and each team conducted the event three times.
The contestants take turns clearing the competition made up of "Handstand Lighthouse," "Handstand Middle Plate Gokusai," and "Handstand Moon," then touch the next person to compete for the best time.

Masateru Akamatsu JOHN

The teamwork and the order of the members is important! It's difficult to find the right balance when putting them on the page" "Wow! Nice! Nice and fast!" ........

Yo, start!
unmanned lighthouse
moon over one's head
Hand-held medium-sized dish
Yay! 29 seconds to clear!

2. platter kenpa relay: teams are determined by drawing lots

The whole team will do it and compete in the relay time.
Holding a kendama in the shape of a platter, the player relays it around a semicircle, touching the next person while playing ken-ken-pah. The last person goes around once.

Everyone cheers each other "KENKENPA! and cheer each other on.

Kenkemper! Kemkemper!
Don't drop it.
Yay! Yay!
Careful! Quickly!
Nice! You did it!
Good luck, Okama!
Dad, fight!
Nice! Baton pass!
Announcement of the results of the platter kenpaku relay

3. "Which way, show quiz": participation prizes available

A competition in which adults try kendama tricks, predict whether they will succeed or not, and receive points for correct answers, which are added to the team's score.

Everyone participates and each person is given a card. Each correct answer is stamped on the card and points are awarded.

Try 20 different tricks!

Baseball, Down spike, Uguisuken, Lighthouse Kasaotoshi, Around Japan, Sweets Special Legend, Haneken, Fawn Tomeken, Spacewalking, Frying pan - Ken, Moon landing - Kasaotoshi, Hikuki, Platter - Ken Flip - Ken, Around the world, Sukuken, Earth Mawashi, Tsurushi Tomeken, Air trapeze

Split into successful OR not successful sections!
A trick that the three of us take on together!
Sato father and son took on the challenge!
Kisuki, great success!
Clear! Yay!

Announcement of results and awarding of prizes

Team Awards

  • No. 1: Sunflowers535 points
  • 2nd: Dragon535 points
  • 3rd : Watermelon 525 points
  • No. 4: Melon 480 points
Announcement of results

Since there was a tie for first and second place, members of the Sunflower and Dragon teams played rock-paper-scissors with Kisuki, and the winning team was declared first place.

As a result, the "Sunflower" team was awarded first place!
The captain of each team is represented by a prize (candy)!

Which is SHOW Quiz: Medals awarded

Medals (gold, silver, and bronze) will be awarded to the person with the highest score in the "Which way is SHOW Quiz" in which all participants took part.

Gold, silver and bronze medals!

Special Prize (prize is a sticker)

A special prize (the prize is a sticker) given to those who did their best from the ASAHIDAMA Asahikawa Kendama Club activities was awarded to a mother who did her best in KenKenPa!

Special award to the mother!

Closing remarks

Critique by Dr. Masateru Akamatsu JOHN

I think it was good that we were all able to do this together today, even the adults, and I think it was important that we calculated and thought about it," he said.

I hope we can continue to do more and more things like this in the future.

It was a meaningful meeting today. I wish you all the best in the future."

Critique by Mr. JOHN

Greetings from Naoki Kishi, Representative Director

I like the saying, 'Look for what you can do, not what you can't do.
There are more things you can't do with kendama. But you will be able to do the competitions that you have been doing since the beginning. And you can play with all kinds of children.

Even if you don't have a kendama yourself, if you have one at that place, you can play with many children. I think it was a day when I learned about the possibilities of kendama once again.

I hope everyone will continue to play with kendama in various ways and I hope they will come to the Kendama Club in Hokuryu.

The Hokuryu Kendama Club will hold its 2nd anniversary event in September. We are planning to give away gorgeous prizes, so please look forward to it.

I am sure you are tired today, so please take a good rest and start school tomorrow. That's all for today. Thank you very much! I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

岸直樹 代表の挨拶
Greetings from Naoki Kishi, Representative Director

commemorative photograph

A commemorative photo of everyone!

Adults and children from inside and outside of the town gather to cooperate and enjoy the challenge together at the Kendama Festival!
With boundless love, gratitude and prayers to the wonderful Hokuryu Kendama Club, which shares the excitement and joy of the game as one heart.

With all my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful Hokuryu Kendama Club for sharing the excitement and joy of the game with us.

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