Children vs. adults: Battle of the niggles" by Hokuryu Kendama Club (Representative: Naoki Kishi)

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

On Tuesday, January 10 at 6:00 p.m., the Hokuryu Kendama Club hosted the "Children vs. Adults Nigatte Battle" at the Kendo Room (2F) of the Hokuryu Rural Environment Improvement Center. Ten children and four adults participated in the event and challenged their weak skills in a serious, energetic and fun way!

Children vs. adults - Battle of the Nigats

「こども VS おとな ニガテバトル」by北竜けん玉クラブ
Children vs. adults: Nigatte Battle" by Hokuryu Kendama Club

This event is a one-on-one competition between children and adults!
They will challenge their weakest technique and battle to see who can clear it first.

The children's group and the adults' group are divided into two groups, each playing one person against the other! The order is decided by drawing lots.

Children and adults gather!
The order of competition will be drawn by lot!

In the first match, the children's group won handily, 7:3!

Gradually, the adult group showed their strength and the competition continued.
In the second match, the adult group won 6:4!

Experience battles that you don't usually get to experience, such as one-on-one battles between children and adults (parent-child battles)!
The joy is palpable when a child is able to beat an adult, and the children's smiles burst out!
The entire hall is filled with cheers of joy and smiles!

One-on-one match!
Serious competition!
We share the joy of success stories!
We share the joy of overcoming a difficult skill!

Naoki Kishi, President, Hokuryu Kendama Club

Kisuki technique!

We planned this competition because we wanted children to experience the joy and pleasure of success, and for adults to have time to interact with the children. The joy and fun of "I did it! is the key to progress! said Representative Kishi.

The 3rd Hokuryu Kendama Festival

Next week, on January 21 (Sat.), the 3rd Hokuryu Kendama Festival will be held at 14:00 in the main hall (2F) of the Hokuryu Community Center. There will be unicorn races, trick battles, and other competitions, so please come and join us," he announced.

Representative Kishi explains about the 3rd Hokuryu Kendama Festival
I am excited and nervous for the next challenge!
I am excited and nervous for the next challenge!

trick battle

Drick Battles are point-based, with points awarded for each clear. Children are thrilled and excited about the challenge!
Everyone practices seriously and happily for the 3rd Hokuryu Kendama Festival.

I am excited and nervous for the next challenge!

commemorative photograph

Finally, a group photo was taken with all the participants!

Everyone was smiling and snapping away!

With infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for the wonderful "Hokuryu Kendama Club," where both adults and children can share the "joy, pleasure, and fun" of successful experiences and overcome their dislike of kendama.

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