2023 2023 Wa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizen's Club Exchange Meeting! Smiles abound! @ Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen Banquet Hall

Friday, October 27, 2023

After the 2023 Nenawa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizens Club training (lecture), a social gathering was held at Sunflower Park Hokuryu Hot Spring and Banquet Hall (1st floor) from 6:00 p.m.

Start of the Wa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizens Club/Exchange Meeting!

General Moderator: Noriaki Nakajima, Executive Director

Noriaki Nakajima, Secretary General of the Wa Neighborhood Association for the Elderly Club, moderated the exchange meeting with a sense of humor.

総合司会:中島則明 事務局長
General Moderator: Noriaki Nakajima, Executive Director

Greeting from Chairman Nobuyuki Kanayama

Greeting from Chairman Nobuyuki Kanayama

Thank you for joining us today.

This time, we were able to make an inspection tour of the "Numata Town North Sorachi Wide-area Waterworks Company," which we have been hoping to do for several years. We believe that it is thanks to the waterworks corporation that we are able to drink water directly from the tap.

I would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Terauchi for their lecture titled "Wonderful Hokuryu Town. It is truly wonderful that they have been able to share the splendor of Hokuryu Town with the world. I listened to his speech with such feelings as "Wonderful Hokuryu Town" and "Wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Terauchi".

We are proud to have such a person in Wa Neighborhood Association. We look forward to your continued support.

The town is probably relieved that the harvest festival is over and the home-grown vegetables have been harvested. The mountains in Shokan are turning white. Winter is almost here.

In the midst of all this today, I hope that you will have a good time as we report on our daily status and complain about each other. Best regards."

Toast by Mr. Takeshi Hatsuda

乾杯音頭 初田武様
Toast by Mr. Takeshi Hatsuda

Thanks to the great efforts of everyone involved in the construction of the Numata Dam, we are now enjoying the benefits of the water supply system.

In addition, Mr. Terauchi has introduced Hokuryu Town to the rest of the country and even overseas. This has resulted in a large donation of hometown taxes for our town. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Terauchi for his great efforts.

Cheers!" Cheers!

Gorgeous dishes will be served.

Gorgeous dishes
Hot pot with meat and vegetables

Grilled fish plate

Fun Bingo Game

Bingo game start!
Now, are you ready?


Now, what's the next few orders of magnitude?
Rock, paper, scissors!
Which one?

Closing remarks: Yasuhiro Sasaki (Chairman of Hokuryu Town Council) & Katsuyo Ujiie (91 years old)

締めのご挨拶 佐々木康宏議長&氏家カツヨさん
Closing remarks by Mr. Yasuhiro Sasaki, Chairperson & Ms. Katsuyo Ujiie

Mr. Yasuhiro Sasaki (Chairman of the Hokuryu Town Council) began his greeting by visiting the seat of the oldest person, 91-year-old Katsuyo Ujiie, and said, "Let's do this together since we are the oldest and the youngest in the senior citizens' club! Let's do it together!

Everyone clapped loudly! "Go for it!" and cheered loudly! Both of them stepped forward to greet the audience.

Shyly but with a straight back, he said, "Thank you for entertaining me today with all of you. Let's keep on getting younger and younger, and you all take good care of yourselves and stay cheerful even if you are over 90 years old like me! Ms. Katsuyo Ujiie greeted the audience in a dignified manner.

A fine greeting!" And a round of applause!

Mr. Sasaki said, "I can't do it anymore. I hope you all will be able to meet at these fun social events next year as well. Let's make a toast together! Cheers everyone!"

Everyone is smiling for a commemorative photo! Sunflowers!

Everyone is smiling for a commemorative photo.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for a most enjoyable time filled with good cheer and laughter. Thank you very much!

After the banquet, the returning group was escorted off by a bus to the hot springs, and the overnight group went to the "karaoke room" to enjoy the long autumn nights to their heart's content.

Breakfast time, Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen

After a good night's sleep, you will wake up in the morning and enjoy a relaxing morning bath, followed by breakfast.

Breakfast time for fun!
Savor it slowly.
Enjoying the after-dinner coffee...

A full and delicious breakfast. Thank you for the feast!

With thanks for a delicious breakfast!

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers for the training session & exchange meeting of the Wa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizens Club, where we spend time together with bright and youthful people, smiling, congenial, and having fun.

We wish you a wonderful time in Hokuryu Onsen.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)