Making "Hariko-no-Tatsun" and Cosmos Club activities (Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Council) 94-year-olds participated with smiles on their faces!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

On March 5 (Tuesday), the "Hariko-no-tatsu" craft recreation activity of the "Cosmos Club Activities" conducted by the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare (Chairman: Takeshi Yamamoto) was held at the Hokuryu-cho Senior Citizen Welfare Center.

Hokuryu Town Senior Citizen Welfare Center

Cosmos Club activities (Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare)

Cosmos Club is a project conducted by the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare.
Lifestyle support" and "care prevention" activities are offered to those who have been assessed as requiring support 1 or 2 by the nursing care certification.


Specific activities include health checks, lifestyle counseling, bathing services (assisted by home helpers), daily movement training (vocal exercises, singing, stretching exercises, core training, muscle training), cherry blossom viewing in the town (Konpira Park, Sunflower Village), shopping tours in the town (roadside station, Hokuryu Onsen store, etc.), etc.

The Cosmos Club currently has 11 members. The club meets twice a week from 10:00 to 15:00.

The schedule for the afternoon is to work on a piece of artwork for about an hour after naptime, play games, etc. after this, and return home by bus at 3:00 p.m.

Gorgeous and gorgeous "Hina-dan" decorated in the entrance hall of the museum

Creating "Hariko-no-Tatsumi

The participants in the crafts workshop were very energetic and cheerful, and some of them were over 90 years old.

Proactive users
Carefully and slowly.

The product to be made this time is "Hariko no Tatsu" (Dragon of the Hariko). In honor of the Chinese zodiac, we will make a round "Hariko no Tatsu" (dragon), which looks like an upstart koboshi.

Last year, it was Hariko, the "rabbit" of the Chinese zodiac.

Capsule & fine parts to be pasted (Washi)

You put the parts on.

Hariko's Dragon" is a work in which a Gachapon capsule is used as the base, and Japanese paper is pasted around it to arrange the dragon's face, mane, mustache, horns, and other parts.

Once all the parts are pasted together, use colored pencils or markers to draw the black eyes, mane, and the pattern of the flowing hair, etc.

Parts to be attached

The work involves a repetition of detailed tasks such as selecting washi paper patterns, tearing, pasting, and painting. The work involves a variety of physical activities, such as fingertip movements, a sense of balance in laminating the parts, and a sense of color selection.

Enjoy creating works of art while chatting with others.

Everyone worked hard with their fingers, chatting and having fun while creating their works of art!

The work continues slowly and carefully with the helpers' detailed and gentle assistance.

black eye socket
Using a variety of colored pens...
With the gentle assistance of a helper.

Fun conversation flying around!

You need a darker colored pen to make it stand out.
What color shall I make it?"
When I put my eyes on the dragon, it comes alive."

I can't get the pattern right."
His mustache is crooked.
It's hard to do swirls.
I'm not sure if I should put a pattern on it or not.
If I was a little younger, I could have made it better.

I don't know, I've made something weird." "Okay, it's cute."
You're falling all over the place.
It came out great."
"It's cute." "It's a girl and a boy pattern."

The mane part was difficult.
I had never done this before, so it was difficult to do it all.

Lovely works will be lined up.

Everyone is almost finished! Lovely works are lined up.

cute little dragon
koron koron to manmaru tatsu san
Tatsu-san full of power

The movement is like that of a rising little priest!

The cute and round Tatsu-san is like a Daruma doll that seems to roll over but does not fall over!

Super cute Hariko tats in colorful costumes, these very nice tats gently sway and make you feel at ease.

Gentle and lovely Tatsu, completed!

While the dragon god with golden light that sits at the entrance of the museum watches over everything,
To the lovely "Hariko-no-tatsu", which is handmade with care and sincerity by everyone,
With endless love, gratitude and prayers.

Pray to the golden dragon goddess who radiates the light of happiness!

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