Sunflower decoration making and cosmos club activities (Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Council)

Monday, August 31, 2020

On August 27 (Thu), the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare (Chairman Hitoshi Takebayashi) held a recreational craft activity "making sunflower decorations" at the Social Welfare Center as part of its "Cosmos Club Activities.

Together with home helpers and users!

Cosmos Club

Lifestyle Support" and "Care Prevention" for those who need support 1 and 2.

The Cosmos Club is a project of the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare. The club provides "lifestyle support" and "care prevention" activities for those who have been assessed as requiring support 1 or 2 by the nursing care certification.

Specific activities include health checks, lifestyle counseling, bathing services (assisted by home helpers), daily movement training (vocal exercises, singing, exercises, walking training), and shopping tours in town (once a month: Cocowa, Minorikchi Hokuryu, Tsuchida Shoten, Hokuryu Hot Springs Shops, etc.).

Under the guidance of an occupational therapist from Fukagawa City Hospital, the program also provides biannual physical fitness tests and other services necessary for independent living.

Activities every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Welfare Center

Currently, the Cosmos Club has 22 members, divided into four groups, with a variety of tasks being carried out. The club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the Fukushi Center.

The fee is 795 yen per visit (including bus transportation, lunch, and bathing fee).

Making sunflower decorations

This time, the Cosmos Club's craft and recreation activity, "making sunflower decorations". A variety of unique creations were on display!

Unique sunflower decoration works

Megumi Murai, home helper (care worker)

Helper Ms. Murai talking about materials

I was disappointed that I could not visit the sunflower field that I was looking forward to seeing because the Sunflower Village was closed this year.

So, we created handmade sunflower decorations and "Let's make the one and only sunflower in the world bloom! as the theme, and each participant created two pieces of artwork.

Using cardboard, masking tape, beans, seeds, and other familiar items, we completed a very nice sunflower.

The idea for the work came from my daughter, who received some waste cardboard die-cut from Hokuryu Corrugated Board Co., Ltd. as material for her free research project during summer vacation.

The excess was just in the shape of a petal, so I imagined a sunflower.

Image of sunflowers with cardboard scraps

Conceived with the image of a sunflower!

Make up petals with masking tape

The petals are arranged with various patterns of masking tape.

Put masking tape on the petals.

Various kinds of masking tapes

The materials are ingeniously made from cardboard.

The circular shape of the foundation was hollowed out of cardboard, and the carpet core was cut into thin strips and used as the center divider.

Cardboard as a cutting foundation

Prepared by hand by all helpers

Ideas, cutting and other preparations were prepared with the help of our helpers.

Beans such as toramame, black soybeans, azuki beans, pumpkin seeds, ginkgo nuts, etc.

Beans were collected from old, inedible sources, such as tora beans, black soybeans, azuki beans, pumpkin seeds, and ginkgo nuts.

A variety of beans

Black Soybeans & Azuki Beans

At first, I was thinking of using sunflower seeds, but since they were disinfected seeds, I decided not to use them because they would be dangerous if they should happen to get into my mouth during the work.

It is a detailed work, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the process while thinking hard about it. Each piece has its own individuality.

We are making preparations for this year's festival. If the festival is not held, we are thinking of having a limited time exhibition in the museum," said Ms. Megumi Murai.

The next craft work is being prepared!

Preparing the next craft work


They were helping everyone with their detailed work, saying, "It's the only sunflower in the world, isn't it beautiful? while helping everyone with their detailed work.

With the help of helpers.

We work hard and with sincerity.

Eager to work on the details.

Users and their works

The participants were satisfied with their work, saying, "Each one was a lot of work, but it was fun!

With a smile!

Lovely and complete!

With ingenuity....

One by one, carefully.

We would like to express our infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for the one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and wonderful sunflowers that bear the passion of the people of the Cosmos Club for the sunflowers of Hokuryu Town.

With thanks to all the wonderful sunflowers, one of a kind in the world.

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