The 24th Wanpaku Summer Festival 2021 -Let's play energetically and blow off the corona and the heat! ~ (Japanese only)

Monday, July 26, 2021

The 24th Wanpaku Summer Festival was held on Thursday, July 22, from 1:00 p.m. A fry release was held at the Huetai-betsu River Park in Hokuryu-cho, and an awareness campaign for zero water accidents and a game tournament were held at the B&G Ocean Center in Hokuryu-cho.

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The 24th Wanpaku Summer Festival 2021

The 24th Wanpaku Summer Festival

Purpose, etc.

Organizer's Objectives

We want to "give children, who rarely play outside, a chance to become familiar with nature and teach them that beautiful nature can be their treasure. And a river with an abundance of fish is a clean river, and with the current destruction of the natural environment, we want to at least restore the conventional beauty of the river from our own immediate surroundings" (see flyer).


Huetabetsu River Children's Waterfront Council


Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club


Hokuryu Town, Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hokuryu Lions Club, Sapporo Construction Management Department, Sorachi General Promotion Bureau, Hokkaido Civil Engineering Association, Hokuryu Board of Education, Aquatic Resources Net Hokuryu, JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch Office, Hokuryu Town Activity Organization, Hokuryu B&G Ocean Center

The 24th Wanpaku Summer Festival

About 30 people, mostly elementary school students, participated.

The event is held every year on Marine Day, and this year marks the 24th.

About 30 elementary school students (grades 1-6) participated, including those who participated as part of the program for interaction between the elderly and children (Hokuryu Town Board of Education). Small children also participated, accompanied by their parents or guardians.

After releasing the fry, we took a bus to the B&G Ocean Center. After changing into swimsuits, they went to the pool. After the release of the fry, the group changed into swimsuits and headed for the pool, where they enjoyed the much-anticipated underwater games as much as possible.

fry release

Unusually low water levels in the Huetabetsu River

This year, the amount of water in the Huetabetsu River decreased due to low rainfall. The water level dropped and the river bottom was visible.

Lack of water in rivers due to decreased rainfall

Every year, the Wanpaku Summer Festival is usually held around the time of year when there is relatively much rain, and we often worry about whether or not the festival will be held. This year, however, it was the opposite. I was surprised to see the river bottom with little rain and little water in the river. We have never had a year like this before!" Daisuke Fujita, manager of the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club, said.

Rare is the year when the river is so low.

Release of 10,000 landlocked salmon fry

The fry to be released are approximately 10,000 hatched and grown landlocked salmon fry ranging in size from 15 to 20 centimeters.

About 9,500 fish were released by the staff in advance, and about 500 were released by the children on the day of the event.

Yamame (landlocked salmon) from a moving car to a vinyl pool

The fry are placed in a prepared plastic pool, scooped with a net, and placed in a bucket. The bucket is then carefully and repeatedly carried to the river, where it is gently released.

Yamame fry into a plastic pool

Vinyl pool containing landlocked salmon fry

landlocked masu salmon

Transfer the landlocked salmon to a bucket

Children gathering around the pool
Rescued with a net and put into a bucket.

Gently releasing landlocked salmon into the river

Gently and gently released
Be well and come back to your hometown!
Children carrying buckets to the river over and over again

The released fry travel down the Etai-betsu and Ishikari Rivers to the Sea of Japan. They will return to the river where they were born, having gained a variety of experiences in the marine world, and will grow up to be fine adults.

With the earnest prayer of the children, "Grow up well and come back to your hometown!

Water Accident Zero Campaign Educational Activities: B&G Ocean Center

Transfer by bus to B&G Ocean Center

After the discharge, board the bus and transfer to the B&G Ocean Center.

Bus transfer to B&G Ocean Center

Meet at the poolside

After taking their temperature and disinfection, the children changed into their swimsuits and headed to the pool.

Change into swimsuits and gather at the pool.

Greetings from Daisuke Fujita, Director of the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club

Usually it's the river, but this time let's have fun together in the pool. As a reminder, if you feel sick, please tell your brothers nearby immediately. If you feel thirsty, please drink the water I have distributed to everyone. Let's have fun playing today.

北竜町商工会青年部・藤田大輔 部長
Daisuke Fujita, Director (middle), Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club

Water Accident Zero Campaign: Life Jacket Floating Experience & Throwback Usage

Mr. Kiyohiko Fujinobu, former youth director and certified aqua instructor, led the event as part of the Zero Water Accident Campaign's educational activities.

The life jacket floating experience, back float, and a talk on how to use a "throw bag" to rescue people were conducted in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner.

Children sitting by the pool listening to the explanation

Children sitting by the pool listening to the explanation

Explanation of life jacket usage

Explanation of life jacket usage

Explanation of how to use the lifeguard

Explanation of how to use the lifeguard

Explanation of how to use throwback

Explanation of how to use throwback

Life jacket fitting and floating experience

Life Jacket Fitting
Life Jacket Floating Experience

Let's play cheerfully and blow away the corona and the heat!

Treasure Hunt Game

Children went into the water to look for plastic bottles with a "win-win" mark on the back of the lid, aiming at the bottles sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Plastic bottle with water

Plastic bottle with water

Plastic bottles go to the bottom of the pool.

A plastic bottle filled with water is thrown into the plu and dumped into the bottom of the pool!

Treasure Hunt Game

Look for the plastic bottle with the winning mark!

Look for the plastic bottle with the winning mark!

If you get a PET bottle with a winning mark, you will receive a prize.

floating tug-of-war race

Ride on various shaped floats and move in the water. Participants compete to reach the goal as fast as possible.

floating tug-of-war race

Various shapes of floats

Various shapes of floats

Working together as a team!

A team consists of three people: one person pulling the rope, one person riding the float, and one person pushing the float from behind. Floats shaped like crocodiles, dolphins, airplanes, etc. are used, and depending on the shape, it may be easy or difficult to ride, requiring a sense of balance.

The team had a lot of fun playing together, losing their balance and falling into the water, and moving forward smoothly and smoothly with good teamwork!

Working together as a team!

flathead silverside (Hypoatherina valenciennei)

A game in which players run across a 20-meter goza sheet floating above the water.


Driving on water goza

Most children have difficulty adjusting their physical balance, fall down after a few steps, and are unable to move forward.

He completed the race like a child ninja!

In such a situation, a 3rd grade boy in elementary school completed the race to the goal with flying colors! He was able to clear the course 4-5 times. Amazing!

Firm footing!
Reach the goal!
Yay - applause!

Aqua ball (water ball on the water) play

This activity involves walking on water in a transparent plastic ball filled with air.

Put air in the aqua ball with a blower.

Put air into the aqua ball with a blower!

Rolling on the water.

The flow of water on the surface of the water causes the aqua ball to move left to right, up and down, and the body rolls around with the movement of the ball.

Experience the unpredictable movement of the ball. Float on water and enjoy the soft feel of the ball.

Rolling on the water!

Children were free to enjoy underwater play to their heart's content with aqua balls and floats.

The body rolls with the movement of the ball!

The splashing water made them smile and shout with joy, "It feels so good~~!
The fun time at the pool passed quickly and it was time to end.

It was fun!


Who had a good time? Kiyohiko Fujinobu said to everyone,
"Hi!" and everyone's energetic voices resounding!

The children received prizes for games and many sweets as participation prizes, and were dismissed with big smiles on their faces!

Prizes and participation awards presented

Gathering and prize presentation
Participation prizes and souvenir snacks

It was a precious experience and a super fun time, with the children's energetic power blowing away both the corona and the heat.

With heartfelt thanks for a fun-filled time at the "Wanpaku Summer Festival"!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club and everyone else involved for their deep love and caring for the children who prepared the "Wanpaku Summer Festival 2021" for the benefit of the children.

Thank you!

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◇ Photography and Editing: Noboru Terauchi Reporting and Writing: Ikuko Terauchi

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