With thanks for the delicious hot tofu with handmade tofu!

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

We received delicious homemade tofu, okara (bean curd), and steamed soybeans from Yumiko Takebayashi, a resident of Iwamura, Hokuryu Town. Thank you very much.

The last group of the year, "Buta no Shippo" will be making tofu.

Handmade tofu, okara, steamed soybeans

Handmade tofu, okara, steamed soybeans

Hot tofu, okara stew, rice with soybeans and kuro-sengoku soybeans

The delicious tofu was served with hot yudofu (boiled tofu), okara (bean curd) was served with simmered vegetables, and steamed soybeans were served with "rice with soybeans and Kuro Sengoku soybeans".

Boiled tofu & Okara (bean curd) & Soy rice

hot tofu

Yudofu is made with kombu (kelp) in a firm broth, topped with shiso leaves, and served with ponzu (Japanese citrus juice)!

hot tofu

bean curd lees

The okara is stir-fried thoroughly with carrots, colored bell peppers, shimeji mushrooms, cucumbers, and kurosekishi cooked beans, and seasoned with dashi broth, soy sauce, mirin, salt and pepper.

Simmered vegetables with okara

Rice with Soybeans & Kuro Sengoku Soybeans

Served with rice cooked with boiled soybeans & kuro-sengoku nimame, kombu, and salt!

Soybeans & Kuro Sengoku Rice

A classic cold winter dish, "Yudofu" (boiled tofu), okara (bean curd) with lots of vegetables, and soybean rice.
Soy dishes unique to handmade in winter!

We wish you the very best in delicious homemade tofu, made with love, gratitude, and prayers.

Praying for a warm spring.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)