We give thanks for the peony rice cake made of kuro-sengoku soybean flour that we receive on the day of the spring equinox (the far shore of Japan)!

Monday, March 18, 2024

This year, the first day of the equinox is Sunday, the 17th, followed by the first day of spring on Wednesday, the 20th, and the end of the equinox on Saturday, the 23rd.

Peony rice cakes served on the first day of spring (Ohigan)

Botamochi" is served on the far shore of spring. I made it with homemade red bean paste, kuro-sengoku soybean flour, and matcha green tea.

We give thanks for the peony rice cakes we receive on the far shore of spring!

Peony Mochi with Kuro Sengoku soybean flour

The Botan Mochi, covered with a generous amount of Kuro Sengoku soybean flour, is very delicious with the unique sweetness and savory flavor of Kuro Sengoku soybean flour!

Kuro Sengoku Kinako Botan Mochi

The great peony mochi effect: azuki beans to purge evil spirits, matcha green tea to purify, and kuro-sengoku soybean flour to bring in energetic power!

A blissful moment of calmness with the incense of Kinmokusei and delicious Botan-mochi (peony rice cakes)!

With offerings and gratitude to our ancestors.

On the day of the Spring Equinox, a day to offer memorial services to ancestors and pray for family happiness, we express our unlimited love, gratitude, and prayers.

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