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Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare
19-6 Wa, Hokuryu-cho, Amaryu-gun, Hokkaido
Hokuryu Town Senior Citizen Welfare Center (Map)
 Tel: 0164-34-2435 Fax: 0164-34-3011

summary(as of December 2022)

 name Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare
 Location  〒078-2512
19-6 Aza Wa, Hokuryu-cho, Amaryu-gun, Hokkaido, JapanMap)
 Contact  Tel: 0164-34-2435 Fax: 0164-34-3011
 incorporation (of a business corporation) December 1989
 Officer, 2022
(Titles omitted)
  • Chairman Director :Takeshi Yamamoto
  • First Vice President:Takanori Nishiyama
  • Second Vice President:Yuji Saito
  • Board Member:Toyonen Fujii, Hiroko Takahashi, Naoko Adachi, Haruo Uematsu, Takayuki Takahashi, Makoto Fujii, Chiyoko Jotoba
  • Auditor:Chikara Matsuda, Hiroshi Michishita
  • Trustee (elected by the neighborhood association):
    Hekisui, Seiichi Eda; Miyagyu, Koji Nakamura; Itaya, Masamon Sato; Nishikawa, Toshiaki Fujii; Sakuraoka, Satoshi Jojin; Wa, Kazuhiko Takaishi; Wa, Toshio Iwamoto; Wa, Yoshiyuki Oya; Wa, Honmachi, Takeshi Otomo; Mitani, Masami Komatsu.
  • Trustees (elected by the group):
    Kiyomi Kitajima, Director of the Women's Club of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Junpei Mihara, Director of the Youth Club of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Yasushi Fujioka, President of the Hokuryu Construction Association; Kazuo Shibasaki, Vice President of the Himawari Longevity Association; Yuta Kawamura, Director of the Hokuryu Branch of JA Kitasorachi Youth Club; Norimi Shiraoka, Director of the Hokuryu Branch of JA Kitasorachi Women's Club; Mihoko Nagai, Vice President of the Social Education Committee.
 Latest Total Settlement  54,546 thousand yen (fiscal year 2021 settlement)
 Purpose of the Organization
(Articles of Incorporation)
  • Public interest corporations (social welfare corporations) that are clearly positioned by law as "organizations whose purpose is to promote community welfare" under Article 109 of the Social Welfare Law.
  • To promote community welfare through the sound development of social welfare services and other services for the purpose of social welfare in the town of Hokuryu and the activation of activities related to social welfare.
 Businesses of the Organization
(Articles of Incorporation)
  1. Planning and implementation of projects for the purpose of social welfare
  2. Assistance for residents to participate in activities related to social welfare
  3. Research, dissemination, publicity, liaison, coordination, and subsidies related to projects for the purpose of social welfare
  4. (i) In addition to (i) through (iii) above, other services necessary for the sound development of services for the purpose of social welfare.
  5. Liaison with health care, education, and other social welfare and related businesses
  6. Cooperation in community chest projects
  7. Management of in-home care services, etc.
  8. Management of day service business for the elderly
  9. Management of welfare service business for persons with disabilities
  10. Promotion of volunteer activities
  11. Livelihood and Welfare Loan Programs
  12. Concern Consultation Services
  13. Management and administration of welfare centers for the elderly
  14. Management and administration of Hekisui Community Support Center (elderly care support center)
  15. Management and operation of childcare business (Yawara Nursery School)
  16. Management and operation of Community Child Rearing Support Centers as provided for in the Child Welfare Law
  17. Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the corporation
 Business Plan (FY2022)
  • Today, as the population decline accelerates and the birthrate declines and the aging society progresses, there is a need to further improve home welfare services, and it is necessary to create towns where the elderly, disabled, and other people who need support and care can live in comfort in their own neighborhoods.
     To this end, the mission of the Council of Social Welfare to promote community welfare is becoming increasingly important. In cooperation with the government and related organizations, we will take sufficient precautionary measures against new coronavirus infection, continue various projects, and promote efforts to promote a community symbiotic society and meet the needs of the times.
Priority Promotion Projects
(Fiscal year 2022)
(1) General Affairs Business

  1. Further enhancement through clarification of accounting categories and utilization of the system
  2. Publish the CSW PR "Hohoemi" twice a year and disclose information on CSW activities on the website.
    Hohoemi," a public relations newsletter of the CSWPublished twice a year
  3. Welfare Conventions and Workshops
    Hokuryu Town Welfare Convention
    Various meetings and workshops of the Sorachi Prefectural Council of Social Welfare Liaison Council
  4. Livelihood and Welfare Fund Loans
  5. Promotion of fundraising activities
    Red Feather Fund-raising: From October 1
    Year-end donation: from December 1
  6. Promotion of lifestyle improvement campaigns to protect people's lives: free offerings of paper offerings of flowers and flowers

(2) Home welfare services

  1. Nursing care insurance business
    Promote home helper business (home-visit care business)
    Lifestyle Management Instructor Dispatch (Independence Service) Business
  2. Nursing Care Prevention Services, etc.
    Cosmos Club Project
  3. Home welfare support services
    Tanpopo Club Project
    Promoting self-reliance in "food" for elderly households, etc. (meal delivery service)
    Laundry service business
    Telephone service for elderly people living alone
    Snow removal service for the elderly who have difficulty in removing snow (Senior Citizens Agency)
    Paid welfare transportation service and transportation service for the elderly (Senior Citizen Service Agency)
    Childcare support visitation services
  4. (3) Concern Consultation Services

    • Consultation offices for concerns by commissioned welfare and child welfare volunteers and human rights protection commissioned welfare and child welfare volunteers (6 times a year)

    (4) Lifestyle and recreation projects for the elderly

    • Himawari Federation of Longevity Associations, Himawari Voluntary Association

    (5) Community symbiosis business

    • Utilize the Wa Community Support Center and the Hekisui Community Support Center, and collaborate with the Smile Association and the Hekisui Support Association to promote local projects.

    (6) Local measure projects

    1. Promote the development of volunteer groups (Hokuryu Junior High School, Japan Red Cross Volunteer Corps, Himawari Voluntary Association, Sorachi Himawari, Hekisui Support Group, Egao no Kai)
    2. Fostering and promoting welfare organizations (disabled welfare associations, bereaved family associations, council of welfare commissioners)
    3. Subsidies for child development councils and sports youth groups

    (7) Designated manager business

    1. welfare center for the elderly
    2. Hekisui Community Support Center

    (8) Formulation of community welfare practice plans

    1. Establishment of welfare committee members in each neighborhood association: Establishment of regional network (information sharing, etc.)
    2. Questionnaire survey: Livelihood support coordinators take the lead in conducting a fact-finding survey of local elderly residents to understand their needs and identify services they need, in cooperation with the town.

    (9) Employment preparation support program for the needy: Support for those who need it in cooperation with related organizations

    (10) Yawara Nursery School: Consult with the town regarding future management of the nursery school, etc.

(Titles omitted)
  • Secretary General:Michito NakamuraPersonnel:Sachiko Takimoto, General Affairs Section Chief, Eriko Takahata
  • Home Helpers:Megumi Murai, Chief; Mutsumi Miura, Deputy Chief; Mayu Kakino, Deputy Chief; Noriko Onihara, Hitomi Kawamoto, Masami Abe

Chairman's Message

山本 剛嗣 会長
Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare
Takeshi Yamamoto, Chairman

We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the citizens of the town for their understanding, cooperation and support for the operation and business activities of the Council of Social Welfare.

At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare held on June 25, 2021 (by written resolution), a new election of officers was held, and I was elected as the new President, succeeding former President Hitoshi Takebayashi. Although I do not have the skills or the capacity, I am determined to fulfill the responsibilities of this position with your cooperation, even though it may be in a small way.

Since last year, the new strain of coronavirus has had a major impact on our daily lives, work, and events in the town, not only in Japan, but also in the rest of the world. In Hokuryu Town, vaccinations began in May, but it remains to be seen when the coronavirus outbreak will be resolved.

In light of this, the Council of Social Welfare will continue to promote its daily activities while taking measures against the spread of infectious diseases and preventive measures in its various projects and operations.

With the aging of the population, the role of the Council of Social Welfare is becoming more and more important, and I would like to take this opportunity to ask for the guidance and encouragement of the citizens of this town in order to carry on the achievements and foundation that have been cultivated to date, and for all related organizations and CSW officials and staff to work together to overcome this difficult situation. I look forward to your continued support.

(Quoted from the Hokuryu-cho CSW newsletter "Hohoemi" No. 66 (August 1, 2021))

secretariat(Titles omitted)

Executive Director, Michito NakamuraSachiko Takimoto, General Affairs Section ManagerEranino Takahata, StaffOffice Scenery

home helper(Titles omitted)

Megumi Murai, ChiefMutsumi Miura, Deputy ChiefMayu Kakino, Deputy ChiefNoriko Onihara
pupilMasami Abe


Major Elderly Support Programs in Hokuryu Town

The town of Hokuryu has a unique system for preventing nursing care for the elderly when they are in good health, supporting the vitality of the town's residents.
It is rare for a town in Hokkaido to have a similar project, and there are only two towns in Hokkaido, Hokuryu Town and Higashikawa Town.

Business Outline Chart


List of Major Businesses


お昼のメニュー  配食サービス  麻婆豆腐  いただきます
Lunch scene at the Sunflower Club at the Senior Citizens Welfare Center

Budget & Accounts

令和5年度 北竜町社会福祉法人「事業報告・現況報告書及び経営状況」
Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Corporation "Business Report, Current Report and Management Situation" for FY2023

令和4年度 北竜町社会福祉法人「事業報告・現況報告書及び経営状況」
Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Corporation "Business Report, Current Report and Management Situation" for FY2022

Amount of Settlement

fiscal year (usu. April 1 to March 31)1989Fiscal year 1993Fiscal 1998Fiscal Year 2003Fiscal Year 2008Fiscal Year 2013
Total amount of accounts (thousand yen)5,54111,48421,18327,55632,00032,322

articles of incorporation

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 Regulations Concerning Reimbursement of Expenses, Detailed Regulations for the Operation of the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare and the Full-time Dismissal Committee for Council Members


 March 1951Promulgation of the Social Welfare Services Act
 November 1957The Hokuryu Town Council of Social Welfare (chaired by the mayor) is established.
 June 1971Independent of the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare (Chairman: Sadaharu Nishiyama)
 1973 (Showa 48)Hokuryu-cho Rest Home for the Elderly Construction
 1988 (1988)Hokuryu Town Senior Citizens Welfare Center Construction
 November 1989Registration of the establishment of the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare
 April 2000 (Heisei 12)Designated as a "designated home-visit care business office" under the Long-Term Care Insurance Law.
 April 2006 (Heisei 18)Received designation as a "home-visit care business office" under the Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act.
 April 2007 (Heisei 19)Became the designated manager of the Hokuryu-cho Senior Citizens Rest Home and the Hokuryu-cho Senior Citizens Welfare Center.
 June 2009Published a magazine commemorating the 20th anniversary of the company's incorporation.

Past Presidents(Titles omitted)

 Sadaharu NishiyamaJune 1971 - March 1981
 Shinichi KanayamaApril 1981 - March 1987
 Doki HayashiApril 1987 - March 1989
 Akira NambaApril 1989 - March 2000
 Moriaki TanakaApril 2000 - March 2010
 Yasuji WatanabeApril 2010 - March 2014
 Masakazu YoshioApril 2014 - June 2019
 Takebayashi, HitoshiJune 2019 - June 2021
 Takeshi YamamotoJune 2021 - June 2021
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 National Council of Social WelfareAs a federation of prefectural social welfare councils, it is established as a national-level social welfare council.
 Hokkaido Council of Social WelfareIt was established in March 1951 by the Hokkaido Federation of Social Welfare Commissioners, the Hokkaido Federation of Social Workers, the Hokkaido Branch of the Brotherhood of Relief Workers, and the Hokkaido Civil Affairs Department.
 Japan Care Workers AssociationThrough the improvement of professional ethics, professional education and research related to caregiving, we will enhance the professionalism of caregivers, improve their qualifications and disseminate knowledge and skills related to caregiving, and contribute to the promotion of the welfare of the people.

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