Hokuryu Town "Healthy Mah Jongg" - "Making life worth living, health, companionship, prevention of nursing care, prevention of dementia" by activating the brain with a smile and having fun ❢.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Health Mah Jongg is being held at the multi-purpose hall of "Cocowa," a commercial revitalization facility in Hokuryu Town.

Cocowa, a commercial revitalization facility in Hokuryu Town

Upon entering the building, hand sanitizer will be thoroughly applied.

Disinfect your hands thoroughly!

What is Health Mah Jongg: An Intellectual Game for Brain Activation

The three main themes of healthy mah-jongg are "don't drink, don't bet, and don't smoke.

Health Mah Jongg is a healthy cultural brand with the three major themes of "not drinking (alcohol), not betting (money), and not smoking (cigarettes)" and aims to "create a sense of purpose in life, health, and companionship" in line with the needs of the times. (Japanese only)See: Asahi Shimbun, "No Betting, No Drinking, No Smoking, Healthy Mahjong is Popular.")

The three main themes of healthy mah-jongg are "don't drink (alcohol), don't bet (money), and don't smoke (cigarettes)".(Quoted in Asahi Shimbun)

Health Mahjong has been proven to activate the brain and prevent dementia.

Brain scientist Professor Kikunori Shinohara of Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, conducted a "Study on the Effects of Health Mahjong on Brain Activity," and two years later, the results of the study demonstrated that health Mahjong activates brain regions that are prone to decline, leading to the prevention of nursing care and dementia. (See(See: Mahjong Newspaper, January 2008 issue))

Mahjong activates brain regions that are prone to decline, leading to caregiver prevention and dementia prevention.

(Japan Kenko Masasho Association and NPO Kenko Masasho Zenkoku Kai are active nationwide.

More than 30 years ago, in 1988 (1988).Japan Kenko Masasho Associationwas established in 2004 (Heisei 16).NPO Health Masasho Zenkoku Kaiwas established by the National Health Mah-jongg Association, which promotes the nationwide spread of health mah-jongg.

In addition, every year, the "High School Girls Open Tournamentwill be held, and moreover,Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award "All Japan Health Massho Championshipare being held, and health mah-jongg is spreading nationwide.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award "All-Japan Healthy Masasho Championship" will be held again this year! (February 2019)(Citation: Modern Mahjong)

Organized by Smile Association of Hokuryu Town "Healthy Mahjong".

The Hokuryu Town "Kenko Mah-jongg Hwa" (Healthy Mah-jongg), run by volunteer Hokuryu Town residents and members of the "Smile Association (President: Mineko Sato)", gather freely on any of their activity days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

Health Mah Jongg had been held about once a week since February of this year, but was temporarily suspended due to the Corona disaster. It has recently resumed and is celebrating its 15th activity day since its start.

Most of the participating members are beginners and inexperienced people.

While learning the basic rules.

Guidance by Setsuya Suzuki, Hokuryu Town resident

The basic rules will be taught by a resident of the town.Setsuya Suzuki(age 68). Setsuya Suzuki's first encounter with mahjong was when he was in elementary school. His whole family learned and played Mahjong together.

Detailed manual handwritten by Mr. Suzuki

For beginner members, Setsuya Suzuki has created a detailed, handmade, 16-page health Mahjong manual. It carefully describes the types and names of mahjong tiles, yaku and score calculations, etc.

Setsuya Suzuki's handmade mahjong manual

What is yakuman?

Game Flow

Careful guidance by Setsuya Suzuki

The instructor will carefully explain how to play and handle Mahjong tiles by watching the moves played during play.

Listening to the careful explanation....

What shall I throw away?"
I don't know what to type anymore.
It's really stimulating because you use your brain a lot.
It's so hard to remember the rules and names because you forget them so quickly!"
I'm enjoying my 80 year old handbook, chatting away!"

The members of the group laughed and laughed!

A time for contemplation!

It's also good for brain training because you have to use your fingers and your head. Everyone works hard, so it's worthwhile to teach," says Suzuki.

With careful explanation...

Take a break with something sweet!

Take a break with something sweet!

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers for "Healthy Mah Jongg," a healthy intellectual game that activates the brain by exercising the fingertips and thinking of means while enjoying chatting with friends.

With love, gratitude and prayers.

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