Mini Fair Summer Festival and Cosmos Club Activities (Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Council)! Grandma's smile spreads!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

On August 18 (Wed.) from 2:00 p.m., a "mini fair summer festival" was held at the main hall of the Social Welfare Council as part of the "Cosmos Club Activities" conducted by the Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Association (Chairman: Takeshi Yamamoto).

Mini fair summer festival, Cosmos Club

Cosmos Club "Mini Fair Summer Festival

This "mini fair summer festival" event is being held for the first time this year.

Handmade by helpers

With the Corona disaster and the request to refrain from going outside, it is not easy to exercise outside or go for a walk as usual these days.

The "Mini Fair Summer Festival" is a handmade event that was planned by Megumi Murai (care worker) and the other helpers with a passionate desire to give people the feeling of a summer festival or fair, even if only for a short time.

Each group is divided into...

The festival-style menu included ping pong ball toss, target practice, goldfish scooping, miniature car games, ring toss, and a food stall corner offering handmade cotton candy.

Handmade cotton candy

Handmade cotton candy
Fluffy, sweet cotton candy is ready!

ping-pong cup-in game

The game is played by bouncing the ping pong ball once on the table and placing it into the "paper cobblers with numbered tags" lined up in a box.

ping-pong cup-in game

At first, I couldn't get the feel of bouncing a ping pong ball, but after a few tries, I got it right, and it went in the cup!

How many points will be in the cup?

target practice area (e.g. in RPG games)

Aiming at boxes of candy lined up on a handmade cardboard target stand, the children popped the boxes with a shooting pistol!

Which candy should I aim for?

Everyone was serious, putting their sights on the box of candy!
Try again and again until you win!

Aimed at!

Bash it down and you get that candy!
Each of us took home the candy we got in a plastic bag with our name on it!

Souvenir sweets & tissues!

festival game in which participants try to catch goldfish in a shallow paper ladle

Scooping handmade origami goldfish with an Uchiwa. Cute paper goldfish handmade by a helper.

Origami goldfish scooping!

How many fish can you scoop onto a paper plate within the allotted time?

Gently with an Uchiwa!

Finally, they counted the number of goldfish they scooped by themselves and announced the number of goldfish they scooped!

Count how many animals you were able to save!

miniature car playing

A game in which players move miniature cars of various shapes lined up on the table.

Minicars of all kinds!

The action of "pulling and releasing" the miniature car seems easy, but doesn't work the way you want it to?

Pull and release the hand!

Everyone went through trial and error until they got a feel for it!
The miniature car does not move forward, but stops, starts moving suddenly, spins around, or runs in unexpected directions.

Everyone had a good laugh at the whimsical movements of the miniature cars! It was a very exciting event.

Everyone laughed out loud at the whimsical movements of the miniature cars!


The player sits on a chair and throws a wheel into a target stick marked with a number. The numbers of the rings are added together to score a point.

ring toss game

Everyone tossed it in rhythmically with a pop, pop, and scored!

Sore! Pon!

Yay, I'm in!

Fun and serious!

Everyone enjoyed the summer fair atmosphere to the fullest by enjoying the handmade games made with sincerity by the helpers!

Happy time filled the hall with everyone's happy smiles and bright laughter!

With endless love, gratitude and prayers for an irreplaceable and fun summer handmade fair & summer festival. Thank you for a wonderful time!

With heartfelt thanks for a soft, sweet, and fun summer festival.

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