[April 2024] Hokuryu Town Portal and Operation Report

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

◉April: Number of visitors: 42,286 (average 1,410 visitors/day)
◉April: 254 articles (average 12 articles/day)

Site NameMonthly and number of visitorsNumber of visitors/dayNumber of articles per monthNumber of visitors/article
Hokuryu Town Portal26,033 persons868 persons/day133 cases196 persons/article
Facebook Page12,818 persons427 persons/day96 cases134 persons/article
Instagram3,035 persons101 persons/day20 cases152 persons/article
Youtube400 Persons13 persons/day6 cases67 persons/article
plan42,286 persons1,410 persons/day254 cases166 persons/article

Website ・Hokuryu Portal

Feature Articles: 8

  1. Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki started his inspection tour in Hokuryu Town! April】 (April 2)
  2. Planting of "Himawari Suika" and "Kii Kodama" watermelon No. 2 started at Takada Farm! (April 3)
  3. The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup held 2024 Everyone is smiling and smiling! (April 4)
  4. With thanks to "Former Mayor Yutaka Sano, thank you for your hard work in retirement"! Former Mayor Sano is a town mayor who will remain in our memories and history! (April 8)
  5. Kuro Sengoku Cooperative opens new office and factory direct sales store! (April 9)
  6. Hanami Bento with Temari Sushi over Kuro Sengoku Rice (April 15)
  7. GW limited release, Kuro Sengoku "Kinako Shuju Kuriimu" at Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen (Hokuryu Town), mouth full of Kuro Sengoku kinako flavor! (April 22)
  8. The 2024 Sixth Year Environmental Beautification Cleanup (Trash Pickup)" by the Wa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizens Club! Clean up the town with the spirit of harmony! (April 30)

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