FY2020 Report on the "Hokuryu Town Settlement Supporters' Activities" Project

Monday, December 20, 2021

On Monday, December 20, I explained the situation to Mayor Yutaka Sano and received his approval.

Tuesday, December 20, 2021

Hokuryu Town Mayor Yutaka Sano

Hokuryu Town Community Support Officer
Noboru Terauchi, Ikuko Terauchi

FY2020 (2020)
Hokuryu Town Community Support Volunteer Activities Project Report
 Supporting "keeping Hokuryu Town vibrant and shining for its residents" through information dissemination

We are pleased to report the following activities of our settlement supporters during fiscal year 2020 (April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021).

Aim of "Supporting settlements through information dissemination

We will support "keeping Hokuryu Town shining with the energy and vitality of its residents" through the dissemination of information.

  1. The townspeople, of what had been the norm.I find it wonderful."
  2. The townspeople are the recipients of the information,Empathize, move and activate
  3. The residents of Hokuryu TownDocumenting "Life's Worth."and pass them on to the next generation.
  4. The energy of Hokuryu Town is transmitted throughout Japan,Brighten and Energize Japan

2. Activity Perspectives

  1. To the entire town"Look out, patrol, and assess the situation."
  2. The town's residents are aware of the situation andInspection."The easy-to-understand text and photos make it easy to understand.Sharing of information" to be "shared" with othersParents, etc., who remain in town and children, etc., who are active outside of town.Connecting "feelings for hometownsWe will also look at
  3. with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Town Hall staff.Exchange of information on the situation in the town."
  4. townSupport for Revitalization Activities

Activity Report

(1) Lookout, patrols, situational awareness, and information sharing via the Internet

In FY2020, information will be disseminated through three websites: the Hokuryu Town Portal, the Facebook page/Hokuryu Town Treasures, and the Hokkaido Shimbun blog (blog ends in June).
In one year.1,059 casesThe total number of articles published on the Internet since the start of information dissemination in 2010 is as follows9,375The first is the "A" in the "A" column.

(2) Information exchange with the town office regarding the situation in the town: 37 times

❂ As a rule, information exchange meetings are held with the town mayor every Tuesday (about 1 hour)
❂ 37 times per year

(3) Support for town revitalization activities

Cooperation in events, etc. (cooperation upon request)

One year in FY202042 featured articlesThe following is a list of the events and other events that have been requested for coverage. The following is a sampling of those events and other coverage requests that were received.

  1. Seeds for Whom the Seeds Will Feed" Masahiko Yamada, Former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Masaki Haramura, Film Director "Hokuryu-cho" visit & Documentary film production, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative on location for interviews
  2. Grand opening of Hokuryu Town's agricultural and livestock products direct sales shop, Minoricchi Hokuryu!
  3. Delicious menus for overnight meals, banquets, memorial services, hors d'oeuvres, boxed lunches, etc. (Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen)
  4. Volunteer activities since the opening of the Hokuryu Sunflower IC jointly conducted by the Fukagawa Road Office of the Sapporo Development and Construction Department, the Hokuryu Town Office, and the Hokuryu Construction Industry Association
  5. Introduction of the 2020 Hokuryu Agricultural Experience Trainees
  6. Kendama Ken-chan is coming (Project for interaction between children and the elderly, Hokuryu Town Board of Education)
  7. Sunflower decoration making and cosmos club activities (Hokuryu-cho Social Welfare Council)
  8. Participation of trainees from Hokuryu Town in a workshop on grafting melon seedlings (Lecturer: Yasunori Watanabe at the Uryu Seedling Facility)
  9. Tour of Hokuryu Town and exchange with B&G Foundation President Satoshi Sugawara and his staff
  10. Diet Members' Group Hokuryu Town (Hokkaido) Local Roundtable Meeting on Revision of the Seeds and Seedlings Law
  11. Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan" is now available at Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen! Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
  12. Men and women of all ages in Hokuryu Town gather for early morning radio calisthenics to keep their spirits up.
  13. Dandelion Club activities that bring smiles to people's faces (Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare)
  14. The 5th Sunflower Village Basic Plan Formulation Committee Meeting, Creating Possibilities for the Future Development of Hokuryu Town with a Focus on Sunflower Village
  15. Celebration of Mr. Nobuo Murai's Spring Conferment of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2020
  16. Face-to-face sales of Hokuryu Town's specialty products: New Sunflower Rice, Kuro Sengoku Soybeans, Sunflower Oil, and Rice Crackers at Sorachi Fair 2020 (Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza Sapporo Store)
  17. Hokuryu Town "Healthy Mah Jongg" - "Making life worth living, health, companionship, prevention of nursing care, prevention of dementia" by activating the brain with a smile and having fun ❢.
  18. Zumba Class "Zumba Circle Luana" in Hokuryu-cho, Japan!
  19. Making New Year's greeting cards wishing traffic safety for the elderly living alone in Hokuryu Town by students of Manryu Elementary School
  20. A memorial party for Masatoshi Yamagishi's haiku monument, "Tasushimai no Gunte ni Nokoru Nigiri Habit" at Yew Forest, Hokuryu-cho, Tokyo.
  21. Held the Hokuryu Town "Sunflower Tourism and Product Fair" at 2020 Chikaho, promoting the town with all Hokuryu!
  22. World's First! Kuro Sengoku Soybean Meat" is now on sale! New menu development by restaurants in Hokuryu Town!
  23. The 34th Hokuryu-cho Snow Festa YUUKINKO Festival 2021 (in front of the Hokuryu-cho Community Center)
  24. Congratulations! Hekisui Support Group (Hokuryu Town) received the "Hearing Examiner's Special Award" at the 2020 award ceremony of the Kitashin "Hometown Promotion Fund".
  25. Hokusho Road Race Introduction Page / Cancellation Notice
  26. Cooperating with the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare in posting financial information on its website as an alternative site.
  27. Now posted on Hometown Tax Payment, Cheering Messages, and Hokuryu Town Portal
  28. Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative, Internet store management support
  29. Design and creation of business cards for "Bright Farming" (Mayor of Sano Town, President Takada of Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative)

Provision of photographs and articles to mass media

  1. Shobunsha Mapuruguide, Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
  2. The Open University of Japan Shizuoka Study Center (Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture) - Sunflower Photo
  3. ENEOS information magazine "Rainbow", Sunflower photo
  4. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) "Visit MY Japan" FaceBook for Malaysian visitors to Japan, photo of sunflowers
  5. Sunflower Photographs, Forest Recreation, May 2020
  6. Taiki Seimei "Monthly Calendar" Sunflower Pictures
  7. Hokkaido Children's Tooth Protection Society's publicity materials and images of the interview with Dr. Tsuneo Shinohara
  8. Web site "Iko yo" ski resort, snow play feature, Hokuryu town ski resort image
  9. Web site "gate-to-hokkaido" Hokkaido Airport Co., Ltd. and Sunflower Pictures
  10. Provision of information and images to the Hokkaido Shimbun and Kita Sorachi Shimbun

New Activities

❂ Instagram "Treasures of Hokuryu Town" opened and started operation on August 19, 2012. Hokuryu Town portal "Treasures of Hokuryu Town" was posted. Started promoting Hokuryu Town to a new audience.
❂ Entry in the 2020 "Hokkaido Food to Inherit" Video Contest sponsored by the Hokkaido Agricultural Administration Office

4. number of Internet site visits

❂ Information is disseminated through three sites. Sites where access aggregation is possible are the Hokuryu Town portal and Facebook page

(1) Hokuryu-cho Portal Facebook page: unique users & reach

FY2020,186,000 peopleSince the launch of the Hokuryu Portal in 2011, the total number of visitors to the site has reached2.19 millionvisited.

(2) Hokuryu-cho Portal and Domestic Visitors by Prefecture

❂ Accessed from all 47 prefectures of Japan. of all visitors,40% from Hokkaido. 60% from HonshuThe first two are the following.

(3) Number of visitors from Hokuryu Town Portal and overseas

❂ Number of countries visited from abroad in FY202092 countriesThe number of Number of visitors,3,484The number of Many visits are from the U.S. and China.

(4) Number of visitors to Sunflower Village and number of visitors to Hokuryu Town portal & Facebook page (unique users)


(5) Attributes of visitors to the Hokuryu Town Portal

❂ The age range of 25 to 44 is just under 60% of the total. The ratio of men to women is about the same.

(6) Access route to the Hokuryu Town Portal

❂ 80% of all visits are from search engines. Direct visits from bookmarks, etc. account for 15%.

(7) Areas read on the Hokuryu Town Portal (Directory)

The most read areas of the Hokuryu portal are: 21% sunflower-related (blooming status, programs, village introduction, access, nearby restaurants); 25% feature articles and Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen (hot springs); and 25% sunflower-related articles.

(8) Device for Hokuryu Town portal visit

❂ 66% of visitors to the Hokuryu Town portal use smartphones and other mobile devices. Desktop tablets were used by 34%.

5. status of external inquiries

❂ The primary response (confirmation of receipt) to your inquiry to the Hokuryu Town Portal will be sent by email from the Portal Operations Manager.
❂ The Portal Operations Manager will forward the email questions to the departments in charge of each organization in the town.
❂ Secondary response (reply) to the person in question is directly from the department in charge by e-mail (cc the portal administrator)

6. Activity expense accounts

❂ The government grants 3.95 million yen as a special subsidy to the town for per capita activity expenses as a Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and village support staff.

Total activity expenses for two persons is 7.9 million yen. Applied to compensation, social insurance, travel expenses, and grants.

The selection of the interview sites will be decided by Noboru Terauchi & Ikuko Terauchi based on the themes to be covered. (The purpose and schedule of business trips are subject to prior approval by the town.)

Expenses that are difficult to calculate (out-of-pocket expenses)

  1. Long distance travel expenses other than business travel:Use of private vehicles
  2. Personal computers and other equipment (to be maintained at personal expense)
    Two personal computers
    2 cameras: 1 full size, 1 APS
    Five full-size lenses
    Drone (DJI MAVIC PRO): complete set
    Three external hard disks (2 terabytes) for photo storage
    Camera, recording medium (SD card 64GB, 3 cards)
    Printer and copy machine
  3. communications (e.g. tele.)
    Internet provider fee: personal use
    Cell phone charges: Use of personal property

  4. Hokuryu Town Portal Site Maintenance
    Server maintenance fee: 12,960 yen per year
    Domain maintenance fee: $10 per year: 1,000 yen
    Access Analysis Display Site Usage Fee: $39.9 per year: 4,000 yen
  5. business-related
    Office supplies
    Clear files, copy paper, printing ink cartridges, photo printing paper
    Staple, writing utensils, etc., etc.
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Settlement Support Personnel System
Institutions related to the creation of regional strength and the revitalization of rural areas.
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