Phase 4: FY2022 - FY2024 "Hokuryu Town Support Activities through Information Dissemination" Proposal (3-year policy)

Monday, December 20, 2021

Mayor Yutaka Sano explained the situation and gave his approval.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Hokuryu Town Mayor Yutaka Sano

Hokuryu Town Community Support Officer
Noboru Terauchi, Ikuko Terauchi

4th period: FY2022 - FY2024 (FY2024)
Proposal for "Hokuryu Town Support Activities through Information Dissemination" (3-year policy)
 Supporting "keeping Hokuryu Town vibrant and shining for its residents" through information dissemination


We moved to Hokuryu-cho in 2010, and in 2022, we will be in our 13th year in Hokuryu-cho. Since April 2013, I have been working as a community support person in Hokuryu Town based on the "Hokuryu Town Support Activities through Information Dissemination" proposal.

The total number of articles sent out by the end of March 2021 is,About 9,400Total Cumulative.About 2.2 million people throughout JapanWe would like to thank everyone involved for their cooperation in making this event a success. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the cooperation of everyone involved.

We have compiled a proposal for the fourth phase (FY2022-FY2024) of the "Hokuryu Town Support Activities through Information Dissemination" (3-year policy) and would like to propose it to you. Thank you for your consideration.


Aim of "Supporting settlements through information dissemination

We support "keeping Hokuryu Town shining with the energy and vitality of its residents" through information dissemination.

  1. The townspeople were amazed at the beauty of what they took for granted.notice
  2. The townspeople are the recipients of the information,Empathize, move and activate
  3. The residents of Hokuryu TownDocumenting "Life's Worth."and pass them on to the next generation.
  4. The energy of Hokuryu Town is transmitted throughout Japan,Brighten and Energize Japan

2. Perspectives of Activities

  1. To the entire town"Look out, patrol, and assess the situation."
  2. The town's residents are aware of the situation andInspection."With easy-to-understand text and photographs that can beInformation SharingThe following is a list of the most common problems with the
    Parents, etc., who remain in town and children, etc., who have left townThoughts of Home."We will also look at connecting the
  3. with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Town Hall staff.Exchange of information on the situation in the town."
  4. townSupport for Revitalization Activities

3. Three-year policy for support activities in Hokuryu Town (FY2022-FY2024)

(1) Policy

❂ Communicate and share information about Hokuryu Town, a lively and active town.

  1. People:Disseminate and share town residents and organizations
  2. Culture:Communicating and sharing Hokuryu Town culture
  3. Nature:Transmitting and sharing views and sunflowers
  4. Face to face:Village support staff share information about the town with townspeople.

(2) Media for transmission and sharing

  1. Hokuryu Town Portal (Japanese only)
  2. Facebook page, Treasures of Hokuryu Town (
  3. Instagram, Treasures of Hokuryu Town (

(3) Use the latest Internet technology

  1. Migrated to a more secure (https) website system (Wordpress) in January 2019 that can be adapted to mobile devices, which are accessing the site on an increasing number of devices.
  2. We will continue to introduce the latest technology to improve usability for readers and increase our ability to disseminate information.

(4) Specific information dissemination and sharing

  1. Disseminate and share people and organizations
    (a) Town coverage
    The article is about the life in Hokuryu-cho and the people who have supported the town. Article publication & photo album creation and presentation
    (b) Organization
    The report covers a year's worth of activities by agricultural corporations and various production associations. Focus on "people" who are working hard.
  2. culture
    (a) Hokuryu Town Pioneer Commemoration Ceremony and Awards Coverage (once a year)
    (b) Hokuryu Town Citizens' Cultural Festival: All works and performances were covered (all works have been filmed and made public since FY2013).
  3. Transmitting and sharing nature
    (a) Post town sceneries in the "Treasures of Hokuryu Town" five days a week (250 entries per year).
    (b) Photographing the blooming of the Himawari Festival (July-August)
  4. Village support staff share information about the town with townspeople.
    (a) Visiting the Wa Support Center, Hekisui Support Center, and neighborhood association for the elderly to share the town's activities with participants through the Hokuryu Town Portal article.
    (b) Once a month for 30 minutes to 1 hour

    (5) Projected number of information dissemination per year

    • Planned articles per year : 1,300 (3 years : 3,900)
      ❂ Hokuryu Town Portal: 1,000
      ❂ Facebook page: 300


      4. What is expected from information dissemination and sharing

      (1) Increase the value of specialty products

      ❂ Understanding of specialty products will be deepened by disseminating information on the process of growing and producing sunflower rice, melons, watermelons, Kurosekishi soybeans, and sunflower oil, as well as on the growers. It is expected to increase sales and tax donations by attracting people's interest in Hokuryu Town's specialty products.

      (2) Increase the value of tourism

      ❂ Timely provision of information on sunflowers in bloom and Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen will promote readers' understanding of Hokuryu Town tourism. It is expected to increase sales and revitalize the town by attracting interest in Hokuryu Town tourism.

      (3) It is valuable information for agricultural trainees and immigrants.

      ❂ One of the reasons the agricultural interns chose Hokuryu-cho was that they had read articles on the Hokuryu-cho Portal and understood Hokuryu-cho well. Information that allows one to determine what kind of people live in the town, what kind of industries exist, and what the town's four seasons look like, etc., is likely to be as important as institutional information to the newcomers.

      (4) Encourage complex information dissemination

      ❂ In FY2020, 10 images and other materials were provided to the mass media and other media. The English-language website "Japan National Tourism Organization (JINTO)" and other websites have also adopted the site, and Hokuryu Town is being communicated in a composite manner from sites other than the Hokuryu Town Portal.

      5. Proposal on budgetary measures for activities: Utilization of community support worker system

      As in the first phase (FY 2013-2015), second phase (FY 2016-2018), and third phase (FY 2019-2021), we propose to utilize the MIC's settlement support staff program.

      The work of visiting the town to disseminate information, interviewing individual townspeople, and transmitting and sharing information can be considered as "keeping an eye" on the town and "grasping the situation". Furthermore, we believe that information dissemination and information sharing services, which are expected to revitalize the town, are in line with the "revitalization of villages" that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "village support staff" system aims to achieve.

      (1) What is the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Village Support Personnel System?


      The system has been introduced in municipalities on a full-scale basis since 2009. In cooperation with municipal officials, personnel with know-how and expertise patrol villages and assess the situation as an "eye" on the community. There is no limit to the number of years the system can be used. The length of the appointment is also left up to each municipality.


      1. Due to special taxation measures
      2. For full-time village support staff:
        4,300 thousand yen per village support worker (Reference page: 2021 Outline for the Promotion of Measures for Settlements in Depopulated Areas, etc.)
      3. When concurrently serving in other capacities, such as as president of a local government:
        400 thousand yen per village support worker (if the amount studied is less than the amount, the amount concerned)

      The application of the community support worker system is not restricted to any method, as long as it achieves the objective of "personnel who are familiar with local conditions and have know-how and knowledge on the promotion of community support measures are commissioned by the local government and work with municipal officials to patrol settlements and assess the situation as a 'watchful eye' for settlements. We hope that each municipality will hire the personnel it deems necessary and make use of the system. (Confirmed by the Office of Human Resource Activation and Cooperative Exchange, Regional Power Creation Group, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, September 2012)

      Status of efforts in Japan in FY2020 (FY2020), etc.

      Prefectures: 3 (vs. previous year: ± 0)
      ❂ For municipalities: 358 municipalities (vs. previous year: +10)
      ❂ Number of full-time "village supporters" installed: 1,741 (increase of 5 over the previous year)
      ❂ Number of community support workers installed who also serve as neighborhood association presidents, etc.: approx. 3,078 (decrease of 242 compared to the previous year)

      FY2020 Hokkaido (full-time settlement supporters only): 49 (decrease of 1 from the previous year), 18 municipalities (decrease of 2 from the previous year)

      Matsuzen Town: 1, Otobe Town: 1, Sutsu Town: 3, Rangetsu Town: 1, Niseko Town: 7, Shakotan Town: 1, Pibu Town: 1, Higashikawa Town: 13, Minami Furano Town: 1, Wassamu Town: 1, Mifuka Town: 1, Otoe Shofu Village: 1, Nakatombetsu: 1, Bihoro Town: 1, Shiraoi Town: 4, Atsuma Town: 5, Shiranuka Town: 3, Hokuryu Town: 3

      Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Settlement Support Personnel System
      Institutions related to the creation of regional strength and the revitalization of rural areas.
      Click here for more information about the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Village Supporters System >>

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