Business Plan for "Hokuryu Town Community Supporters' Activities" in FY2022

Monday, December 20, 2021

On Monday, December 20, I explained the situation to Mayor Yutaka Sano and received his approval.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Hokuryu Town Mayor Yutaka Sano

Hokuryu Town Community Support Officer
Noboru Terauchi, Ikuko Terauchi

FY2022 (FY2022)
Project Plan for "Hokuryu Town Community Supporters' Activities
 Supporting "keeping Hokuryu Town vibrant and shining for its residents" through information dissemination

Aim of "Supporting settlements through information dissemination

We will support "keeping Hokuryu Town shining with the energy and vitality of its residents" through the dissemination of information.

  1. The townspeople, of what had been the norm.I find it wonderful."
  2. The townspeople are the recipients of the information,Empathize, move and activate
  3. The residents of Hokuryu TownDocumenting "Life's Worth."and pass them on to the next generation.
  4. The energy of Hokuryu Town is transmitted throughout Japan,Brighten and Energize Japan

2. Activity Perspectives

  1. To the entire town"Look out, patrol, and assess the situation."
  2. The town's residents are aware of the situation andInspection."The easy-to-understand text and photos make it easy to understand.Sharing of information" to be "shared" with othersParents, etc., who remain in town and children, etc., who are active outside of town.Connecting "feelings for hometownsWe will also look at
  3. with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Town Hall staff.Exchange of information on the situation in the town."
  4. townSupport for Revitalization Activities

Overview of activities in FY2021 (information dissemination, etc.)

(1) Policy

❂ Communicate and share information about Hokuryu Town, a lively and active town.

  1. People:Disseminate and share town residents and organizations
  2. Culture:Communicating and sharing Hokuryu Town culture
  3. Nature:Transmitting and sharing views and sunflowers
  4. Face to face:Village support staff share information about the town with townspeople.

(2) Media for transmission and sharing

  1. Hokuryu Town Portal (Japanese only)
  2. Facebook page, Treasures of Hokuryu Town (
  3. Instagram, Treasures of Hokuryu Town (

(3) Use the latest Internet technology

❂ Improve usability for readers by introducing the latest technology and increase information dissemination

(4) Disseminate and share information about Hokuryu Town

  1. Disseminate and share people and organizations
    (a) Town coverage
    The article is about the life in Hokuryu-cho and the people who have supported the town. Article publication & photo album creation and presentation
    (b) Organization
    The report covers a year's worth of activities by agricultural corporations and various production associations. Focus on "people" who are working hard.
  2. culture
    (a) Hokuryu Town Pioneer Commemoration Ceremony and Awards Coverage (once a year)
    (b) Hokuryu Town Citizens' Cultural Festival: All works and performances were covered (all works have been filmed and made public since FY2013).
  3. Transmitting and sharing nature
    (a) Post town sceneries in the "Treasures of Hokuryu Town" five days a week (250 entries per year).
    (b) Photographing the blooming of the Himawari Festival (July-August)
  4. Village support staff share information about the town with townspeople.
    (a) Visiting the Wa Support Center, Hekisui Support Center, and neighborhood association for the elderly to share the town's activities with participants through the Hokuryu Town Portal article.
    (b) Once a month for 30 minutes to 1 hour

(5) Exchange of opinions and dissemination of information with village supporters in Hokkaido

  • In FY2020, there will be 49 full-time community supporters in 18 municipalities in Hokkaido. We will visit the recipients as much as possible to exchange opinions on the activities of village supporters, conduct town inspections, and disseminate information to spread the activities of village supporters.
  • 18 cities, towns and villages, 49 persons
    Matsumae Town: 1, Otobe Town: 1, Sutto Town: 3, Rangetsu Town: 1, Niseko Town: 7, Shakotan Town: 1, Hibu Town: 1, Higashikawa Town: 13, Minami Furano Town: 1, Wassamu Town: 1, Mibuka Town: 1, Otoishifu Village: 1, Nakatombetsu: 1, Bihoro Town: 1, Shiraoi Town: 4, Atsuma Town: 5, Shiranuka Town: 3, Hokuryu Town: 3

(6) Projected number of information dissemination per year

  • Planned articles per year : 1,300
    Hokuryu Portal: 1,000
    Facebook page: 300

Estimated cost of activities

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has granted the town 4.3 million yen (since FY2021) as a special subsidy from the national government for activities per person as a village support person.Reference page: 2021 Outline for the Promotion of Measures for Settlements in Depopulated Areas, etc.(See Section 2.1.2.).

The total cost of the activities for the two members is 8.6 million yen. Within this amount, the fiscal year appointment staff remuneration, fiscal year appointment staff year-end allowance, social insurance premiums, and expense reimbursement (travel expenses) will be allocated.

Expenses that are difficult to calculate (out-of-pocket expenses)

  1. Non-trip transportation costs:Use of private vehicles
  2. Personal computers and other equipment (to be maintained at personal expense)
    Two personal computers
    2 cameras: 1 full size, 1 APS
    Five full-size lenses
    Drone (DJI MAVIC PRO): complete set
    Three external hard disks (2 terabytes) for photo storage
    Camera, recording medium (SD card 64GB, 3 cards)
    Printer and copy machine
  3. communications (e.g. tele.)
    Internet provider fee: personal use
    Cell phone charges: Use of personal property

  4. Hokuryu Town Portal Site Maintenance
    Server maintenance fee: 12,960 yen per year
    Domain maintenance fee: $10 per year: 1,000 yen
    Access Analysis Display Site Usage Fee: $39.9 per year: 4,000 yen
  5. business-related
    Office supplies
    Clear files, copy paper, printing ink cartridges, photo printing paper
    Staple, writing utensils, etc., etc.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Settlement Support Personnel System
Institutions related to the creation of regional strength and the revitalization of rural areas.
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