May 2024] Hokuryu Town Portal and Operation Report

Monday, June 3, 2024

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Website ・Hokuryu Portal

Feature Articles: 13

  1. Bamboo grass dumplings" from Hokuryu Town to be eaten on Dragon Boat Festival (May 2).
  2. Prayers for a bountiful harvest and safety at the 2024 Hokuryu Land Improvement District Etai-betsu Dam Opening Ceremony (May 2)
  3. Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki's visit to Hokuryu Town [May] (May 7)
  4. Inari with Kuro Sengoku soybeans served to pray for a good harvest (May 8)
  5. Omelette rice with Kuro Sengoku soybeans! Omurice specialty restaurant, Gohan-ya Momotou (Toutou, Higashi-ku, Sapporo) (May 10)
  6. Hokuryu Town Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Store Minoritchi Hokuryu Grand Opening 2024!
  7. Fresh Vegetable Salad & Rich Kobo Bread from Hokuryu Town Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Store Minorikchi Hokuryu (May 14)
  8. Taste the spring with Simmered Japanese butterbur & Rice cooked with butterbur! Vigorous vegetables in Hokuryu, Minorichi-cho (May 16)
  9. Anchovy pasta filled with mitsuba leaves and the aroma of spring! Vibrant vegetables in Hokuryu, Minorikchi (May 17)
  10. Hokuryu Town Pioneer Memorial Ceremony and Commendation Ceremony for Meritorious Service (May 20, 2024)
  11. A taste of spring with rice gruel with mitsuba leaves and simmered dish of fuki and bamboo shoots [Vibrant vegetables at Minorikchi Hokuryu] (May 21)
  12. Fifth graders of Manryu Elementary School in Hokuryu Town "Rice Planting Experience": Experiencing and learning the importance and difficulty of rice cultivation through the arrangements made by Mr. Akimitsu Takada, an instructor of agriculture! (May 22)
  13. Installation of flower pots by the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women's Club and beautifying the town with hospitality! (May 23)

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