Upgraded Hokuryu Town Portal

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Today, Tuesday, May 4, the "Thema" (theme) of Wordpress, used by the Hokuryu Town portal, was changed.

Version Upgrade Overview

Last January 2020, the Hokuryu Town portal system (CMS) was switched from "Google Site" to "Wordpress", which is used by 60% of the world's websites.

Let me compare the upgrade to a house. Last year's switchover was the result of a problem that arose, so we designed and built a new, earthquake-resistant, high-performance house and moved in with our existing set of household goods.

It was an extensive process: selecting a construction company, designing and building a new building, selecting furniture, and moving.

This upgrade

This year's changes can be described as a total replacement of furniture in the home. A more functional furniture brand was considered. We verified whether the contents of the existing furniture (contents) would fit in, creating a dummy site called "staging" and simulating it. Then, the relocation. All the contents (contents) such as clothes, food, etc., were stored in the new furniture, as well as all the previous contents.

What to expect from the upgrade

The changes to the Thema are expected to

  1.  Large images on the top page make it easier for readers to access information they might want to know.
  2.  Screen placement changes on PCs, notepads, and smartphones to improve accessibility for readers.
    (1) PC: 3 columns with articles and sidebar
    (2) Notepad: 2 columns with submitted articles only
    (3) Smartphone: only posted articles and one column
  3.  Readers can freely switch between wide (one column), card (two columns), and normal (one column) layouts for submitted articles
  4.  The number of views (page views) of each submitted article is displayed for each article, allowing you to understand the needs of your readers.

We will continue to enhance our contents and devote ourselves to sharing our joy with more and more people. Thank you for your continued support of Hokuryu-cho.

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Old and New Screens

Left: New Hokuryu Town Portal Right: Old Hokuryu Town Portal



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