Omelette rice with Kuro Sengoku soybeans! Omurice specialty restaurant, Gohan-ya Momotou (rice shop), Higashi-ku, Sapporo

Friday, May 10, 2024

Located in a residential area near Okadama Airport in Sapporo's Higashi Ward, the omelet specialty restaurant "Gohan-ya Momotou" is marked by a yellow banner with the word "omelet" written in red.

This time, the choice menu of "Kuro Sengoku Soy Rice" for omelette rice is newly introduced! We visited with Mr. Yuji Takada, Executive Director, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative Association.

Photography of the interior and menu is prohibited, but we received special permission to photograph this time.

Omurice specialty restaurant, Gohan-ya Momotou (rice shop), Higashi-ku, Sapporo

The small wooden shed-style handmade front door installed at the entrance is super impactful! Parking is available for three cars in front of the restaurant.

The yellow banner is a landmark!
Wooden shed-style entrance door

The omelette rice specialty restaurant "Gohan-ya Momo Momo" is run by the owner-chef Mamiko Tateno, who has been running the restaurant by herself for 20 years since its opening in November 2004.

Special omelette rice using carefully selected ingredients

  1. Eggs: "Tokibi Eggs" from Sakai Farm in Kuriyama-cho
    Eggs, an important element for an omelet specialty restaurant, are eggs from Sakai Farm in Kuriyama Town. These "sugarcane eggs" are from chickens that have grown up eating sugarcane from the local town of Kuriyama!
  2. Kelp: "Habomai Kelp" from Nemuro
    Tatsuno's family is a kelp fisherman in Nemuro City's Himai district for four generations.
  3. Salt: Australian rough salt
    Rough salt traded directly to the site by the concerned parties. Before use, the salt is roasted in advance to bring out the sweetness of the salt for cooking.

The trinity of "softness," "purple hue of rice," and "flavor" of Kuro Sengoku Soybean Boiled Beans

The relationship between Executive Director Takada and Owner Tatsuno started through X (formerly Twitter) and led to their relationship with Kuro Sengoku Soybeans.

The health-conscious owner, Tatsuno, has been focusing on Kuro Sengoku soybeans and challenged himself to create a menu of rice with Kuro Sengoku soybeans, which has high nutritional benefits!

After repeated trial and error on the hardness of the Kuro Sengoku soybeans, the color of the rice, and how to bring out the flavor, the current Kuro Sengoku rice was finally arrived at.

The three elements of "softness" of Kuro Sengoku soybean boiled beans, "purple hue" of rice, and "delicious taste" are combined to create the finest Kuro Sengoku rice!

Kuro-sengoku takikomi gohan recipe

The key point is the order in which the water is added to the rice. By soaking the Kuro Sengoku soybeans and adding the colored water to the rice first, the color and flavor of the Kuro Sengoku soybeans will permeate the rice.

Then, the insufficient water is added and rice is cooked with kombu, vinegar, sake, and salt. As I experimented with various methods, I was able to cook the beans to the perfect softness and coloring of the rice," said owner Tatsuno.

Creative Omelet Menu

  • A wide variety of menu items are available, including omelette pork rice (garlic rice, kimchi rice, cheese rice), cheese cream omelette rice (red cheese cream omelette rice, white cheese cream omelette rice, spicy cheese cream omelette rice), and more.
  • Rice choices include pilaf, ketchup, garlic rice, and, depending on the type of omu-rice, kuro-sengoku takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with kuro-sengoku).
  • Five serving sizes can be selected: S, M, L, medium, and large (price is added depending on the size)!

Omu Pork Omelet with Rice (Kuro Sengoku Rice)

The soft texture, sweetness, and flavor of Kuro Sengoku soybeans are a perfect match for the fluffy egg! The sauce with pork and vegetables is perfectly blended with the pork and vegetables to create a never-before-seen taste!

Omu Pork Omelet with Rice (Kuro Sengoku Rice)

Omu Pork Kimchi Rice with Kuro Sengoku Rice

Extremely delicious collaboration of the spiciness of kimchi sauce and the flavor of pork & vegetables! Topped with plenty of white sesame seeds!

Omelette with Pork and Kimchi Rice

White Cheese Cream Omelet with Rice

The cheese cream sauce is full of cheese and has a mild taste!

White Cheese Cream Omelet with Rice

The omelette rice with black sengoku rice is a novel combination and superbly delicious!

A perfect combination with Kuro Sengoku rice!

service salad

Served with salad

Hot coffee for service drink

Hot coffee for service drink!

Cute cutlery set!

The lovely "toothpick holder and chopstick bag" set on the table was handmade by Tatsuno's mother! The cute designs with sincerity are the best!

Cute cutlery set!
Tatsuno owner's mother's handmade "toothpick holder & chopstick bag

interior design of a store

interior design of a store

Kuro Sengoku Soybean Related and Sales Corner

Corner selling Kuro Sengoku tea, Kuro Sengoku soybean flour, "Tokibi Eggs" from Sakai Farm, pork from "Hokkaido Umaimon-ya", etc.

Sells Kuro Sengoku tea!

Meet Keiichi Kagawa, representative of "Hokkaido Uimamon-ya

On the day of the event, we met up with Keiichi Kagawa, representative of "Hokkaido Uimamon-ya," a fellow X (formerly Twitter) connection of Executive Director Takada!

We buy delicious Hokkaido meat and seafood at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market or directly from processing plants in Northern Okhotsk. Our online store is also thriving.

We have decided to collaborate on a "Kuro Sengoku Pork Donburi" project, which is a uniquely flavored "Pork Donburi Moto"✕ "Kuro Sengoku Rice"! Stay tuned!

Keiichi Kagawa, representative of Hokkaido Uimon-ya

A quick snapshot with Mamiko Tatsuno!

A quick snapshot with Mamiko Tatsuno!

The wonderful human story connected by "Phantom Kuro Sengoku Soybeans," the excellent healthy soybeans!
With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers for the excellent omelets at Gohan-ya Momo Momo, where cheerful and happy smiles gather!

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