Project Plan for "Hokuryu Town Community Supporters' Activities" in FY2021

Thursday, December 24, 2020

On Tuesday, December 22, we explained the situation to Mayor Yutaka Sano and received his approval.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hokuryu Town Mayor Yutaka Sano

Hokuryu Town Community Support Officer
Noboru Terauchi, Ikuko Terauchi

Fiscal year 2021 (FY2021)
Project Plan for "Hokuryu Town Community Supporters' Activities
 Supporting "keeping Hokuryu Town vibrant and shining for its residents" through information dissemination

Aim of "Supporting settlements through information dissemination

We will support "keeping Hokuryu Town shining with the energy and vitality of its residents" through the dissemination of information.

(1) Townspeople realize the beauty of what they used to take for granted.
(2) The town's residents, who are the recipients of information, will be empathetic, moved, and activated.
(3) Record the "value of life" of Hokuryu Town residents and pass it on to the next generation
(4) The energy of Hokuryu Town will spread throughout Japan, brightening and energizing the nation.

2. Activity Perspectives

(1) "Watching, patrolling, and assessing the situation" throughout the town
(2) "Sharing of information" through easy-to-understand text and photographs, which will enable town residents to grasp and "inspect" the situation. (3) Connecting parents, etc. who remain in the town and children, etc. who are active outside the town with "feelings for their hometown" will also be taken into consideration.
(3) "Exchange of information on the situation in the town" with the mayor, deputy mayor, and town hall staff
(4) Support for town revitalization activities

Overview of activities in FY2021 (information dissemination, etc.)

(1) Policy

Communicating and sharing Hokuryu Town's vibrant activities

(i) Person:Disseminate and share town residents and organizations
(ii) Culture:Communicating and sharing Hokuryu Town culture
(iii) Nature:Transmitting and sharing views and sunflowers

Transmission and sharing media

Hokuryu Town Portal", "Facebook page - Treasures of Hokuryu Town", "Instagram - Treasures of Hokuryu Town

Use of the latest Internet technology

The website has been migrated to a more secure (https) website system (Wordpress) that can be adapted to mobile devices, which are accessing more and more, from January 2019.
We will continue to introduce the latest technology to improve usability for our readers and increase our ability to disseminate information.

(2) Specific information dissemination and sharing

Information dissemination through video

From FY2021, we will also focus on creating videos to enhance our ability to communicate the attractiveness of Hokuryu Town.

Hokuryu Town Scenery: Create one video per month and combine them into one video throughout the year.
Sunflower Village: Created a video summarizing a year in the life of Sunflower Village.

(1) Disseminate and share information on people and organizations

(a) Transmitting smiles to the faces of Hokuryu Town residents

2) Culture

(a) Hokuryu Town Pioneer Commemoration Ceremony and Awards for Meritorious Service Coverage
(b) Hokuryu Town Citizens' Cultural Festival: All works (All works have been filmed and open to the public since 2013)

(iii) Communicate and share nature

(a) Posting of townscapes in "Treasures of Hokuryu Town" five days a week
(b) Photographing the blooming of the Himawari Festival (July-August)

4. what is expected from information dissemination and sharing

(1) Increase the value of specialty products

The coverage of Hokuryu Town's specialties and other products is expected to lead to increased sales and higher hometown tax donations.

(2) Increase the value of tourism

The timely provision of information on sunflowers in bloom and Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen will promote readers' understanding of Hokuryu Town tourism. It is expected that the interest in Hokuryu-cho tourism will lead to increased sales and revitalization of the town.

(3) Encourage complex information dissemination

Actively provide information to the mass media to increase the effectiveness of information dissemination through a media mix.

Estimated cost of activities

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) granted the town 3.95 million yen per person as a special subsidy from the national government for activities as a community support worker.reference page(See Section 2.1.2.).

The total cost of the activities for the two members is 7.9 million yen. Within this amount, the fiscal year appointment staff compensation, fiscal year appointment staff year-end allowance, social insurance premiums, and reimbursement of expenses (travel expenses) will be allocated.

Out-of-pocket expenses

(1) Personal computers and other equipment (to be provided at personal expense)
Two personal computers
2 cameras: 1 full size, 1 APS
Five full-size lenses
Drone (DJI MAVIC PRO): complete set
Three external hard disks (2 terabytes) for photo storage
Camera, recording medium (SD card 64GB, 3 cards)
Printer and copy machine

(2) Communication
Internet provider fee: personal use
Cell phone charges: Use of personal property

(iii) Maintaining the Hokuryu Town portal site
Server maintenance fee: 12,960 yen per year
Domain maintenance fee: $10 per year: 1,000 yen
Access Analysis Display Site Usage Fee: $39.9 per year: 4,000 yen

(4) Administrative
Office supplies
Clear files, copy paper, printing ink cartridges, photo printing paper
Staple, writing utensils, etc., etc.

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