Report on the "Hokuryu Town Settlement Support Staff Activities" Project for Fiscal Year 2019

Thursday, December 24, 2020

On Tuesday, December 22, we explained the situation to Mayor Yutaka Sano and received his approval.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hokuryu Town Mayor Yutaka Sano

Hokuryu Town Community Support Officer
Noboru Terauchi, Ikuko Terauchi

Fiscal year 2019 (2019)
Hokuryu Town Community Support Volunteer Activities Project Report
 Supporting "keeping Hokuryu Town vibrant and shining for its residents" through information dissemination

We are pleased to report the following activities of our settlement supporters during fiscal year 2019 (April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020).

Aim of "Supporting settlements through information dissemination

We will support "keeping Hokuryu Town shining with the energy and vitality of its residents" through the dissemination of information.

(1) Townspeople realize the beauty of what they used to take for granted.
(2) The town's residents, who are the recipients of information, will be empathetic, moved, and activated.
(3) Record the "value of life" of Hokuryu Town residents and pass it on to the next generation
(4) The energy of Hokuryu Town will spread throughout Japan, brightening and energizing the nation.

2. Activity Perspectives

(1) "Watching, patrolling, and assessing the situation" throughout the town
(2) "Sharing of information" through easy-to-understand text and photographs, which will enable town residents to grasp and "inspect" the situation. (3) Connecting parents, etc. who remain in the town and children, etc. who are active outside the town with "feelings for their hometown" will also be taken into consideration.
(3) "Exchange of information on the situation in the town" with the mayor, deputy mayor, and town hall staff
(4) Support for town revitalization activities

Activity Report

(1) Lookout, patrols, situational awareness, and information sharing via the Internet

In FY 2019, information will be disseminated through three websites: the Hokuryu Town Portal, the Facebook page, Treasures of Hokuryu Town, and the Hokkaido Shimbun blog (blog ends in June).
In one year.844 casesThe total number of articles published on the Internet since the start of information dissemination in 2010 is as follows7,960 casesThe first is the "A" in the "A" column.


(2) Information exchange with the town office regarding the situation in the town: 30 times

As a general rule, information exchange meetings are held with the town mayor every Tuesday.
30 times per year

(3) Support for town revitalization activities

(i) Cooperation in events, etc. (cooperation upon request)

(1) Cooperation with Discover Agricultural and Fishery Treasures and the 1st Summit Marche (Yurakucho Station Square)
(2) Supported the celebration of Mr. Toshihiro Nakamura's "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon" by covering the event and donating a photo album to him.
(3) Cooperation for the 36th Open Lecture "Shinshu Bukko-jiha, Daigyo-ji, Eigetsu's Lecture".
(4) Cooperation in news coverage for the general meeting of the Kita-Kuochi Seinendan OB Association and the celebration commemorating the publication of Junkichi Kono's "Fukagawa ni Ikite" (Living in Fukagawa)
(5) Hokuryu-cho is a vibrant and wonderful town; cooperation in reporting on the history of the Hokuryu-cho Sports Association
(6) Cooperation in covering the activities of the "Hekisui Mini Volleyball Club," where smiles spread and laughter resounds.
(7) Cooperation in providing information on the opening of the Hokuryu Town Minoricchi Hokuryu direct sales market for agricultural and livestock products.
(8) Planning and Promotion Division "Toiro no Hokuryu to Smile" is now accepting applications and cooperating with the publication of photos.
(9) Cooperating in the operation of the Hokusho Road Race introduction page, publicity and registration system.
(10) Cooperating with the Hokuryu-cho Council of Social Welfare in posting financial information on its website as an alternative site.
(11) Tax payment and support messages are now posted on the Hokuryu Town Portal.
(12) Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative, Internet store operation support
(13) "Bright Farming" business card design and creation (Sano Town Mayor, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative, President Takada)

(2) Provision of photographs and articles

(1) "Navitime Japan" Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
(2) Providing information to "Domingo" community-based information smartphone application
(3) "LINE Travel JP" Sunflower Village
(4) "NIPPON ACCESS HOKKAIDO, INC. HP" Sunflower watermelon
(5) "KITARU SHINBUN" PR magazine of Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative Association
(6) "Jaran, Rakuten, Rurubu,, Expedia accommodation reservation sites" Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen
(7) "PHP Research Institute" Hokkaido Regional Creation Forum
(8) "HIS Kansai-Hokkaido Travel Brochure 2020" Himawari no Sato
(9) "ANA Hokkaido Area Travel Product Pamphlet 2020" Himawari no Sato
(10) "Visit MY Japan (Japan National Tourism Organization/JNTO)" Sunflower Village
(11) "Shobunsha Mapuru Guide" Sunflower Park Hotel
(12) Provision of information and images to the Hokkaido Shimbun and Kita Sorachi Shimbun

4. number of Internet site visits

Information is disseminated through three sites. Sites where access aggregation is possible are the Hokuryu Town portal and Facebook page.

(1) Hokuryu-cho Portal Facebook page: unique users & reach

In FY 2019,296,000 peopleSince the launch of the Hokuryu Portal in 2011, the total number of visitors to the site has reached2 million peoplevisited.

Hokuryu-cho Portal Facebook Page: Unique Users & Reach

(2) Hokuryu-cho Portal and Domestic Visitors by Prefecture

Access from all 47 prefectures in Japan. Of the total number of visitors,37% from Hokkaido. 63% from HonshuThe first two are the following.


Hokuryu-cho Portal and Domestic Visitors by Prefecture

(3) Number of visitors from Hokuryu Town Portal and overseas

The number of international visitors in FY 2019 was 8,430, with the majority coming from Hong Kong and the U.S.

Number of visitors from Portal and overseas in Hokuryu Town

(4) Number of visitors to Sunflower Village and number of visitors to Hokuryu Town portal & Facebook page (unique users)


Number of visitors to Sunflower Village and number of visitors to Hokuryu Town portal & Facebook page (unique users)

(5) Attributes of visitors to the Hokuryu Town Portal

The age range of 25 to 44 years old is just under 60% of the total. The ratio of men to women is almost the same.

Attributes of visitors to the Hokuryu Town Portal

(6) Access route to the Hokuryu Town Portal

69% of all visits are from search engines. Direct visits from bookmarks, etc. account for 24%.

How to access the Hokuryu Town Portal

(7) Areas read on the Hokuryu Town Portal (Directory)

The most read areas of the Hokuryu portal are: 46% sunflower-related (blooming status, programs, village introduction, access, nearby restaurants); 23% feature articles and Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen (hot springs); and 23% sunflower-related articles.

Areas read on the Hokuryu Town Portal

(8) Device for Hokuryu Town portal visit

The devices used by visitors to the Hokuryu Portal are: 65% of visitors use smartphones and other mobile devices. Desktops are used by less than 30%.
Compared to last year, the use of mobile devices increased by about 5%. The shift from desktop to mobile is progressing.

Devices of the Hokuryu Town Portal Visit

5. status of external inquiries

The primary response (confirmation of receipt) to your inquiry on the Hokuryu Portal will be sent by email from the Portal administrator.
The portal administrator will forward the email to the departments in charge of each organization in the town.
Secondary responses (answers) to the person in question will be sent directly from the department in charge by e-mail (cc the portal administrator).

6. Activity expense accounts

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) granted the town 3.5 million yen as a special subsidy from the national government for activities per person as a village support person.reference page(See Section 2.1.2.).

Total activity expenses for two persons is 7,000,000 yen. Applied to compensation, social insurance, travel expenses, and grants.

Selection of interview sites will be determined by Noboru Terauchi & Ikuko based on the theme.
(Travel is subject to prior approval by the town regarding the purpose and schedule of the trip.)

Expenses that are difficult to calculate

Utilities: Home used as office
Two personal computers and one external hard disk (6 terabytes) for photo storage: personal property
Camera and recording media (SD card): personal property
Printer and copy machine: personal property
Internet provider fee: personal use
Cell phone charges: Use of personal property

 Click here for more information about the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Village Supporters System >>

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