Planting of "Himawari Suika" and "Kii Kodama" watermelon No. 2 started at Takada Farm!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

(President: Shunju Takada) started planting the second yellow Kodama watermelon, Himawari watermelon!

This yellow baby watermelon has a high water content among watermelons and a clean, refreshing sweetness.

Takata Seedling House Co.

Takata Seedling House Co.

Akimitsu Takada's Story

We took time out of our very busy schedule to speak with Mr. Akimitsu Takada (Takada Co., Ltd.). Mr. Takada used to grow watermelons, but took a break for 10 years and resumed growing watermelons again. He is also the chairman of the Sunflower Watermelon Association in Hokuryu Town, which he reassumed this year.

Akimitsu Takada, Chairman (Takada Co., Ltd.)

The number of seedlings per greenhouse is 200, and we expect to harvest about 10 seedlings per greenhouse, so the total harvest will be about 18,000. The harvest period is from mid-June to late August.

In the next 10 years, agriculture as a whole will undergo major changes. Due to the decline in population, farming patterns as well as paddy rice cultivation methods will undoubtedly change.

We are currently considering how to continue farming and pass it on to the next generation, and are working to build an overall vision for agriculture 10 to 15 years into the future.

Furthermore, based on the government's project to promote the conversion of land into farmland, we are considering taking advantage of the system to improve land with poor conditions and leave good land behind. We are working on agriculture that will be passed on to the next generation as best we can," said Mr. Akimitsu Takada emphatically.

Staff members who work with great care
Firm the soil firmly and sincerely "grow strong and big"!

Trainee Ayano Ito also received solid hands-on training!

Ayano Ito, a trainee who began her agricultural training on April 1, also received solid hands-on training!

実習生 伊藤綾乃さんもしっかり実習!
Ayano Ito, a trainee, also practiced hard!

I joined Takata Corporation in March as a part-time worker and started as a trainee on April 1.

The reason I came to Hokuryu Town was that Mr. Sakuraba, a promoter of new farming in Hokuryu Town, introduced me to the town at a fair for new farmers.

When I came to Hokuryu Town, I thought it resembled the scenery of my mother's hometown in Niigata, and I felt nostalgia and a connection.

From now on, I would like to gain various experiences as a trainee," he said with a smile.

Seedlings with fine true leaves

Seedlings with fine true leaves

Planting 200 plants per meter.

Planting 200 plants per meter.

The little yellow watermelon grows up with a lot of love from the farmer!
I hope they grow big, fine and delicious!

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers for the Sunflower Watermelon, the symbol of Hokuryu Town, a yellow Kodama watermelon that shines lemon yellow and has a refreshing sweetness.

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