The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup 2024 Everyone is smiling and smiling!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup" was held on Tuesday, April 2, from 6:00 p.m. at the main hall (2F) of the Hokuryu-cho Community Center.

About 30 children and families of club members participated in the event, showing off the results of their daily practice and enjoying the game to the fullest with their excellent skills.

The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup held

The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup held

Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki paid a visit of encouragement

Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki paid a pep talk visit and enjoyed playing Kendama with the children before the event started.

Mayor Sasaki paid an encouraging visit and challenged Kendama with the children!

Mr. Takao Yamada, the author of the winning plaque, visited the event.

Mr. Takao Yamada, who made the handmade wooden winner's plaque for this year's event, also attended the event and watched the children enjoy themselves.

Mr. Takao Yamada donated a handmade wooden carved championship plaque

Naoki Kishi Greetings from the President

Greetings from Representative Naoki Kishi

Today is the 2nd Hekisui Police Station Cup. Unfortunately, Sergeant Yuki Hoshino of the Fukagawa Police Station Hekisui Residential Police Station has the flu and is unable to come.

I have a message from Mr. Hoshino and will read it on your behalf.

Good evening, everyone! I am Hoshino from Hekisui Resident Office. Thank you for coming to the 2nd Hekisui Police Station Cup today. Originally, I wanted to talk about traffic safety and compete with you in front of you, but unfortunately, I caught the flu.

The message was, "As the snow melts, there will be more opportunities to ride bicycles, so please be careful to wear a helmet properly and avoid injury.

Mr. Hoshino has given us handkerchiefs, flyers, stickers, and other gifts to distribute to everyone.

Present from Mr. Hoshino of Hekisui Residence

We have Mayor Sasaki here today. Please show us your cool side in front of the Mayor!

And this year's winning plaque is a hand-carved wooden plaque made by Mr. Takao Yamada, a Hokuryu Town resident. Thank you, Mr. Yamada!
These plaques will be awarded to the two male and female winners of the "Handheld Lighthouse Championship". Good luck everyone!

Now then, let's get right to the competition!" said Representative Kishi.

Hand-operated lighthouse championship

In this competition, players place a sword on top of a ball, and compete for the fastest time to clear all three balls placed on the three rows of desks. The colors of the kendama are "red," "yellow," and "blue," which are designed to resemble signals.

Clear the technique slowly and surely, calmly and without running!

Hand-held lighthouse championship begins
The first red ball is a red light! Secret Hidden Techniques

trick battle

Participants are given a set time (4 minutes) in which to perform 7 different moves for which points are awarded if they can complete them. Rank is determined by the total number of points. The competitors must self-report their moves. The higher the difficulty, the higher the score.

You can try the same technique up to 3 times, and in case of a tie for points, the one with the least amount of time to complete the task wins. You get 20 points for every technique you choose, with one success each!

The children's "Go for it! The children's voices resounding with "Go for it!

The challenge is to see if you can clear your specialty more quickly and reliably!

Clear your specialty at your own pace and get points!
Calm down! Hang in there!"
Get in shape.
Next, who wants to take the challenge! Hi! Hi! Hi!
Calm down and take your time.
Balanced and reliable!
Yay! Clear!

Announcement of results

Hand-operated lighthouse championship

The winner was awarded a wooden plaque specially carved by Mr. Yamada.

Presentation of Takao Yamada's specially carved wooden plaque to the winner
  • Men:Saturakun
  • Girls:Itchy Takata
  • 男子優勝:さとうるきあ くん
    Boys' champion: Satouru Kia-kun
    女子優勝 たかはたゆい さん
    Women's winner: Ityu Takahata

    trick game

    Presentation of medals
    • Winner:Tanimoto Ryu-kun
    • 2nd place:Tiger Craftsman
    • 3rd place:Hisashi Katoh
    優勝:たにもとりゅう くん
    Winner: Ryu Tanimoto-kun
    2位:ふじいさくや くん
    Second Place: Sakuya Fujii
    3位:かとうひさし くん
    No. 3: Hisashi Katoh

    Congratulations to everyone!

    Congratulations to all of you on your awards!

    Greetings from Representative Kishi

    Greetings from Representative Kishi

    Today we have first-year junior high school students visiting us. I think more and more of them will not be able to come to the event due to their club activities and other commitments. I am glad that they came to this event, as the number of students is gradually decreasing.

    I fully understand that they have practiced kendama a lot for this event. I hope they will continue to do their best in the future. Junior high school students, please do your best in your club activities. I would also like to thank all the adults who helped with the event.

    I believe that an article about this event will be published in the Hokuryu Town Portal and the Hokkaido Newspaper. When it is published, please take a look with your whole family.

    Everyone's hard work is spreading throughout North Sorachi, and I wish them all the best in the future. We will end with a group photo. Thank you very much!" said Representative Kishi.

    Look forward and GO!

    group photo

    Everyone is smiling and smiling!

    Everyone is smiling!
    With thanks for a fun Kendama tournament!

    We express our unlimited love, gratitude, and prayers to the "Hokuryu Kendama Club," where people practice and hone their skills, enjoy the game with friends from all over the region, and share the joy and excitement of the game together.

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