35th Yukinko Festival 2022 (in front of Hokuryu-cho Community Center, limited to town residents) About 100 people enjyoed!

Friday, February 25, 2022

The 35th Yukinko Festival was held on February 23 (Wed.) from 1:00 p.m. at the special site in front of the Hokuryu Community Center. The festival featured a variety of fun events, including Yukinko Festival games (treasure hunt game, handing out candy), snowmobile banana board pull, snow slide, and more!

About 100 families of parents and children participated in the event despite the falling snow. They energetically enjoyed playing in the snow with all their might, throwing snowballs and getting covered in snow.

(お知らせ)第35回 ゆきんこまつり
(Notice) The 35th YUUKINKO Festival

Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club (main organizer)

The entire YUUKINKO Festival, from preparation to operation, is managed by the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Young Men's Club. A commemorative photo was taken in front of the "snow sculpture" made by the members of the Yukinko Festival!

Members of the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club @ in front of the Yukiyama Kamakura
  • Sponsored by:Sunflower SNOW Festa Executive Committee
  • Main office:Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club
  • Sponsored by:Hokuryu Town, Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hokuryu Town Sunflower Tourism Association, Hokuryu Town Sports Association,
    Ryutopia, NPO NPO Himawari, HMK (Hekisui Mobil Kumiai)

Event Accident Insurance: Up to 3 million yen (not valid for snowmobiles)

Preparation for YUUKINKO Festival

Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection

As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection, the event was limited to Hokuryu Town residents. At the venue, social distance was enforced, masks were worn at the time of arrival, and in addition, a participation card was submitted at the reception desk (to confirm body temperature measurement) and hand sanitizing was conducted.

Stand by at the reception desk!

Snowmobiles are ready to go!

Snowmobiles are ready to go!

Children getting snowed in and frolicking!

Children excited to be buried in the snow!

Yukinko Festival begins

Wa preschool and Hokuryu elementary school students lined up by grade level.

Please line up!

Greetings from Daisuke Fujita, Director of the Hokuryu Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club

藤田大輔 部長ご挨拶
Greetings from Director Daisuke Fujita

Hello everyone! The weather has been great today (smile)!
Where is it? The children laughed!

Today we have planned a winter memory for everyone. Enjoy games and mobiles and more! We have some souvenirs for you, so let's have fun and play all day!" said Director Fujita.

Yes! The children's energetic voices echoed in response.

In the pouring snow!

Treasure Hunt Game

Dive into fresh snow!

Dive into the plastic balls scattered on the deep snow field!

Aiming at the colored balls, go!

Buried in the snow...

Buried in the snow...

More dives!

Dive into the snow!

Running around in deep snow fields!

Running around in deep snow fields!

They were overjoyed with the sweets given as a participation prize!

Get candy!

Check the winning lottery ticket for the colored ball!

Check the winning lottery ticket for the colored ball!

The special prize is a toaster oven! Congratulations to the winner!

The first, second and third prizes are gift certificates.
And the special prize is a toaster oven! Congratulations on winning!

Special Prize! The jackpot! Congratulations!

Snowmobile banana board towing

Now, finally, the much-anticipated banana board towing begins!

A lot of cool snowmobiles!

Snowmobiles are here!

They form a long line and wait! And they try again and again!

Long lines of people...

The snow field was so white that one could not see what was ahead!

Rushing through the pure white snowfield!

The children were delighted by the thrilling snowmobile ride!

Let the explosion sound!
Shake off the blizzard!
Running through the snowfield...
That was fun!

snow slide

On the giant snow slide, the children had a blast on the speedy slide on the big snow tube!

Snow Slide

A snow slide!

Feels good!

Feels good!


最後の折り返し地点の Up-and-Down!
Up-and-Down at the last turnaround!

The great light of the sun, occasionally peeking out from between the clouds to watch over the children!

We give thanks to the great sunlight that watches over our children.

The cold of the snow is nothing to worry about! The Snow Festa is full of children's smiles and fun.
The children's energy power blows away Corona at the Yukinko Festival in Hokuryu Town,
With great love, gratitude and prayers.

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