Interview with Director Hikaru Tanimoto, Hokuryu Himawari Osteopathic Clinic (Hokuryu-cho): 9 years since opening!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Hokuryu Sunflower Osteopathic Clinic (Director: Hikaru Tanimoto, age 47) will celebrate its 9th anniversary this year on Monday, May 23, 2022. In preparation for next year's 10th anniversary, we have decided to open a website for Hokuryu Sunflower Osteopathic Clinic.

The website was created by Fumiya Chiyozaki, a native of Hokuryu-cho. We interviewed Mr. Chiyozaki and Dr. Hikaru Tanimoto, the director of the clinic, for the launch of the website.

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Appearance of Hokuryu Himawari Osteopathic Clinic

Hokuryu Sunflower Osteopathic Clinic

Fumiya Chiyozaki, from Hokuryu Town

Fumiya Chiyozaki, 25, is a native of Hokuryu-cho and lived there until his elementary and junior high school years. It is a coincidence that Mr. Chiyozaki's family home and Hikaru Tanimoto's grandfather's home were next door neighbors.

Fumiya Chiyozaki

She is also classmates with Mina, the daughter of Sato, the owner of Restaurant Mukohi (Hokuryu-cho).Dining Mukohi's Home Pageand continues to operate it today.

Currently, as a member of the Kamisunagawa Town Community Development Cooperation Team, she is active in running dance classes for the elderly and children, utilizing her original open style dance.

Interview with Director Hikaru Tanimoto

This time, Mr. Chiyozaki visited the main clinic for a meeting to create a website. We interviewed Director Hikaru Tanimoto about various aspects of the osteopathic clinic, including its treatment, types, characteristics, and concept.

Ms. Chiyozaki interviewing Director Tanimoto

Hikaru Tanimoto, Director

Director Hikaru Tanimoto

Reason for opening the business: To serve the people of Hokuryu Town, my hometown.

When I was a full-time faculty member at Hokkaido College of Sports (Sapporo), I was considering opening a business in Sapporo.

However, there were no osteopathic clinics in his hometown of Hokuryu-cho, and he decided to open one in his hometown after hearing that the residents of the town were taking a bus to a nearby osteopathic clinic, which took a full day to get there.

Sports therapy and preventive guidance are also available.

At first, I had a strong desire to help the residents of the town, but the scope of treatment gradually expanded as I wanted to utilize my sports trainer certification to proactively address the needs of sports treatment and preventive guidance.

Now, the clinic has become known not only within the town, but also to people outside the town (in the Sorachi and Rumoi areas), with visitors coming from as far north as Haboro Town and as far south as Naie Town.

Director Tanimoto talks about Himawari Osteopathic Clinic

Support for building a body that is a step above the level it was at prior to the injury, etc.

Judo therapist license

Osteopathic clinics treat acute injuries, such as sprains, bruises, muscle sprains (separated muscles), dislocations, etc.

In addition to treatment, we provide treatment to help patients return to their daily lives after an injury, and to prevent similar injuries from occurring again.

Furthermore, our treatment management style is to support the extension of the body, such as building a body that is one level higher than the level before the injury, etc., and not to stop at just the usual treatment.

For athletes, it is about building a body that can perform better, and for the elderly, it is about building a body that is less prone to falls.

Specializes in the care, treatment, and prevention of athletic injuries

As a full-time faculty member of the Japan Sports Association training school "Hokkaido College of Sports" (Sapporo), where I educated trainers, I am specialized in the care, treatment, and prevention of injuries to athletes, drawing on my experience.

Certified Athletic Trainer Certificate

Age of treated patients: ranges from 1 year old to 90 years old

The treatment also includes stretching for athletes, home training, sending referrals to hospitals after first aid treatment for injuries, rehabilitation treatment, dealing with children's injuries and growing pains, taping, and instruction on how to wrap them.

The age range of patients treated ranges from children as young as 1 year old to the elderly as old as 90 years old. Treatments include: 1 year old (endoarthritis and subluxation of elbow ligaments), 2 year old elementary school student (sprains and fractures (to speed up bone fusion)), college student (treatment of track and field camp team athletes), and 90 year old elderly (reduction of body pain).

Inside the hospital

hospital gown
Four treatment beds



Electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy

Electrotherapy is a treatment that activates nerves and muscles by stimulating the body with weak electricity to accelerate recovery and regulate the functions of the body.

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment that uses sound in the frequency range of 1 million Hz to 3 million Hz to provide a deep approach and thermal and nonthermal effects.

electrothermic treatment
From left: Ultrasonic treatment machine, Indepth
ultrasound therapy
ultrasound therapy


This device relaxes the whole body with the force of water pressure, and the patient lies down for about 10 minutes.


High Charge NEO: Enhances the natural healing power of the human body

The first treatment device introduced in Hokkaido. Micro-current is applied to the entire body to enhance the body's metabolism and natural healing power of the human body for treatment.

High Charge NEO
High Charge NEO (Sun Medical Co., Ltd.)

It is used by the general public as well as professional athletes (Levanga Hokkaido basketball player, former Nippon Ham player Kohei Arihara, etc.). It is used for physical conditioning and as a treatment for injuries.

Introduction of High Charge NEO started with exchange of information among peers.

After exchanging information with a colleague who runs an osteopathic clinic in Sapporo, he requested information materials and considered it. After much deliberation, he decided to purchase it! As a result, it has been accepted by many people and has been useful for many people.

High Charge NEO increases metabolism and regulates the autonomic nervous system

Hi-Charge NEO increases metabolism, thus speeding up the healing process of injuries. At the same time, it applies therapeutic electricity, which further enhances the effects of treatment. This point is a major feature of the system.

It also balances the autonomic nervous system, which has the effect of making one's mind more alert, at ease, and positive.

High Charge NEO treatment in progress
electricity regulation

Indepth (indepth, high-frequency electrotherapy machine (EMS))

Indepth core training

Indepth (indepth, high-frequency electrotherapy machine (EMS)) is a device that gives high-frequency electrical stimulation directly to muscles, causing them to move and contract. It can train the body's deep core (inner muscles).

Pinpoint stimulation means no strain on other muscles, reducing the risk of injury from training. Even those who cannot engage in strenuous exercise can train easily.

In addition, those who have suffered from back pain often have recurrences, and physical improvement is necessary to prevent them. Even if they are encouraged to do strength training at home, it is difficult for them to continue. With Indepth, you can continue with the treatment because it is done on an outpatient basis.

Farmers maintain their bodies during the winter season

Many farmers are treated with Indepth treatment. Farmers use it for physical maintenance and training during the winter months, which makes their work easier in the springtime.

In addition, a park golf player who has been treated with Indepth said, "My shots have become more stable, as if my core has been strengthened.

Connect the cord to the pad

Connect the cord to the pad

Putting on 8 places

Putting on 8 places

Adjust wavelength mode according to physical condition

Adjust wavelength mode according to physical condition

Sisay chart (Sapeet's proprietary posture analysis system)

The "Shisei chart" is a chart for patients to realize their own present and future posture more visually, along with verbal explanations as well as treatment, for the purpose of adding value to the patient. It gives you the opportunity to face your body more closely.(Sapeet developed and operated by

In the future, the system will evolve to be able to perform not only postural analysis but also gait analysis, movement analysis, etc. By analyzing walking habits, etc., we will be able to connect to treatment and provide advice on movement.

Cissei chart taking order

Cissei chart taking order

Cissei Carte, Side


Cisei Carte, Forward Bend

bend forward

Cissei chart and 6-pattern posture measurement

6-pattern posture measurement

Cisei chart and future posture diagnosis

Future Posture Diagnosis

Stretching and strength training

In addition to treatment, stretching and strength training can be done freely during waiting time and free time. Director Tanimoto will instruct you as needed.

Hip Stretch

Hip Stretch



Shoulder and back stretching

Shoulder and back stretching

Dynamic shoulder stretching with pulley

Dynamic shoulder stretching with pulley

Stretching the calf and Achilles tendon

Stretching the calf and Achilles tendon

Stretching of legs, hips and back

Stretching of legs, hips and back

Stretching with flex cushion

Stretching with flex cushion

Flex Cushion Explanatory Material

Flex Cushion Explanatory Material

Concept of the Hokuryu Himawari Osteopathic Clinic: When the body changes, the mind changes

When the body is in dis-ease, it affects the functioning of the mind. The reverse is also true: when the mind is in disarray, the body functions poorly.

Our concept is "if the body changes, the mind changes as well" from the viewpoint that the mind and body interact and change in tandem with each other.

When physical pain is removed, the voice becomes fuller and the content of speech becomes more positive and cheerful. We are happy to be able to help our patients feel more cheerful and energetic through our treatment," said Director Tanimoto.

「カラダが変われば ココロも変わる」!
When your body changes, your mind changes too!

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers to the great "Hokuryu Himawari Osteopathic Clinic" that improves all kinds of physical problems through various treatments and increases the energetic energy of the mind.

With thanks to Hokuryu Himawari Osteopathic Clinic, which brightens and energizes both mind and body!

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