Dining Restaurant Mukohi (Hokuryu Town): Enjoyed a French course prepared by Mr. Yasuhide Nishijima & Ms. Chiaki Nakano, members of the Hokuryu Town Community Development Cooperation Volunteer Association!

Friday, May 6, 2022

At Restaurant Mukohi (owner-chef Mitsuo Sato) in Hokuryu-machi, we enjoyed a French course meal prepared by Yasuhide Nishijima and Chiaki Nakano, both members of the Hokuryu-machi Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers!

Restaurant Mukohi, Exterior

Restaurant Mukohi

Yasuhide Nishijima and Chiaki Nakano

They were appointed as Hokuryu-cho Community Development Cooperation Volunteers in October 2021, and have been helping out at the "Mukahi Restaurant" and "Ajijidokoro Hachihachi" restaurants since April 2022. He specializes in Western cuisine, including pasta and French course meals.

From right: Yasuhide Nishijima, Chiaki Nakano

Yasuhide Nishijima

Born in Muroran City, age 49. After graduating from culinary school, he worked for 10 years at Snow Brand Parlor Co. After 8 years, he became ill and closed his coffee shop. After recuperating at his parents' home, he worked as an employee of Snow Brand Parlor at the National House of Taisetsu Youth Exchange (Shirogane Onsen, Biei-cho), and later transferred to Snow Brand Parlor in New Chitose Airport.

I love to cook, and it was through a friend's recommendation that I was given the opportunity to come to Hokuryu Town," says the gentle and mild-mannered Mr. Nishijima.

Chiaki Nakano

Born in Furano City, age 48. After graduating from high school, he worked for Kadohata Shoten for 5 years, Dohoku RALSE Furano for 3 years, and a supermarket for 8 years before joining Snow Brand Parlor for 20 years. He worked in the kitchen of the National House for Youth in Taisetsu for 18 years, where he was in charge of buffet dishes and handled student allergy menus. For the last two years, he worked at the Snow Brand Parlor at New Chitose Airport.

In Hokuryu Town, he is working on developing a menu using Hokuryu Town's specialties. We would like more people to know about Hokuryu Town, and we would like to connect with the townspeople of Hokuryu Town in a friendly manner," said Mr. Nakano with a bright smile.

French course created by Yasuhide Nishijima & Chiaki Nakano

We were immediately invited to dine at Mukohi, where we took the time to savor the French course.

table set

The reserved seating included a table, chairs, and a nice luncheon mat set up.

reserved seat

Today's Menu

  • Appetizers :Risotto with tomato falcy gratine, dragon fruit wrapped in prosciutto, bruschetta au fromage, almond fritters with head shrimp
  • Soup:Potage of Hokkaido potatoes
  • Pasta:Penne rigate gorgonzola
  • Fish dishes:Baked Cod in Pie with Vin Blanc Sauce
  • Meat Dishes:Sauteed Beef Rump with Santubert Sauce
  • Dessert:fruit parfait

Aperitif: Fukagawa Cidre (Fukagawa apple)


Mr. Nishijima serving appetizers

Mr. Nishijima.

Mr. Nakano offers courteous hospitality.

Mr. Nakano.

Appetizer: with Edamame Sauce

hors d'oeuvres

Tomato falcy gratine with risotto

  • Tomatoes stuffed with risotto and baked
  • Farsi is a dish in which the contents are hollowed out to form a vessel and another ingredient is stuffed inside.
  • Gratinée is a technique of browning by heating in an oven.

Dragon Fruit Wrapped with Prosciutto

  • Dragon fruit is a member of the cactus family and is a nutrient-rich superfruit that grows in tropical regions such as Okinawa
  • The gentle sweetness of the dragon fruit and the saltiness of the prosciutto are a good combination!

Bruschetta au Fromage

  • Garlic toast with cream cheese
  • Bruschetta is a slice of bread, toasted with garlic
  • Fromage is French for cheese.

Almond Fritters of Arheaded Shrimp

  • Almond slices battered and fried
  • A dish that strikes a perfect balance between the tender moistness of the shrimp and the savory and crispy texture of the sliced almonds.

Soup: Potage of Hokkaido potatoes

(Western) soup
  • An exquisite potage that soaks up the sweetness and rich flavor of potatoes!

Pasta: Penne rigate gorgonzola

  • Penne rigate is a pasta shaped like a pen nib. It has a stringy surface, and the sauce is well entangled in its grooves.
  • Gorgonzola is a blue mold cheese (one of the three major blue cheeses in the world) with a unique salty flavor

Fish: Baked Cod in Pie with Vin Blanc Sauce

seafood dinner
  • Vin blanc sauce is a sauce made by simmering aromatic vegetables and fish stock in white wine.
  • A delicious dish of pie-wrapped baked cod in a cream sauce that slowly blends with the white wine sauce to create a crispy, moist dish!

Meat: Sautéed beef rump with St. Cybele sauce

meat dish
  • Santubert sauce is a savory sauce made by baking the bones and guts, cooking them in red wine to make a broth, and adding shallots and brandy.
  • Potatoes, radish, asparagus, and raspberry sauce in a stylish arrangement!

Dessert: Fruit parfait

  • Fruit granola (soaked in milk), fresh strawberries and blueberries, grape sherbet, cookies (with whipped cream), rice ice cream, chocolate with butterfly pattern, buckwheat chips
  • An artistic parfait full of originality, depicting elegant and beautiful forms

With infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for each dish, carefully hand-applied with grace and nourishment, sprinkled with an abundance of delicious spices, and filled with sincerity, we hope you will enjoy our restaurant.

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