(Notice) Mitsue Kimura "Deco Maki Sushi for Setsubun" Ladies Cooking Class (Hokuryu Town Board of Education)

Thursday, February 23, 2020

2nd Ladies School Cooking Class
Deco makizushi for Setsubun.

Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 11:00~14:00
Place: Cooking room, Hokuryu-cho Community Center
Bring: apron, triangular cloth, handkerchief

Lecturer: Ms. Mitsue Kimura (Nickname: Miyan)

Representative of Hokkaido Branch of Japan Deco Maki Sushi Association
Commentator on "Food" every Thursday on HBC Radio Morning Edition Sakurai
Hokkaido Food Meister and other certifications
Recipe cooperation from various companies, etc.

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What's Deco-Maki Sushi?

 In the midst of a growing trend away from rice-based cuisine, this is a cuisine that is both "fun to make" and "fun to show off.

Contact us

 Hokuryu Town Board of Education Tel: 0164-34-2553


Mitsue Kimura, "Deco-makizushi for Setsubun".
Mitsue Kimura, "Deco-makizushi for Setsubun".

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