Floor curling experience, Himawari University in Hokuryu Town (University for the Elderly), a fun time filled with smiles and laughter

Monday, January 20, 2020

On Thursday, January 16, a "Floor Curling Experience" course was held by the Hokuryu-cho Board of Education staff at the Hokuryu-cho Community Center and Main Hall at the "Hokuryu-cho Himawari University" for the elderly.

This year was unusually mild with little snowfall. A local resident said, "I have lived here for 80 years, but I have never seen so little snow.

Hokuryu-cho Himawari University "Floor Curling Experience" (in Japanese)

Floor curling experience, Hokuryu-cho Sunflower University

The January 2020 course was a hands-on "floor curling" experience led by two Board of Education staff members, Mr. Naoki Kishi, Director of Social Education, and Ms. Riki Shimizuno, Social Physical Education and Social Education Section. Over 40 Himawari University students gathered in the main hall to enjoy their first floor curling experience.

Moderator: Naoki Kishi, Director of Social Education, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

The Board of Education and Ms. Kishi presided over the student representative's "Arise! Rei! by a student representative. Then, the Hokuryu Town Citizens' Charter and the School Regulations of the Hokuryu Sunflower University are read aloud by everyone.

北竜町教育委員会 社会教育主事・岸直樹さん
Naoki Kishi, Director of Social Education, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Everyone reads the Hokuryu Town Citizens' Charter and the School Regulations of Hokuryu Sunflower University.

Everyone reads the Hokuryu Town Citizens' Charter and the School Regulations of Hokuryu Sunflower University.
Hokuryu Town Charter

warming (limbering) up

The first step is a preparatory exercise guided by Mr. Seimizuno.

Riki Shimizuno

Slowly stretch each arm, neck, hip, and leg, then take a deep breath and complete.

warm-up exercises
Extend forward.
Leg Stretching

What is Floor Curling?

This indoor sport was created in the town of Shintoku in Hokkaido. In this sport, players send a wooden frocker with wheels to a wooden target and compete in the distance from the target.

Aiming at the target and sending the ball


The equipment is played with green-colored targets (with four casters) and red and yellow-colored flockers (with three casters). The target has a straight line and the flocker can bend its trajectory depending on how it is thrown.

Target and Flocker

Green target and red and yellow flockers
Four casters for green targets
yellow flocker (Chromis hypsilepis)
Red Flocker
Flocker has 3 casters

Game Description

Mr. Kishi gave a general explanation of the contents of the floor curling game.

Game Description


Since this was a hands-on event, special rules were used instead of the regular rules. Players were divided into 4 teams of 10 players per group.


The court is set up in two locations and the two teams take turns sending the ball once each.

Split into four teams on each of the two courts.
教育委員会・有馬一志 教育長、同・井口淳一 主幹も応援に。。。
Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of the Board of Education, and Junichi Iguchi, Executive Secretary of the Board of Education, were also on hand to offer their support.

How to proceed with the game

Since this is a hands-on event, special rules apply.
The first place will be decided by rock-paper-scissors-scissors between the representatives of both teams.
The team that attacked first sends the target. In addition, the person who sent the target continues to send the flocker to stop as close as possible to the target
Each team will take turns playing one ball at a time.
Each team sends 4 balls, for a total of 8 balls. The team with the closest flocker to the target wins.


Several games were played, changing the opposing team.

Aim for the target.
A good start....
With serious eyes.

In close games, the distance is measured with a measuring tape to determine the winner.

Measured with a tape measure

Smiles, happy cheers and applause

It was hard to believe that this was the first time for everyone, as they quickly got the hang of it and cheered loudly every time they approached the target! Smiles, cheers and applause filled the venue from start to finish.

Yatter! Hi, touch!
OH! Applause!
Amazing~! I love it!

Kiyomizuno's story: Tips on how to use Flocker

The green target has four casters, so it goes straight, but the yellow and red flockers have three casters, so even if you throw it straight at the target, it will turn in the middle. This rotation is characterized by the fact that it curves to the right when it is clockwise and to the left when it is counterclockwise. Try to send the ball by making good use of the characteristics of that point," Kiyomizuno said.

Explanation of Flocker Pitching
Taking advantage of the characteristics of curving

Naoki Kishi, Director of Social Education, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Mr. Kishi's Story

The equipment for this event was borrowed from the board of education of the neighboring town of Numata. In Numata Town, there is a floor curling club, and it seems to be a popular sport.

I once organized a floor curling tournament in Fukagawa City when I was at my previous place of work. 50 people participated and it was a great success. If there is a request for a floor curling tournament in Hokuryu Town, I would be happy to help.

We would like to continue to offer hands-on experience when the opportunity arises," said Mr. Kishi.

Impressions from Sunflower University

It was a lot of fun!"
We had a blast and it was a lot of fun!"
It doesn't take as much force as I thought it would, but it does curve even when I think I'm throwing straight, so I felt I needed to get the hang of it."
If I get another chance, I want to play!"

That was fun!
Once you get the hang of it...
I would like to do more!
Thank you very much!

Floor curling is an indoor sport that can be enjoyed in any season, even in the wintertime, and is a fun sport that brings smiles to everyone's faces, regardless of age.

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