Tour of Hokuryu Town and exchange with B&G Foundation President Satoshi Sugawara and his staff

Monday, September 28, 2020

In the afternoon, after the B&G Hokkaido Block Liaison Lecture Exchange Meeting, which was held on the day following the FY2020 Hokkaido B&G Instructors' Workshop, B&G Foundation President Satoshi Sugawara, General Affairs Section Chief Hiroomi Nakajima, Ocean Center Club Section Chief Himeyuki Kurihara, and other staff members joined Mayor Yutaka Sano, Hokuryu Town Board of Education Chief Kazushi Arima, Chief Riki Shimizuno, and community support staff members Noboru Terauchi and Ikuo on a tour of Hokuryu Town and neighboring municipalities. The tour was led by Mr. Yutaka Sano, Mayor of the town, Mr. Kazushi Arima, Director of the Hokuryu Town Board of Education, Mr. Junichi Iguchi, Chief of the Education Department, Ms. Riki Shimizuno, staff members, and Noboru and Ikuko Terauchi, community support workers, and included a visit to Hokuryu Town and neighboring cities and towns.

Visits to Hokuryu Town and neighboring cities and towns

Sanya District, Hokuryu Town

At 2:00 p.m., the tour will depart from Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen and travel to Masuge Town, visiting the Mitani area of Hokuryu Town and Etaibetsu Tamu, where the ears of rice are swaying in golden colors.

Inspection tour of the town and its outskirts driven by Section Chief Iguchi

In the car, we talked about this year's paddy rice harvest, which is being nurtured by the clear water from the Huetabetsu Dam, as well as the relationship between the towns of Masuge and Rumoi and the town of Hokuryu.

Field before rice harvesting in Hokuryu Town

Zumo Town

Since the town of Masuge was the home of Mayor Sano's mother, he spoke fondly of the state of Masuge Town at that time and his memories of his parents.

Zouge Station

In the town of Mashike, the first stop was Mashike Station.

Zouge Station

We think back to the Rumoi Main Line, which was discontinued in 2016.
Everyone together!

Kuniumare Sake Brewery

We visited Kunimare Sake Brewery, the northernmost sake brewery in Japan. Mayor Sano explained that Hokuryu sake rice used to be used at Kunimei.

At Kunimei Sake Brewery.

A variety of souvenirs.

Ken Takakura "Station" poster exhibition

At the tasting corner, everyone was happy to compare alcoholic beverages (of course, drivers had to endure!). The driver, of course, had to endure it!

Sake Tasting

Rumoi City

Cape Gold Cape

Then, move to Rumoi City. Cape Kogane Cape is popular for its sunset.

At Cape Gold.

The Sea of Japan in the background!

Roadside Station Romoi

Visited "Roadside Station Rumoi," which opened in July of this year, and other facilities.

Roadside Station Rumoi

Hokuryu Town

Then, they took the Fukagawa-Rumoi Expressway to the town of Hokuryu. Chairman Sugawara was surprised at the name of the Hokuryu Sunflower Interchange, where sunflowers are used in the name as well as the name of the region.

Hill of View - Sunflower Village

View of the entire town at the Hill of Views.

Looking out over the whole town....

Yawara Nursery School" designed by Kengo Kuma

After visiting Himawari-no-sato and other facilities, the group toured "Yawara Nursery School" designed by Kengo Kuma, guided by the school's director, Yasuhiro Sugiyama.

On Wednesday, December 25, after the completion of the construction of the "Hokuryu Town Yawara Nursery School" (December 20), in the presence of Mayor Yutaka Sano and other concerned...

Yawara Nursery School

The park is guided by Director Yasuhiro Sugiyama.

Sunflower-dyed ceiling light cover

Spacious and bright park

Exchange between B&G and Hokuryu Town

After visiting Yawara Nursery School, we returned to Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen for a one-hour break followed by a social gathering.


Tomokazu Maeda, Chef de Cuisine, has put his best effort into his "OHINOKI" (menu).

White Plate

Yuzu-an grilled sea bream, snow crab, tachi-porn, terrine of shrimp and sea urchin, steamed tuna, chilled steamed egg custard, and a set of garnishes.

sashimi (raw sliced fish, shellfish or crustaceans)

Tuna, Salmon, Kitayose, Scallops, Shrimps, Yellowtail


Sunflower Pork Shabu Shabu Shabu with Kuro Sengoku Dressing

Western-style dish

Homemade Roast Beef - Seafood Salad with Hokuryu Tomatoes and Farcie (with Sunflower Oil and Basil Sauce)

deep-fried food

Shrimp and Hokuryu Vegetable Tempura and Deep Fried Soybean Meat with Sunflower Oil

cooked rice

Hokuryu Oborozuki

clear broth soup, with ingredients and garnish floating in and on it

Kuro Sengoku Udon Noodle (with Kuro Sengoku soybean flour)

jelly dessert

Pumpkin pudding heaven with black sengoku flakes
Sunflower melon (red flesh)

Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen, Tomokazu Maeda, Chef de Cuisine, thank you very much for the wonderful food!

Gorgeous dishes

The event was friendly and convivial.

President Sugawara has been visiting B&G centers all over Japan, getting close to the local people, inspecting every corner of the community, and developing important activities that will lead to the development of the community. The unique stories from his visits to various places kept popping up one after the other, and the laughter that ensued was........

The exchange was deepened by the pleasant time of conversation about the old days and smiles exchanged.

笑顔満載! 菅原理事長と寺内は、日本財団在職中の同僚
Full of smiles! Chancellor Sugawara and Terauchi were colleagues during their tenure at the Nippon Foundation.

At Sunflower Park Hokuryu Hot Springs.

At Sunflower Park Hokuryu Hot Springs

Scenery of Hokuryu Town filled with the power of golden ears of rice

Scenery of Hokuryu Town filled with the power of golden ears of rice

With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for the great work of the B&G Foundation, which contributes to the sound development of the youth of the next generation through oceanic recreation that lives in the blue sea and green land.

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